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August 28, 2007


Because so often they put out a story, and then later we discover there was more to it.

(Thanks to Malcolm)


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He's ALIVE!!!! Let us all rejoice!

If you can't believe the Germans, who CAN you believe?

I guess those experiments during the war were not wasted. 3 million Jews died so that one roo may live. I'd call that fair. If I were a Nazi.

is sippi really fidel?

now we know why the owner refused to come identify the body and was so sure it wasn't sippi.

That's lame, insom. *EG*

*ships blog an emergency supply of k's*

Just how many friggin' kangaroos are runnin' around Germany, anyway?
I thought roos were indig endeg growed in Canada. Or sumpthin'.

A kangaroo in a petting zoo? Wouldn't he kick the sh1t out of the little kids who tried to pet him. I watched the Sylvester and Tweety Show you know.

*SNORK* @ pete and "kick the sh1t out of the little kids"

No, I, sippi, am not really fidel. But Skippi might be.

blurk, everyone knows kangaroos are growed in "the Iraq" or one of them Asian countries, such as.

*hair flip*

oh and LOL @ pete. I LOVED those toons!

Ah, I knowed it was one a them furrin places.

Heck, I'd pay admission to that petting zoo... I'd be more than willing to watch some evil brats get kicked into next week treat some of the neighbor kids!

People, people...have we learned NOTHING from "24"? "Skippi" is obviously a marsupial Jack Bauer, and his so-called "death" was actually a clever ruse to enable him to reappear miles away, with the mysterious contents of his SkippiPouch intact.

And please note that he was injured in the thigh.

after a chase through the German Alps

Now I've got this James Bond clip running in my head of Skippi on skis being chased by snow mobiles and helicopters...

My fence has a knothole that looks just like Skippi, and as soon as it starts weeping or hopping around, I'm charging admission to look at it.

I wonder if Skippi feels it was worth it all, and would do it again, just to be free?

*zips in*™

I'm very confused, but it's early here. Who was killed in the road smash?

Wallaby danged!

So they jumped to the conclusion he was gone? Or was it just a silly ruse roos?

Annie, the reports of his demise were greatly exaggerated.

*snorks* @Annie

El, it wasn't Fidel.

Of course it was Reuters, the same people who prematurely announced the deaths of Yasser Arafat and Pope John Paul II.

omg - the pope is dead??!?

Annie! check out those Pope shoes!!

I think there's a movie or three in this:

First up "Free Skippi", in which the plucky marsupial bounds across the Bavarian countryside having wacky adventures with a pair of adorable German schoolchildren who want to return him to "Austria" (they don't have maps like schoolchildren in South Africa), all while being chased by their 20-something-but-uptight nanny who's teamed up with a wandering Australian slacker dude; there are many scenes of Skippi riding shotgun in a vintage convertible Volkswagen.

Sequels would include "Skippi Goes to Oktoberfest" (tipsy kangaroo -- comedy gold!), "Sound of Skippi" in which he bursts into song while whirling around atop a Swiss Alp and finally "Kangaroo Jackboot" that everyone will agree was one sequel too many.

Siouxie - there's no place like Rome, there's no place like Rome, there's no place like Rome...

Lairbo - 3 words -


anyone else think this is actually a coverup. That the first story got it right. I've seen enough goldfish to know this happens all the time.

orcel, I think both stories are correct but I'm not going to elaborate since there are thunderstorms in the area.

zo, vich iss it? dead, or shtrained muscle?? huh? ve gots to know.

General observations from Thunkingville:
1) Drink enough beer and a roadkill deer will look just like a roadkill roo.

2) Goldfish never die. But they do mutate from time to time.

3) Drei ist verboten

4) The movie I'm anxiously awaiting is Clockwork Skippi, where Skippi kicks the sh!t out of little kids, then is reformed but aversion therapy, only to rejoin his mob as an outcast.

anyone know what a "road smash" is?

i need to know so i can figger out whether or not to feel bad for or laugh about the kangeroo that may or may not have died in the road smash....

ROFL at Lairbo! You should write the screenplay.

I don't know either, TC. And frankly, I don't think they want us to know, IYKWIM.

Skippi Lives! And the people (well, the bored blogsters) rejoice.

There has to be a 'k' as I'm sure they got the name from this Skippy.

after a chase through the German Alps

Now I've got this James Bond clip running in my head of Skippi on skis being chased by snow mobiles and helicopters...

fivver, I'm thinking more the Von Trapp Family escaping the Nazis (which, of course, was a total fabrication).

Jeff, you mean the hills weren't alive with the sound of music??

Say it ain't SO!!!

wonders if he was wearing a pocket protector.

Of course they were, Siouxie. Don't let the naysayers influence you. :)

We aren't all called 'Skippy,' you know. That's a stereotypical name applied to us by our oppressors. I'm saddened to see this blog perpetuating these insulting names.

I think Skippi and Winky both faked their deaths in hopes that Elvis would take them into his petting zoo.

Good name for peanut butter though, Joey.

If I had two kangaroos, I'd name them "Smooth" and "Chunky".

Hmmmm, there are several possibilities that we can't ignore. Everything seems to be messed up. Either the vet said Skype had some strained ligaments and then returned it to the zoo. Or it's only Skippi's spirit that the vet examined. Or the corpse might have been Skippi suicidal spirit's, so everyone was seeing things. It's hard to tell.

Glad I came back to check additional comments since this afternoon. *Snorks* at one and all, with a shoutout to Lairbo for the knothole. As well as all symbolic/existential/
deconstructionist interpretations and AWBH, El, and just EVerybody!

"I'm thinking more the Von Trapp Family escaping the Nazis (which, of course, was a total fabrication)."

When I was about 10 years old, I had the honor of meeting the real Maria Von Trapp. (She looked exactly like Julie Andrews will in another 40 years.) She told us what really happened. Every Sunday, the family would put on their (not there) backpacks and hike. One Sunday, they went hiking and just kept going. No Nazi chase.

She also told us about the uniformed Baron Von Trapp being mistaken for a bell hop in the lobby of the Ritz-Carlton in New York.

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