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August 31, 2007


This blog replies: Oh yeah?

Video here.

(Thanks to Peter Metrinko)


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Suspended? For a prank the likes of which MIT guys pulled on Cal Tech in the 80s? Dude! He should be made friggin' valedictorian!! IT'S A PRANK!! Get a grip, people. Or at LEAST a sense of humor.

(And please note, I did change my original position on the jacket and tie guys from the other day. Go civil disobedience!)

Dave - I'm thinking Mr. Sabella would NOT have suspended you for this. Detention maybe, but not suspension.

BRILLIANT!!! LMAO that is WAY cool!!!

wonders what conduct code they broke to deserve a three day suspension.

And as for "sportsmanlike conduct" - well, sports pranks have been going on since the Romans streaked the Colosseum at the Christians vs. the Lions death match.


welcome back to the dark side, diva. i agree, this kid should be given a special commendation, and in reality, he has. he's a major hero to his classmates. he wasn't trying to impress the dweebs in the front office anyway. if you think about it, anything that would impress principal skinner and nurse ratched, would by definition be stupid and boring.

We used to do that in the '70s. Of course we used grass killer on their school's front lawn...

oh, and i am proud to report that hilliard is a suburb of columbus, just sayin'

I would be so proud to be this kid's mom! (would have helped him do it too)

Personnaly I think the kid should get extra credit for math (geometry, matrices of numbers), drafting (maping out the grid), communications/english (written instructions for the participants), visual art (it is a picture after all - modern art) and civic duties (increasing school spirit, leadership, taking chances, managing risk, dedication, and all around hard work). Some educators have their blinkers on too tight.

The kid will probably have the last laugh when he creates the next Microsoft, e Bay or Yahoo and comes to the school reunion in 10 years in a chauffeur driven Mercedes and parks in the Principal's spot.

Excellent points, Al.

This was pretty good, for high school. But what if you wanted to do a similar thing at something a little bigger?

Maybe, say, the Super Bowl?

re: the last sentence, what the heck is 'knifing'? is that like 'groovy'?


the UD says:

Lying next to each other. Just lay on your back..parralell. Oh the innocence.

Knifing : lay paralell to some one.


course, they can't even spell.

MIT, CalTech and wannabees are probably FedExing acceptance letters to the school addressed to "Attn: Detention Room"

Unlike my high school (where my brother attended eight years prior to my arrival and had several rules changed), my son's school does not have a rule against greasing farm animals and releasing them in the hallway.

When he gets out of college, I'm hiring him to my consulting firm. If he can get these people to do this....

Consultant 1: So, what did you do for fun last week?
Consultant 2: Oh, I told my client that they needed to reorganize again.
Consultant 1: HA HA HA HA! And they bought it?
Consultant 2 Yep. And I filming it; I'm gonna' post it on youtube.



American Heritage Dictionary shows "knifing" as an informal intransitive verb meaning "to betray or attempt to defeat by underhand means."

I guess that's close to the sense, isn't it?

Or maybe it was just meant as "cutting".

If only he used his power for good.

Seriously, this is brilliant.

Now if he could trick Pricipal Bandow into holding up a sign that says "I SUCK"

... um ... not to argufy er nuthin', Dd, but ... that wuz UCLA v. Washington in the '61 Rose Bowl, when the Caltech gang switched stuff over, so that the Washington fans held up cards that spelled "CALTECH" ... in '84 (again, Rose Bowl), they worked it so the scoreboard showed a score with Caltech over MIT, instead of the UCLA v. Illinois game goin' on @ the moment ...

Merely clarifyin' ...

Siouxie, you'd be proud of this? The article says he lied to 800 people, face to face, then made a film of their humiliation. Pretty evil stuff. Family values 2007. He'll be one to watch, all right.

Alien, come on...lighten up! it was a PRANK! I'm sure the other team was upset that they didn't think of it FIRST or figure out a very ingenious way to do it. Evil?? hardly.

Bill Gates lies to all the MS customers ... merely sayin' ...

(and ... for that matter ... so does Steve Jobs provide misleading info ...)

We better watch 'em both ...

I do think the guy has a future in politics. I thought the video was pretty good, too.

I LOVE this kid!!!!!!! great pranks are hard to come by in this (stupid) age of political correctness.

Thanks for the correction, O!

This is just the kind of clean fun I hope my kids get suspended for. I would make their suspension a big party to reward them.

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