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August 27, 2007


...they think they can get away with anything.

(Thanks to chicomathmom)


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Somebody beat those administrators with a walrus penis immediately.

There is one of those guys in every class. Same with hgh school administrators who buy a new set of tires every semester.

new suit, black tie
gonna suspend you , 'cause you're lookin' "fly"
stand out , get served
so well-dressed, gotta be a perv!
lawyers come running just as fast as they can
principals go crazy 'bout a sharp-dressed man!

*3 years on the blog today!*


Just put them all in orange prison jumpsuits and be done with it.

The administrators, I mean.

Now wait - they were NOT, "going one step above what was required." They had already been reprimanded and knew they were NOT in compliance. The school has every right to do exactly what it did, and for once I stand behind their decision. The whole point for these kids was thumbing their noses at the administration and thinking they could get away with it. I'm glad to see someone who held the line firm for once in an appropriate manner.

Happy Blog-day, Insom!!!!

*Wonders what to get insom....is 3 years paper or tin?*

*raises glass to insom's blogaversary*

Happy Blogiversary to Insom!!

And yes, I realize there are far worse choices they could have made, but it's the principle (not principal) of the thing.

And I can't believe I'm saying that. *wishes her father would just shut the heck up and get out of her head*

Actually, unless they were only wearing a jacket and tie, I think they probably were following the dress code. I don't think they would have been wearing other than "normal" pants, and I you don't usually wear a tie with a no-collar shirt. So unless they were missing a belt, the admins were (as usual), off the deep end.

I don't know. We have a business caual dress code. There are days when I exceed it, especially if I'm going to the ballet or theater after work. If anyone tried to send me home to change my clothes, my response would be, "Oh, I'll go home, but won't be hauling all the wway back here. And don't even think about docking me."

DPC, nice simuling w/ya'.

from the article:

"Spano said the good thing about the dress code is that when strangers come to campus, they stand out immediately, which helps school officials keep the campus safe."

Nice of him to let "strangers" know exactly what their security policy is, and how to blend in unnoticed. Just follow the dress code and they're in!

I rather enjoyed it, ec.

And if this had happened to me in HS, I would have shown up the next day wearing the most offensive green-colored polo I could find, with a denim skirt and the belt worn as a headband.

Oh, wait... That's almost exactly what DID happen my junior year.

Excellent observation, andy!


From reading the article, it looks like anyone "in violation" of the dress code was just handed a copy of the dress code, not really a reprimand. They thought they were following the dress code. It's hard to read a dress code that says you need to wear a collared polo shirt and then make the leap that jacket and ties are non-compliant.

I hoped you tucked in the excess on that belt. Imean, you wouldn't want to be sloppy in your fashion statement...

who's measuring these shirts if they're tucked in as required?!? do they pull them out to check for violations then tuck back in?

they were dressed nicely and neat. what is wrong with that school?? asshole administrators. sieg heil, y'all.

Checked out the code, technically, they were in violation.


No more than 3 buttons on a shirt.

No jackets.

But black or blue jeans are allowed.

These types of policies and that type of enforcement is why the young engineers I have to work with start freaking out if there's not a rule on something or it's not exactly like it was in the book. They've been taught to be terrified of going outside the box. On the bright side, none of them will be able to take my job, since the creativity has been stripped away from them.

from the diva:

"Now wait - they were NOT, "going one step above what was required." They had already been reprimanded and knew they were NOT in compliance. The school has every right to do exactly what it did, and for once I stand behind their decision. The whole point for these kids was thumbing their noses at the administration and thinking they could get away with it. I'm glad to see someone who held the line firm for once in an appropriate manner."

it's funny that you and i interpreted the story in the same way but arrived at very different conclusions. i too believe the kids were fully aware that they were "not in compliance" and were doing what they were doing to tweak the noses of the administration, or trying make a point, or just generally acting like teenagers. my reation though, was "bravo" to the kids. i might have done exactly the same thing, or worse. the kind of heavy-handed control exemplified by the dress code is not something i would be tolerant of. ending a sentence with a preposition, on the other hand, is another matter.

[soapbox] Dress codes tend not to be so much about student safety and more about administrative control. Some of the comments at the original story will bear this out, especially the ones from PrisonPlanet at 11:40 and 11:41 a.m. yesterday. (I do have to say, though, that I was also quite disappointed at the atrocious spelling of some of the adult commenters over there.) I've ranted about dress codes here.

I think that one of the biggest problems with school administrators is that, in order to gain their "promotions," they have to stop being teachers. This isolates them from the actual world, and it turns most of them into politicians and/or bureaucrats, neither of whom we really want in charge of our schools. If they got out more (and had to actually live under the rules they impose on others), a lot of things would improve. My answer to this problem? Administrators must teach. Never letting the people in charge completely sever their ties with the teaching profession would allow the schools to continue to be run by teachers, and I think we'd have much better schools because of it.[/soapbox]

Happy blog-versary to insom! I wish you many many more happy years with the blog!

I'd love to read the actual policy.

...ok sure they had been TOLD they were not in compliance, but according to the bits quoted in the article is seems like they in fact were following the letter of the law.

Which bounces the problem straight back into the school administrators lap. I very much doudt they banned the wearing of coats.

Nor were they going against it's spirit of such rules, which is generaly to ensure a respectable serious appearance, and stop kids for wearing stuff with offencive slogans or gang colors.

