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September 28, 2007


(Thanks to Bryce Donovan)


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sheriff's deputies arriving at the oncology office had her unlock the office door

Help!! I'm trapped in here!

Oh, I just have to turn this knob??


Elvira Tellez of Tucson said she called her son in a panic, and he told her to call 911.

There's a caring son for you, couldn't even call 911 for his poor mom...

And this isn't the first time? Good gad. They oughta be shut down permanently. Good thing she was allowed to keep her cell phone with her!

"Help!! I'm trapped in here! Oh, I just have to turn this knob??"

Lol, dpc. Any bets on her hair color?

"...she spent several hours trying to free herself from the machine. Finally, she wiggled out from under a heavy blanket..."

That blanket must have put up one heckuva struggle!

She came off better than this gal and this lady.

she's just lucky she wasn't one of dr. houses' patients. every time they go in for a scan they either suffer a seizure or suddenly starting hemorroraghing hemoraghing hemoror bleeding.

I remember reading a story some time ago about a woman in a German acupuncture clinic who was forgotten at closing time. She was left on the table with needles in. Anyone whose had acupucture knows that moving with the needles in is painful. She had to get up, walk to a phone, call police who broke in, and then they had to find a clinician to complete the treatment.


Oh, my, CJ. 70 YEARS?!

OMG, how f*cking stoopid do you have to be to wait around in a CT machine for hours? Oh, yeah, she's the one who says, "I think and think and think, and I just don't understand it." Yish.

Did anyone see that commercial where a guy is getting acupuncture treatment in a high rise building, and a fire breaks out right after his whole body was covered in those needles and he goes painfully over to the window and looks down and the only way to get out is to jump into the tarp the firemen have stretched out? Too funny, and is the main reason why I would never have acupuncture on anything but the first floor.

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