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August 31, 2007


Because, gosh darn it, they care.

(Thanks to Justin Barber)


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Perhaps she lost her camera on purpose?


Yes. Yes we do.

Are those all the same person? Better go back and check . . .

Yep. Same person. Wait . . .

The key quote of "very little clothes" should be substituted for "absolute full frontal nudity." You would know that too if _you're_ college buddy had sent you the entire set. HOT

Well, Tom I think if you really had the whole set, you would put a link in here to them..I think you are bluffing.


Roger, who cares is it's a gimmick!

Tom, what Sean said. Where's the link?

I will have to tell her tonight that someone found her camera.

Thank God someone's found my camera!

Hey, I have that same bra!

true story. The camera was left in some tent at a vollyball tourey in California called 6 man. Being in a frat in college has the perks of mass email distributions of anything, even mildly amusing, that one of us diggs up on the internet; in this case, a forwarded email of these pics. No link only email thread, and don't ask me to send them to you cause I feel like that is probably illegal.

Looking at them is probably illegal, and that didn't stop you.

I am staring studying it myself for boobs clues as to where the owner is, so I can drool return her camera to her.

Illegal? ILLEGAL ? Dammit Tom, this is AMERICA ! I suppose you never played beer pong until you were of legal age, too.. Don't they teach anything in college today?

The other pics are on the web....but I'm not posting the link. However, if you google search on "Help us re-unite this lass with her camera" then click on the Dogs on Acid page, you'll find them. Tom's not kidding.

Will no one help this poor woman!

What's that link again?

It shouldn't be that hard to find her. How many women have little orange handprints on their breasts?


OK.. But she's not that hot.. From the looks of her teats she looks English. Er, teeth.. Yeah, teeth.

sean, she's described as a lass in french knickers, sounds english to me. although, obviously not a proper english girl.

where's judi!?!? what's with dave and the girlie shots today?

I don't know CG.. Everything looks to be fairly proper to me..Really, she's not that hot.

Sean. To my surprise Mr. Howard agrees with you. (He said something about being so outwardly obsessed with oneself as to be unattractive.)
Personally, I think he may be trying to score points.

Wise man, that Mr. Howard.


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