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August 28, 2007


Life, liberty, and the pursuit of your little sister.

(Thanks to Wes VonPapineau)


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For a moment, I thought you were speaking of a West Virginia family reunion.



cheese it, the cops!


There's a candidate for Father of the Year!
What is wrong with people? (rhetorical)

Ooh, what a surprise - Florida.

that boy should be locked up for life and the frog executed. poor little girl.

Do you get a longer sentence if you commit a crime using an amphibian in Florida?

um...I would totally be horrified by this if not for the fact that I used to scare MY (older) sister with:

1- lit match
2- roach (she's petrified of them)
@- grasshopper (that I'd drag around with a string tied around its neck)

I was not a well child. Therapy helped. Really.

Phil: You beat me to it.

Q: What do people in West Virginia do at Halloween?

A: Pump kin

The National Frog Association isn't going to be happy.

"You can get my frog from me when you pry it from my cold dead fingers."

Good thing this kid didn't use a semi-automatic frog.

Definitely PETA's gonna be after this kid for frog abuse.

The meanest thing I ever did to my big sister was to laugh when she stapled herself in the hand with a construction stapler. She got it in dead flush, too. She got madder when I asked to see if the staple points were sticking out the other side.

Sounds bad, but compared to the 16+ years of physical and psychological torture she inflicted on me before leaving the house, I remember this as a shining moment.

I'm rather surprised that the father did not end up in jail for calling the cops.

I'm with Sio. When I was young lass, I've done a thing or two to my younger brother.

1. Forced by mom to take him outside to play with me and my friends, we hung him.
2. Made him eat a slug.
@. Pretended we were brain eating zombies.

True story. A few years ago I found a chocolate slug (on a stick no less!) at a chocolate store. I had it Fed X'd to him :)

Its hard to believe, but we've never been particularly close.

"Pweeeeeeeeeeet. 15 yard penalty for taunting!"

Scare 'em straight. There will be no more frog terrorism from that little brat!

Well I'm happy I wasn't the only one. Phil and Scott, I had the exact same thought.

Clearly I was remiss in not suing my older sister when she chased me around the house with a leaf and I ended up banging my head against the headboard of my mom's bed and HAD TO GO TO THE HOSPITAL FOR STITCHES! Thankfully, the scar has since settled comfortably into a wrinkle so it's not as visible. But, I'm still scarred emotionally. *sob*

Is there a lawyer in the house?

snork @ suzy. Not that there is anything funny about being chased with a leaf.

Honest officer... we were just frogging around...

Serious note: sounds like some kind of weird child abuse thing to me. /end serious.

As for the frog, I gotta go with cg on this one. Lock up the kid. Kill the frog.

And whilst the cops were attending to this breach of the law, 2 liquor stores and 1 gas station were ripped off.

Was the frog one of these?

Once, one of my sisters came into the house with an armful of leaves. When my mom noticed, she asked my sister what she was doing, and she answered that she'd gathered a bunch of poison ivy to put in my brother's bed. I don't know what my sister was thinking, answering honestly, but anyway, my mom yelled at her to put them back, which she did. My sister then ended up with a nearly whole-body case of poison ivy.

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