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August 03, 2007


I was in downtown Ketchum, Idaho, and I spotted a car with a familiar bumper sticker:


The car's owner, shown below, is Kevin Wade. He will definitely be in my cabinet if I am elected, which appears increasingly likely based on the fact that I did not see a single bumper sticker in Ketchum for any of my opponents.


I don't want to be overconfident, but this race is as good as over.


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Hay! I'm here...for a bit at least. Waiting for my youngest to get out of work so I can pick her up.

Wyooooooooooo!! twice in one day??? how lucky can a girl git??

So....is El done drooling over a rod now? ;-P

Ubetcha, marginally is a word. Barstards is not.

Wyo, you bet your sweet bippie.

P.S. Ubetcha: although it should be. Wyo: did your fishin' horse go lame? Or another Dodge?

tibbles - you're the brother of the guy with Dave? Wow!

Tell your brother to lose the Ford and we'll buy him a blogarita any time.

Hola, Annie! see you got home!

so that's tibbles's's's brother?

I believe 'tibbles' is the brother of Mr. Kevin Wade, who, to clarify, is not related to Mr. Dwyane Wade, savior and co-pilot of the Miami Heat.

Welcome, tibbles. We want details. We want them NOW.

Siouxie!!! Nice to see you back, even if it's only for a little while.

Yes, the Yankee game is over, if that's what you're asking. ;)

Bonds was at Dodger Stadium the past few days. Every time he took a swing, cameras would flash. What kind of idiot thinks a flash is going to help light a subject hundreds of feet away? Sheesh.

Now Bonds is visiting Eleanor. Please pitch around him. That is all.

You guys need to stop ragging on Fords. I would never purposely by a Ford automatic after that one, but that was still a hell of a transmission. I had it rebuilt in 1984 at 240,000 miles and you could still burn rubber in second gear when that photo was taken in 2006 (at almost 860,000). She's 30 years old this month.

I have friends with Ford work trucks that just won't have the current automatics, and I am with them. My F-350 with an automatic could pass a gas station before it could pass a transmission shop. My acquaintances with big Fords (250s and above) like their manual transmissions.

Cj Linky no workie.

But baby, I'd never pick on a Ford. My first car was a 67 Mustang with a 289 automatic. She was hard to beat off the line. Although, a bit like a kite at 100+.

CJ - it's just me picking on Fords. My ex had one that died in the fast lane....twice. With my little boys on board. The dealership guy told me that the 'dying' was a 'safety feature.' I wanted to take a safety feature to his cranium. So you may love your Fords - I will not. :)

Mmmm Cheryl. You got me remembering my 68 Dodge Charger with a 383.

Well folksies! I'm off to bed. Early morning drive to Sarasota and a long day getting daughter settled at the new dorm. I'll check in sometime tomorrow night.

Have a great day and Nytol!

Huh! I may have learned something about image hosting. Anyway, that's a Ford automatic (C-6 is better) that still burns rubber in second, approaching 900,000 miles.

so I popped back in for a sec. The Dodge tranny in question is a stick. got no use for automatics. seems that pullin' grades with horse trailers works better when you've got more control.

just sayin'. (but then what do I know, I broke mine, didn't I!)

Wyooooo! I gotta invite myself up there and teach your horse how to fish.

I'm hopin' you can teach 'im to tie flies.

Hard to do with hooves.

horsehair's great for tying flies.

"Look that up in your Funk and Wagnell's!"

anybody out there (besides CJ) old enough to recognize that line?

I see nobody but CJ wants to admit it. "Veeeerrrry interesting!"

Just an unusual dichotomy, Annie. Old Ford automatics in cars, before the mid 70s, were pretty amazing. I'm not aware they were ever good in trucks. All of the Big Three made decent manual transmissions for trucks, but I have never had one. The last several years I have been driving an old Nissan 5-speed truck, but I think it's our best truck. The rest are all junk.

Mid-level people are all driving Colorados (Chevy trucks), but they should come with volleyball nets, to capture parts falling off. Honest truth, folks looking for a good, reliable, little truck; find yourself a mid-mileage Nissan Frontier. As tough as my truck is, it is about to give out (Oh jeez, a Colorado), but that was 247,000 tough miles. That truck has been through hell. My company will retire it very soon, but it's never even had the clutch replaced, in almost 10 years. It has never even had brake pads, in 10 years, 247,000 miles. I tuned it up at 140,000 (plugs, wires), just out of principle... it wasn't missing. What a ridiculously economical vehicle, yet still that vehicle that makes 'friends' invite you over for moving parties.

If I wasn't hauling a horse trailer, I'd take a Frontier into the woods.

Tie flies when you're having fun.

(cj, you beat me to the bippy crack.)

Richard: but stupid.

Agreed Chevys fall apart, and midget Nissans never die. But I got to watch my horses jackknife nearly over a cliff because a plastic tranny piece in a new Ford 250 broke off. Another friend had the brakes on her new Ford truck lock up towing horses on an LA freeway. So unless you're a mechanic who feels the need to tinker at inopportune times...

Time for Wyo to look it up in his Funk & Wagnalls.

And what IS a walnetto, anyway?

Annie, I'll bet that was the automatic. Are you saying a Ford manual spit out a plastic part on a tow?

