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August 30, 2007


Andrew Hoenig, responding to the earlier post about the death of Richard "Dick" Johnson, reminds us that "the nugget machine would not have been possible without the work of Robert C. Baker.There is a song about him called Nugget Man."

This concludes our update on the late Richard "Dick" Johnson.


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Nugget Man
Nugget Man,
doing all the things
A Nugget Man does.

OK Stevie..take it away! I'll start.

He's a real nugget man
Sitting in his nugget land
Making all his nugget plans
for nobody...

Larry Craig - nuthin' butt nuggets.
This concludes our test of the emergency Craig system.


Who can take a hen’s thigh
Make them soft to chew
Cover ‘em with honey mustard and bbq too
The Nugget Man
Oh, the Nugget Man can
The Nugget Man can
'Cause he batters 'em with flour
And makes the world taste good.

Who can take a pullet
Make it all bite size
Soak it in some grease and don’t you ever ask why
The Nugget Man
The Nugget Man can
The Nugget Man can
'Cause he batters it with flour
And makes the world taste good

The Nugget Man makes everything he fries
Satisfying and delicious
Now you talk about your childhood wishes
He should try it with some fishes

Oh, who can take spare parts
Hide all of their seams
Separate the bones by using lots of steam
The Nugget Man
Oh, the Nugget Man can
The Nugget Man can
'Cause he batters it with flour
And makes the world taste good

The Wikipedia entry calls Robert C. Baker "The Thomas Edison of poultry", and there is a song about him. It therefore follows that Richard "Dick" Johnson is the Nikola Tesla of poultry, and he -- Tesla -- has an entire rock band named for him.

Obviously, the Supreme Court needs to weigh in on "The Great Chicken Nugget Controversy".

LOL awesome, cg!!!

Tourist: I hear Richard "Dick" Johnson, the chicken nugget guy, is buried out here in these parts..Where abouts is he?
Local: Does it matter? Parts is parts..

I for one plan on having a 20 McNugget salute to them tonight.

Belated cg*snork*!

(Danged ol' work)

Isn't "Dick Johnson" a redundancy?

cg - that was a friggin' BRILLIANT parody!!!!!

*holds up a flaming fast food paper hat*

For the record, the song that went through my head to be parodied was Elton John's "Rocket Man."

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