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August 31, 2007


I can't get through Miami airport security with toothpaste. So what the hell is this?

(Thanks to Chris Mitchell)


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FIRST to say - that's Brazil, not Miami.

The real question, however, is how can four "tourists" get on a plane at MIA with ten suitcases and several handbags containing $1M in electronic equipment and exceeding the maximum allowed luggage weight all without any hassle. Surely some mistake.
How big were the ramparts of the Brazilians?

Holy carp, I won't even check my iPod. What were they thinking?

Don't fly, through me

KDF, they weren't?

Heck with that. What about that poor girl who lost her camera?

Well, clearly you carry Terrorist Brand Toothpaste, Dave.

Dave has found...THE Inquirer!! Enough material for a book and a Prime Time NBC revival show. Please let them die.

... um ... picky, I know, but the "measurements" in that "How big ...?" item are a bit off ... paper (money or stationery) is NOT "one centimeter" thick ... one centimeter is about 0.4 inch ... merely sayin' ...

Sio--can I borrow some toothpaste when I come to visit?

Cheryl, of course. And soap. And shampoo.

And hot wax?

absolutely! got plenty of that!

You will, however, need to BYOT (bring your own toys)

I dunno. Airport security and all. It is going to be like computers, where ya gotta turn it on to demonstrate thats its not an explosive device (by that we mean a bomb)?

How many is a Brazilian?

Brazilian thong? Brazilian wax? Brazilian intern?

Gotta be more specific there, Georgie!

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