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August 28, 2007


Guys are science pioneers.

(Via Gizmodo)

(Note from the s.b.: Thanks to Russell Mc)


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Is this something like the eternal motion machine for the beverage set?

Err... perpetual motion

*borrows El's zip (&trade mahoozit) to zip out and go shoe shopping*

$4315??? No thanks!

I can buy a LOT of beer with that. Or shoes.

does clean hands know about this?

NMUA - only if there were a urinal attached and it produced Bud.

whoa, Siouxie....shoe shopping simul!
Marry me!

Annie, psychic shoesie simul!

It uses extract??!!?

I'll wait for next year's model thanks.

hehe...I would marry you, but I think a certain someone would object.

Don't worry - he'd never look at a thread about beer.

he???? I was talking about El

(you know how jealous she gets!)

OR you could just buy 5000 of already made beer, and a refridgerator. You can probably get some pretty well made beer for that kinda money.

That's just beautiful. And I thought 10gal conical fermenters ($500) were expensive.

Oops. Sorry. Look - More beer!

psst - Bethie - I was thinking the same thing...except maybe a smaller fridge...and SHOES!

ohhhhhh Annie. Christmas shopping already?? ;-P

(pretty appropriate too...Coors being piss water so light and airy.)

Do you really think El will like them?

That's useless if you can't sit on it and drive it around.

I was thinking something more like this.

*SNORK* @ THIS one!

*will have to think of someone to give that too*

This firewall won't let me open any of the links including the one the thread is about so I have nothing to say.


That is all.

too = to

I was gonna post my disappointment that nothing in the video blew up, but then Siouxie and Annie started in with the bloggette-on-bloggette action and I forgot.


I *zip* out to take a shower and come back to find that Siouxie is - how shall I say this - tinkering with my 'relationship' with Annie!!!

You can join us, Siouxie!

And if I were you I'd be really careful about who I gave the "little friend" boxers too, IYKWIM, and I think you do....;)

sorry, blurkie purkie ;-P

Lairbo, we'll stop now. Didn't mean to distract ;-)

blurk - Coors may not be, but this is.

Don't you dare stop!

woooo hooo!! menage-a-blog!

btw, those boxers? I'd give to someone I didn't like.

Where's Stevie?


$4,315 may seem like a lot, but think of the savings!

Let's see, if you factor in the lower cost per pint, remove beer delivery charges and lost half-barrel deposits, add in supplemental plumbing costs, you could fully amortize that puppy in... carry the three... one football season.

Don't let me interfere, for, um, Hammie's sake. Yeah. Hammie.

padraig - I see it as an investment in keeping my man the heck outta my way. As in: "Here - take this out to the garage and play with it. For a month or two."

*snork* @ Hammie the blurking voyeur.

Siouxie - I am SO getting the Yankee ones. My other ones are about worn out. And that's all I'm saying about that.

I've been homebrewing since 1980 and I now know what I want for Christmas.

*WAVES @ Hammie!!*

pad, you forgot to allow for the "excess head"...or is there ever such a thing?

nevermind. don't answer that.

worn out or torn out?


I would think REAL men would be able to accomplish the same thing with a galvanized tub, some duct tape, and an old paint can.

And if you think I'm still talking about beer, that's fine, too.

DPC, to use a Boston expression, wicked pissa!

DPC, I can't open that one either.

Annie, give me the tub, tape, paint can, and throw in some peanut butter and an empty Pringles can and we'll have a helluva party.

blurk, Skippy?

Chunky or smooooochth?

OH!! And a live chicken.
Can't forget that.


I thought it worked better with this one?

I prefer champagne, and grapes, IYCMD! ;)

El - funny, that's exactly what the chicken said, too.

There's really not that much new in this, except that he's added kegs and a dispenser at the far end. My own setup isn't nearly as elaborate, but it has pretty much all of the same elements.

Except, of course, I brew from grain, not extract.

OMG! it can't be....oh butt it IS!!


Do I smell a beer snob?

*Inserts a comma between Annie's "beer" and "snob"*

*Inserts a finger between "beer" and "snob"*

*pulls finger*

Siouxie - easy on that finger - that's the one I use to IM everyone.

*offers pull-it surprise*

SW! Fresh meat! Key word - 'fresh.'

Um...Stevie, my good friend, I didn't mean what I said earlier ok?? don't scroll up. Annie made me do it!

Yeah - whatever you do, don't look at Siouxie's post at 1:33.

*hoping she doesn't check my expiration date*

*hope's he doesn't notice the boxers say 'Coors Lite.'*

She clearly meant someone else.

tattle tale!

I'm more of a lager kind of guy.


I see you're hooked on phonics.

Or perhaps you're phonda hookers.:)

*slides over to the corner and away from the battle of the puns*

I thought the 'little friend' boxers were for Stevie???
Did you czech those out, SW?

Hammie - get that jello pit ready for El and Sioux.

Talk about champagne taste on a beer budget.

(Lol, you beat me to it. I was working on something similar, but it didn't click.)

Gotta run, palz. Time to bang the cazuelas.

smooooooooch Stevie!! make sure you air 'em out after!!!

Stevie, don't get your conejos caught between your cazuelas!

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