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August 28, 2007


Where the Wild Things Are

(Thanks to Lisa Gibson)


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I saw the most hideous creature at Sprawl-Mart today - it had random islands of hair and warts all over it and made a horrible weezing noise when it tried to hoist it's rolls of blubber and run....

Luckily, her husband pulled up and took her away.

i've seen some emo kids there, but never an emu.

I suggest the farmer builds new fences from shopping carts, as they seem to be more effective than whatever he has currently.

New from Disney/Pixar: "Finding Myron Emu"

Emus at 40mph ... isn't the village speed limit 25 or 30?

(Coyotes will make you break the law everytime.... Beep! Beep!)

Darn, sent this in too.

I still want to know... Myron?

What's up with that?

The emu went, the emu went, the emu went, the emu went,
The emu went, the emu went, the emu went, the emu went,
In the Wal-Mart, the mighty Wal-Mart
The emu sleeps tonight...

*Snork* @ SW! *Bangs head against wall repeatedly to dislodge song*

Aaa-OO-ayy, Aay-OO-ayy
The emu went awayyyyy

Myron the Wayward Emu WBAGNF...somethin'....funny.

And yes, I want credit for not sending Myron in. Poor Myron - I'm too frightened to go near Walmart, too. For reasons that Punkin so eloquently illustrated.

My cousin makes her look like sweetness and happiness.

Well, I'm not afraid to stand up and say that, as a city girl who seldom gets to go to one, I LOVE Wal-Mart...warts and all.

The emu was immediately hired by WalMart because, not being human, it can't join a union and it works for, well, chicken feed.

Betsy - you go, girl. I could see how visiting one would be interesting. Our local one is pretty depressing, though. That reflects more about the people who shop there than the store itself though. Lots of half-eaten food left on shelves, stuff spilled on the floor. And unless you buy a name brand, the quality is bleh....however, www.walmart.com rocks!

*a wingless bird with hairy feathers.

Annie...my pilgrimages to WalMart take place in two small towns, one in Wisconsin and one in western Illinois, where the clientele is apparently better-behaved than in some areas. The stores are neat and well-stocked and clean, and the staff are usually pretty neighborly and capable -- there aren't a lot of other jobs around, except at the Farm and Fleet Giant Agricultural, Tractor, Couture and Silk Flower Emporium. (I go there, too:)

I like how the manager fed it apples! Perhaps he was confusing it with a horse?

"Myron"....definitely from above the Mason-Dixon. "Bubba" is a more common Emu name here in Arkansas.

Kangaroos in Germany, emus in Wisconsin, WTFBBQ?

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