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August 04, 2007


One man fights back.

(More here.)


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FIRST to say good morning to Dave - again. :-)

*runs back to the Hiroshima toilet to continue retching*

could've been worse. at least he didn't hit a camper with that stick...

Well, maybe if he'd cooked enough for everybody...

After all, doesn't the Bible teach "turn the other chipmunk?"

Isn't that the way it always is?
Roast a chipmunk, nobody cares. Roast a squirrel, everybody gets their panties in a bunch.

Harassing rodents WBANNFARB.

Chipmunk roasting on an open fire
Rat fat crackling on the spit
One Friday last June, back at camp Sakatoon
This bible counselor's in deep $hit

So was the picture the offended parent or the victim of the roast, pre-roast?

"Camp leader skinned, roasted, ate squirrel."

WOW! If I were skinned and roasted, I don't think I'd stop to eat a squirrel!
(Unless, of course, the squirrel is the one that skinned and roasted me!)


Everybody throws a stick at rodents time to time
And the counselor's contrite
Roasting squirrels on the campfire's no crime
And firing that poor kid ain’t right

Ha ha ha very cute, ducky.

Thanks, SW. You know I can't resist a Christmas carol!

One man fights back?

A breakin' nuts in the hot sun
I fought the squirrel and the squirrel won
I fought the squirrel and the squirrel won
I needed vittles 'cos I had none
I fought the squirrel and the squirrel won
I fought the squirrel and the squirrel won

I turned that squirrel to a golden brown
A crunchy crisp well-done
The leanest squirrel I ever found
I fought the squirrel and the squirrel won
I fought the squirrel and the squirrel won

In my boy scout camp, we killed and ate a squirrel every Friday. It was supposed to build character. Those were different times, I guess.

Not sure about the squirrel... I rather have the disoriented beaver.

Good one crossgirl!
The herd needs thinning if you ask me!

*snork* at songs. I wish I could do that.

At least he didn't skin it and eat it raw like that arsehole who was trying out for Survivor.

I feel sinful laughing at this thread.

Apologies to Mel Tourme

You know that squirrel's on his way
to squirrelly heaven after all the counselor ate
And every camper child is gonna cry
To see if counselor is waiting to be fired

And so I'm offering this simple tale
To camper kids from all of Saskatoon
It's really OK that he ate that tree rat
Happy Camping to You....

Lets review the all important paragraph:

"But some of the girls at the camp learned of the squirrel roast and complained to their parents when the camp was over last weekend. Two families phoned the camp and called for the counsellor in his early 20s to be fired."

2 parents out of how many hundreds thought this was worth complaining about. And it implies that those who complained were parents of girls who were not present. What exactly was the subject of their complaint?

"We heard tell that one of your camp councilors demonstrated to children which were not our how to do something that we think is kinda icky."


Objection! You were not involved, sit down and shut up!

errr in above post "how" in second to last sentance should be "own".

I have somewhat radical views, but anyone who objects to their kid seeing an animal killed, prepared and eaten should themselves not be allowed to eat meat.

...I'll stop now before I start to realy rant :D

I'm not upset about the squirrel dinner -- I'd just like to know 1. Why he threw a stick at the squirrel 2. How BIG was the stick 3. How hard did he throw it 4. What part of the squirrel did it injure? I mean, usually tossing a stick is not going to severely injure even a squirrel.

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