OK - having read the whole policy....STUPID. And I'm shifting my position. *waits for collective gasp*

What's with the "approved" colors list? Dave and his ubiquitous blue shirts wouldn't be welcome. If they want to choose the style...I'm no fan of that, but the COLOR? That's just dumb. There's no justifiable reason - including gang colors. All a gang has to do is say, "OK, our secondary color is now 'lilac.' Got a problem wi' dat?" and poof! You're right back where you started.

Requiring belts is kinda dumb, too. Is that for girls, too? I don't often see belt loops on skirts anymore.

And according to the final line of the policy, on game days, athletes, band members and cheerleaders could conceivably run around pantsless.

So - kids, if you're listening - WEAR ALL THE TIES YOU WANT!

The 3 buttons or less is the only part they technically violated; the code said "no hooded sweatshirts or jackets"
Did the suit jacket have a hood?

And if all jackets are banned, what are they supposed to wear in the winter???
It doesn't even mention a vest or sweater over the shirt, one way or the other. So the kids are in trouble no matter what-
What if the vest covers all but 3 buttons?
What if you snipped off all but 3 buttons?
Micromanaging is crazy. Either have an actual uniform that is provided by the school, or uphold a certain standard of dress to prepare the kids for life- but this is ridiculous. Now "exceeds expectations" is cause for punishment?? What is this, Sweden? (where "adequate" is a compliment)

And for the record, I used to violate my school's ban on hats so that I didn't get migraines walking back from Dive team practice in winter with long wet hair. (blowdrying was useless- took at least 3 hrs regardless).

PS-Don't put administrators in a classroom- they are often the ones who couldn't hack teaching in the first place.

As an occasional resident of Collier County I'm proud to see that the school administrators are just as idiotic, and just as arrogant, as the other county employees.

In the first place, for just plain DUMB, is making a "Professional" Dress Code that works if your profession is salesman at Best Buy, but wouldn't cut it at any of the places I've worked.

Secondly, most of the polo shirts in my closet do have three buttons, but the rest of them (both sport and dress) have more.

I also wonder just who elected the clothing Nazi who decided that these colors, and only these colors are acceptable. What about the students, or parents, who are color blind? If you don't know you are wearing the wrong color can you be punished? Isn't that a violation of the Americans With Disabilities Act? Are they going to make a Federal case out of it?

The first place I taught after my degree was
http://www.robertmorris.edu/coursecatalog/Academic_Bulletin_07-08AugustUpdate.pdf">Here; see the dress code on p. 101.  At the time I taught, they were strictly no denim.

When I was in high school, there were some guys who made deals with the tux rental place before prom and wore tuxedo jackets and shorts to class one day.

I so support these kids! My school was practically this crazy and I always wish I had rebelled even more than I did, which I didn't really do a lot but they sure acted like I did. *OMG She has a hole in the knee of her jeans! Jesus Mary and Joseph where's the tranquilizer gun?! We have to stop her before her radicalism spreads and we have, God forbid, students wearing flip-flops!* Yeah I'm not bitter. Anyways, good for them. I probably would've just bought some really crazy colored shirts that were within the code. I'd show up wearing some neon colored outfit. Well it is blue...you just didn't say what shade sooooo...0:)

Oh, for Heaven's sake! If the administrators want students to wear uniforms, they should just come out and say it. The school I taught at had a very similar dress code--certain colors of pants, shirts, skirts, etc. You know what they called it? A uniform. I wonder if these administrators thought there'd be too much of a backlash if they put it that way...

"PS-Don't put administrators in a classroom- they are often the ones who couldn't hack teaching in the first place."

That's my point, mama_bel. Either they prove themselves as teachers, or they're out of a job. There's no room in education for non-teachers or bad ex-teachers to be running the show.

Here's a working link for the URL posted by Anonymous at 7:54 p.m. The dress code, on page 101, is pretty hardcore, especially for a college:

Professional Dress/Appearance Policy
In recognition of professional businesses, the Robert Morris College’s Dress Code Policy includes “business casual” attire. Students are permitted to wear denim, including jeans, shirts, dresses and skirts to classes. As a private institution, Robert Morris College may reserve the right to determine the guidelines and set limitations on its Dress Code Policy and Appearance Policy. This policy is in no way intended to be discriminatory (ethnic or gender) or in violation of any religious beliefs. However, it is possible that a student’s interpretation of the Dress Code Policy and Appearance Policy in
relation to individual circumstances may be in violation of the College dress code.
Unacceptable Attire for All Students
Athletic wear (warm‐ups and sweats)
Hats, headbands, scarves or sweatbands
Facial jewelry of any kind
Off‐the‐shoulder tops (including spaghetti strap tops or dresses)
Halter dresses and tops
Midriffs, low necklines or see‐through clothing
Shirts, pins or earrings that make a political or cultural statement
Any dress or hair style that is deemed unprofessional or inappropriate to the aims and purposes of the College

Sanctions for Non‐Compliance of the Professional Dress/Appearance Policy
Breaches of Professional Dress Policy will result in disciplinary measures that may include one or a combination of the following:
Student will not be allowed to attend class and will be marked absent
Verbal or written warning, which will become part of the student’s file
Social Probation, which will become part of the student’s file
Suspension for various lengths of time without consideration for make‐up assignments, quizzes, tests, etc.
Dismissal from the College
The College reserves the right to modify its policies or procedures at any time.

They'd never get away with the "no shorts" thing here in Texas...

Shirts, pins or earrings that make a political or cultural statement

What the heck does Robert Morris College think that college is *for*? Pretty much everyone I went to college with made a political statement with a shirt, pin, or earring(s) every time they walked out the door of their dorm room. Man, what a bunch of loonies.

Guess they never got the memo that college was supposed to be a time to learn about yourself in addition to some book subject.

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