Explorer transmissions and all modern Ford automatics are junk. I don't want to get into automatics; did the manual spit plastic?

well, well well...

details, eh?

So my brother was in town... duh... talking to someone at a local theater, when he walked out to discover a strange man taking pictures of his car. This, of course, was Mr. Barry.

The rest is as it looks- my brother went giddy, and then got his picture taken with Dave. He then immediately called me to let know... and lo' and behold it's now on his blog, and my brother's a rock star... or a blog star... one of the two.

cj - automatic.

I think we scared tibbles away.

whoa....tibbles is back..
psst....from the position of his foot, it looks like Dave was helping your brother push his Ford. Just an educated guess on my part.

Oh, and your brother has very nice teeth. Siouxie wanted me to tell you.

hey, tibbles called Dave 'strange.'


Can anybody tell me where I can get a "Jessica Alba For President" bumper sticker?

Yeah, well show me an automatic that can tow, longer than the commercial. I don't even believe the Toyota or Nissan tow claims. I knew immediately when I snapped my 150's transmission, after which I was driving a Taurus with a Reese hitch.

Tibbles, congratulations for your brother. Blog is so self-effacing and off to the side if he can be, that struck me as unusual.


I'm more interested in the hottie from the photo. Did anyone get the low down? tehehehe.

Stevie - you need to go to www.isianmtu.com and check out the "Jessica Alba" discussion thread. I think it's under "General." You'll love the photos. :-)

That's like how I have a Rudy sticker on my car, and swear to dog, the other day, my doorbell rings and this guy hands me a pamphlet and he looks really familiar, and then I realize he's a Jehovah's Witness so I tell him to fcuk off and slam the door on him.

My gosh, I had no idea what a voice Christina Aguillera had. I was listening to an amazing vocalist that kept getting crushed by the pianist on a new CD. It was she and Herbie Hancock. Very surprising, but what I should expect from WMNF.

Ty, dd. There are like 121 pages there!!

So, I'm curious. As the guy that supports the little guy from Notre Dame, how's the door slamming going?

*snork* Stevie - I KNOW! And I saw a guest browsing in it, so I figured it had to be you. ;-)

CJ - Check your messages on the forum.


I'll will be on the road shortly. Unfortunately, I can't ride topless like casey. Ya'lls have a great day and I'll catch up tonight.

btw, Annie?? it's not just his teeth ;-)


"I don't want to be overconfident, but this race is as good as over."

Why the strong race?

Oooooh, SW...TOO early!

*puts brain back to bed*

morning all. anyone got some aspirin? or an icepick remover?

mornin'. How about a little hair of the dog.

Morning cg, ubetcha!

SO hot up here!! We've been having a heat wave and I'm about sick of it.

*lays out iced tea, banana bread, cool melon*

Mornin' Punkin! Got any juice? And what's a heat wave for you Maineiacs - 47 degrees? ;-)

gingerly places cold melon across forehead and shuffles back to bed.


Dave, I am willing to use my powers to help your campaign in any way I can. Drop me a note.

F ound
O n
R oad
D ead

punkin', i hear ya about the heat and i've about had it with this humidity. It's supposed to get better later today. In the meanwhile, remember to stay hydrated.

My ex was a die hard Ford man. Has poured more money into his car than he has into anything in his life. Guess what? It still doesn't run. What is he driving? An old model Camaro!

FORD = Fix Or Repair Daily

I had a '65 Camaro and it was sweet. The engine fell out right after I sold it.

*snicker* @ ubetcha

*snicker* @ ubetcha

*snicker* @ ubetcha

*passes ubetcha 3 Snickers™ bars*

I really did NOT post this three times.

aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh. Nothing like 3 Snickers.

*zips in*™

I don't even understand SW's remark, but if Punkin thought it was gross, then so do I. Who told him he could come out of his room anyway?

Oh, and diva, yes you did. And I love you for it.

She didn't say it was gross. Where do you see in her remark anything about it being gross?

(And btw, I get to come out of my room every Saturday morning, whether it needs hosing down or not.).

E - strong race = long face? She got it, but it was too early for Stevie's humor for her. I liked "Marianne" better. It's never too early for Stevie's humor for me. I'm pretty certain he's an alien.

Uh, Stevie, that's a compliment. Nobody makes me snork more than you.

Why does "hosing it dowm" make me think of The Silence of the Lambs?

Ty, ub. (Pssst - I don't think she got the "marianne" crack either.)

That would be correct, I hate to admit. :(

And I still don't get the other one.


It must be the su.so.ca. heat. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

Excellent choice of presidential candidate..... more than makes up for his choice of the Ford "Exploder".... The 1997 version I had came with a defective timing chain tensioner design (causing loss of oil pump)... defective blend door design ( something that should last the life of the vehicle... defective seat reclining mechanism design... ( to their credit.. they figured out how to fix that after a couple of years...this sort of thing should last a life time also)....and I almost forgot... the Firestone tires...

No wonder Ford is losing market share like John McCain ( Good luck Dave!!!!)

.. and the transmission failed at 135k miles...worst performance of any vehicle I've owned....now have a Chevy (like about 9 out of 10 Hopis appeared to have on Second Mesa in 1998... my first clue I really screwed up on my choice of vehicle in 1997)

Very good pattern and great articles, very small else we all require: D.

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