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August 24, 2007


Half a million dollars for a beer, and you can't even DRINK it???

(Thanks to Drew burrpppp excuse me Harchick)


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Couldn't that money have gone to some(any)thing more worthwhile... like me. Not that I'm auctioning myself on e-bay, mind you.

Clean Hands has GOT to see this.

Oh, and number onesy.

Oh, why not, ec? You're worth it!! :-)

DD, nice simuling witcha'.

There's nobody in Summahville Mass with that kinda dough.

Must be a typo.

DD, I know that. You know that. But auctioning oneself on e-bay screams tawdry.

Yes, Ma'am, ec!

And for a minute there, I thought it was Arctic Al who was being sold for a cool half-mil.

Total snork @ the comment on the post site
Hope the first seller isn't married

I will not be commenting on Sir Edward Belcher.

I'll stick to my cheap boxed wine, thank you.

... which she has probably already opened & consumed partially, with her bunny-slippered feet up on the coffee table.

ec, not yet ;-)

Thanks, Drew. I was looking for this.

Punkin, my thoughts exactly. Although I've heard that yuppies are moving into Summaville, so who knows? Roxbury, definitely not.

So what, now they are just going to stare at a beer on the wall?

Five hundred thousand bottle of beer on the wall,
five hundred thousand bottle of beer,
Take it down, put it back up
Yeah that sucks

So a six-pack would be $3 mil?

Thinking large, eh Texas? ;)

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