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August 30, 2007


The jet-powered luge.


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I need a man w/ 80 lbs of thrust....

What? So I'm a little randy today...

Would not want to hit the dirt doing that.

I'm sure I'm not the FIRST one to think that... hehehe...

Yep that was definitely a guy brave person on that thing.

Key quote:

... which encourages bored Brits to make their everyday life more exciting.

Yea, 112 mph with your butt a few inches from the ground just might do that.

*waits until the commuter version comes out*


WOW! sweep sweep


I hock a pretty high power loogie now and then.

Punkin, he may have 80 lbs of thrust, but he runs out of fuel in just a couple of minutes.


The video cuts out at 'Three!' just as it looks like he's about to put his feet down and turbo face plant.

Ah well, I've always got my imagination.

I so totally want one for my birthday.

That is kind of cool.

KC, that's what I thought would happen next too.


Does ACME make this?? Wile E. Coyote needs one of these.

112 mph strapped to a board with a coupla wheels.

Man, even I ain't that crazy.

Ok, ok...maybe I am, but I still ain't doin' that.

blurk, you'll wind up like that pic ---cowboy boots up in the air! lol

Sioux, that was a dirtbike crash...and I survived.

So, naturally, I had to do it again.

Is everyone thinking what I'm thinking? Jet-powered Segway! Yeah, baby!

8o pounds of thrust???
*does the math...faints*

Is the L in his first name silent? If so, that would mean he's just joeking.

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