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August 04, 2007



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First to say EEEEEEWWWWWWWW!!!!

Uh, excuse me, I have to go throw up now. I'll make sure to flush it down the Hiroshima toilets.


What's Japanese for "spit take"?

sure took long enough for anyone to get sick.

Seventeen years before anyone got sick?!?!?!?

So this expalins why Japanese college-educated dogs are not only smart but healthy.

that is so gross. omg.

Hey judd
It ain't so bad
Take the spigot
And make it wetter
To check out under the sink
Make sure your drink
Don't come from the $hitter

Glad I read this story after breakfast...although I may have trouble keeping it down after this...

...You would have thought somebody at Hiroshima U would have wondered about the weird aftertaste of what came out of the drinking fountains before now...or could it be that the Japanese are just too polite to do something like that?

Several years ago I saw a story about how a water fountain at the Savannah River Plant had been plumbed into a tank holding radioactive water.

Ferchrissakes people, when I was a kid, we did that with the neighbor's cats.

Great, so in addition to whatever the last guy left, they're gonna have low grade water splashing up at their butts. Whose dumb idea was this?

Ferchrissakes people, when I was a kid, we did that with the neighbor's cats.

Did what? Drank the neighbor's cats meant for flushing? Flushed the cats down the toilet? Blundered their plumbing? I must be missing something realy obvious.

*Adds an "l" really fast*

This explains why they drink 'Pet Sweat.'

Just. Freaking. Gross.

... from the folks who brought you sushi....


As a mood lifter (for us gals), there's a link on that story with some George Clooney pix.


This is not as bad as it seems. They're not running the used toilet water to the taps. They just have two different grades of tap water - filtered and non-filtered. Filtered for drinking and non-filtered for everything else. The water in question was just not as purified as their normal drinking water.

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