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August 31, 2007


As we reported earlier, Keith is demanding an apology from the Swedish media for suggesting that the Stones gave a poor performance and Keith was totally whacked out on something not at his best. We have done some research (thanks to Claire Martin) and we now believe that Keith has a point: Rock-and-rollwise, Sweden has a lot to apologize for.


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So whenever Dave says this would be a great name for a Rock Band, someone in Sweeden agrees and names his/her band that. Also I really want a Gert Jonny record.

LMAO what geeks!

I am stunned at the flagrant abuse of polyester exhibited here.

Now I know where my first husband got his fashion sense.

Hey Bjaby..Do you knjow who I am? I'm in Garvis. After the shjow tonight let's go for a ride in my fjord.

OMG! satin AND polyester...together!!

I had the good fashion sense to NEVER mix the two!

I wouldn't want to be wearing some of those leisure suits in a high wind. Those collars would become wings.

Let me rephrase that...

I wouldn't be caught dead in ANY of those leisure suits, but you know what I mean.

Sean - Is that a Fjord Fjairlane? ;-P

And was there a Swedish law passed that stated that all musical groups had to dress in identical uniforms?

And Kirsten - now really. Is there any appropriate use for polyester? I think not.

What about the Swedish Chef?

DD, please pass the retina bleach. Don't use it all up again.


Seems the offending page has been deleted and the offending Llamas fired.

*cues Mexican band*

I've seen a few of those before and I think they'd be great for an episode of Before They Were Stars.

After all, who knew that Newman sang with Garvis when he had long hair?

And did you know that John Candy only did The Shmenge Brothers after his stint in The Gert Jonnys?

I thought not.

*passes eye bleach (With special retina-cleansing formulation!) to pad*

Here ya go. Should be enough left for ya.

Page title: No more bandwidth. Sorry.

Text of Page: No more bandwidth. Sorry.

snork @ Kirby

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