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September 21, 2007


(Thanks to Susannah Nation)


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Well la de da, spend a couple of weeks in England and now it's "licence," is it? Blimey!

no! what are you talking about? she asked innocently.

get off me Falkland Islands

"There is no hard-and-fast rule about how long a house can sit on the side of the freeway,"

To be fair, it's not something you would think you need to make a rule about.

dude...that's not far from my place!

It if stays there much longer, you know some disreputable jerk will move in.

Betsi - you're out here? ^5! Awwwriiiight!
Got any rain yet from the ill-named 'Storm o' the Century?'

huh? i heard it was supposed to rain...but nothing about storms! that would be awesome! no...haven't seen any rain yet.

Flash flood watch - although the sun is out....I think they send all the loser weatherpersons to SoCal.

cool. i can't see the sun, but it's not too threatening either.

"It will sit there, surrounded by orange Caltrans cones, until Richardson gets it safely moved again..."

...but in the meantime, it is having no trouble keeping up with the normal flow of LA freeway traffic.

I love this story. It's just soooo L.A. :)

I see a CBS TV Movie of the Week coming.

Sun is still out here. Storm watch still on.

Hi Betsi, I live in San Diego. :)

Richardson was overheard saying, "I know the market is bad, but I finally unloaded my house."

"LA has a great big freeway,
put a thousand down and buy a house...."

I guess he always wanted a house that was close to the highway.

Hi El :-)
One of these days I need to go visit SD. Been down to visit a friend a couple of times, but we never really left her apartment...I keep hearing how beautiful it is.

"If you lived here, you'd be on the road by now."

Life in the fast lane?

Betsi, for a minute there I thought you were Canadian and had visited South Dakota.

nope...never been to that SD a tall!

I know the median price of a home is going down, but how does that compare to the price of a home on the median?

Remember, kids -- don't drink and move!

This story is inaccurate: Drivers zoom by this house? On the freakin' Hollywood Freeway? And the rubber-neckers have a house to gawk at instead of the usual disabled-vehicle fare?

Ahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Wheee heee! I can't stop laughing. What a DOPE!

Okay, this doesn't make any sense at all. (Aside from the obvious.)

If the dude was moving the house from Santa Monica to Santa Clarita there is no earthly reason that he should be going through downtown LA or be anywhere near the Hollywood Bowl. This makes less sense than a Jack Bauer drive through the county.

But I sure am glad that I use surface routs to get to work!

Drat. Something like this always happens right after I give a nice long speech extolling the human intelect. Why do I even bother?

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