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August 20, 2007


First God, and now angels.


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Angels with implants? oops, EGGPLANTS. nevermind.

Mmmmm...tastes heavenly!

"But she says the deli is like her holy place." We need pictures. I think I see Weight Watchers in her future.

I guess the advertising budget in Heaven is stretched thin right now. You used to get choirs and Heavenly trumps, now you get gourds.

*Hides from Deskdiva*

*snork* at fivver. And hammy.
And everyone.

I haven't been snorking enough lately.

I got nuthin'.

*Waves @ DDD*

How are the doclings?

DDD - CLEARLY this is a message from the Almighty™. You should try defibrilating w/ eggplants.

Quick! Send the link to the Royal Family of Norway so the eqqplant can be served in the Princess' new school cafeteria.

Mornin' peeps!!!

How's everyone doing on this lovely back to school traffic hell Monday morning???

I keep saying this...a little mozzarella ...a litttle marinara.

Siouxie, I had to step over a cat in the hallway on the commute to my home office.

Sioux, if I were any better I'd swell up and explode.

I'd better go eat an angel...I mean an eggplant...I mean...ah, hell, nevermind.

yeah yeah, fivver....I hate you. ;-)

blurk, nice weekend I gather??

Nah, Sioux. Just sat around doin' nuthin'.
Evil Grin™

Then explain to me why eggplant tastes so evil. Explain that one.

Whatever happened to the Separation of Church and Groceries?

Snork @ daisymae!
Snork @ Siouxie!

"Holy Egg Plant Batman!" - something to expect from Robin.

Heavenly objects now spotted in vegies - ISN'T ANYTHING SACRED ANY MORE!?

*wonders what the Japanese would do with it*

the deli is a holy place...

"...can i get a 'ham on rye', brothers and sisters?"

"We'll conclude by singing 'Amazing Nosh'..."

Whut? Did somebody say something?

*snork* @ Hammie

*waves brightly*

I had some Pillsbury cookie dough last christmas that, when sliced, had the image of Rudolph. I shoulda saved one...

Waves back at Hammie. Doclings are great! Party pix on my blog of the belated b-day party for Female Docling.

Punkin- I think I'll try that!

*shields eyes from Diva's bright wave*.

mmmm. cookie dough.

So, if the middle one looks more like a small dog with big ears that's smiling, wearing a collar and has tiny little front paws - does that mean I'm going to hell?

Nice photos, doc! :) LOVE dddog's water fountain. :) But isn't that Siouxie's jet?

I've always assumed that when the Divine Being decided to finally communicate with His creations after over two thousand years of silence, He would manifest Himself in eggplants.

We are Holier Than Thou.

OK, someone wake me up when the eggplants can sing, like the famous Japanese ones* that Dave blogged about in '03 (scroll down to Sept. 13 for the post, and catch a few updates throughout that month).

*The link in Dave's old post no longer works, but this one goes to a somewhat unfinished-looking version of the same thing...as in someone forgot to color in the eggplants for some reason.

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