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August 03, 2007


I was in downtown Ketchum, Idaho, and I spotted a car with a familiar bumper sticker:


The car's owner, shown below, is Kevin Wade. He will definitely be in my cabinet if I am elected, which appears increasingly likely based on the fact that I did not see a single bumper sticker in Ketchum for any of my opponents.


I don't want to be overconfident, but this race is as good as over.


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He IS cuter than Ted.

how cool is that to have dave stalking following you and get to meet him?!!? and even in a blue shirt.

Hey, I'm voting for you and I'm a Canadian living in Canadia.

As Goes Ketchum, So Goes Idaho.

I hope you told Kevin about the blog!!

Not a bad campaign idea - put bumper stickers on cars, then ask hunks nice people to pose next to them, pretending they're voting for you.

crossgirl, that's exactly what I thought!

What a special day for Kevin!

This is great. :)

The Juggernaut should do well in the Idaho Caucus!

Annie, Annie, Annie....

This is not the time for cynicism. Tell Dave you're sorry you said that. :)

What Dave didn't tell you was he noticed the car parked at the side of the road after the cop pulled Kevin over for making love to a bumper sticker.

cg - I hate to burst your bubble, but that shirt is gray. He broke his streak.

Does that blue t-shirt say "US Drinking Team?"


Now I gotta get a bumper sticker, so when Dave visits beautiful downtown Beulahla, ND ... um ... aw ... skip it ...

Tell the truth, Dave, you picked him up met him in a bar, right?

Whoo Hooo...including me, that makes two Canadian votes. I feel a landslide coming on...

I predict Dave will end every State of the Union address with...BOOGER!!

Idaho - Famous Potentates

It was serendipity!

Annie, I thought it was Idaho - Famous Potatoes.

I'll bet that made his day month!

Y'know, Dave, if you want to be taken seriously in this campaign, eventually you're going to have visit us in the DC area.
Oh, wait...

JD - it was. I was tryin' to qwack you up.

Annie, you did. I just returned from exercising and my brain is fried. Please disregard my previous post, and pass a nice, cold blogarita my way.

I'll bet that made his day month!

Y'know, Dave, if you want to be taken seriously in this campaign, eventually you're going to have visit us in the DC area.
Oh, wait...

JD, this is for you, birdie.

Uh-oh...the blog's playing games again. Richard's post appears twice. I coulda sworn I saw one from Bethie that disappeared.

Oooh, Annie thanks! Drinks at the beach with a hunky waiter. Yummm.

I'll bet that made his day month!

Y'know, Dave, if you want to be taken seriously in this campaign, eventually you're going to have visit us in the DC area.
Oh, wait...

Richard - once ok, twice, meh, but three times - now you're naggin'.

I'll bet that made his day month!

Y'know, Dave, if you want to be taken seriously in this campaign, eventually you're going to have visit us in the DC area.
Oh, wait...

Richard's just enjoying his new keyboard.

Ack! I know I've managed to double-post in the past due to a flaky connection, but I'm quite sure that's not what happened this time. Really.

I think Richard is just lobbying...

Let's kill him.

Oh, wait, this is not the PMS blog, is it...

Nah, JD, as soon as I realized the model wasn't included I lost interest. Hope the silliness has stopped?

*snork* @ Punkin!

giggle @ JD.


Love and joy. Peace and, um, quiet.

I think the blog has been drinking. Those were hiccups.

oh, dave, ole buddy, ole pal....i'm pretty sure you need a page or an junior aide or something in far off in the middle of nowhere idaho. go back to the stuffed bear and wait, i'll be shipping you a teenager.

Everything from D.C. has to be in triplicate.

(Frantically racking brain...) What do they know?? DC area, check. Inside Beltway, check. Virginia, check. Anything else? Think!

Nope, I guess I'm fairly safe.

Anybody else think Idaho must be really dull? I mean, Dave has all this posing and stalking time....

*snork* @ CJ!
Punkin - some of us could use some 'dull.'

Annie - But isn't that why you have the Yankees?



*flaps away before Annie gets her gun*

Annie, I've been sure that I was posting on the right post before, and it shows up on another! I don't think the beer can account for each time this happened. I'm quite sure of it. Fairly sure. Semi sure. Hey, it could happen, dammit.

JD - you'd better skeet-daddle, or waddle, as it were.
Punkin - shush - El is breathlessly waiting for A-Rod to hit his 500th home run. Until that happens, nothing else matters.

Bethie - I saw it - just a word or two, then....nothing!
And I for one have not been smoking in Ketchum.

I think I found footage of blurk's "accident"!

Anyone know how I can get one of those fine bumper stickers?

Uh-oh. that bumper sticker is on an Exploder. Could lose a voter at any time.

Dave, haven't you run out of things to do in Idaho yet?

Jeannie, that would be from previous campaigns; this is the current model.

CJ, that was unbelievable. I hurt just watching it.

The video, of course, not the bumper sticker.

Yeah, I maybe shoulda put a warning on it, but I wouldn't have posted it if he hadn't walked (staggered) away.

I would have hated to be the next guy attempting a jump, after watching that. It's incredible that he was able to get up and leave under (mostly) his own steam.

Everything from D.C. has to be in triplicate.

Posted by: CJrun | 08:18 PM on August 3, 2007

good point. dave, when you moved to washington, i'll ship up the other two boys. consider it a campaign contribution.

According to the LA Times, he's got a liver contusion, which of course, WBAGNFAbeerB.

I'll bet that made his day month!

Y'know, Dave, if you want to be taken seriously in this campaign, eventually you're going to have visit us in the DC area.
Oh, wait...

Yes, I am watching The Game, Yankees are ahead a lot, and every time my sweetheart A-Rod comes to bat the crowd goes wild - and so do I.

A couple of hits but no homer so far.

I'm trying to watch here, too. Poor Yay-Rod.

In the game I'm watching, Pedro Cerrano has just homered after uttering the magic words, "F--- you, Jobu, I do it myself!"

Thanks CJ, but how do I get one?

anybody here know what time it is.... In Idaho?

Does anybody really care?

Actually, CJ, you'll notice the bot (?) went the bureaucrats one better and posted in quadruplicate (Mr. Ferret's odd echo is someone else's doing).

Boise Transit Authority?

(It's 3:34 or 3:35 am)

ah - as in Chicago, you geezers. Line up quietly now or I'll have to smack you with my walker.

OK - Stevie gets to go first.

Mofaux: In Ketchum, it's MDT. The northern 2/3 of the panhandle (Lewiston, Moscow, CD'A) is PDT.

Now ask me what the capital of PA is... ;-)

Harrisburg? What do I win? Can I pinch Stevie's butt on the way up the steps?

*slinks away singing Camarillo Brillo*

ubetcha - you were supposed to ask WD what the capital was, not answer the question.
Besides, the correct answer is "P" and "A."

Sorry - I was just followin' up the steps.

Yes, ubetcha, you may. That's you're long-awaited prize for the prom photo contest, or whatever it was.

It was me, just a little while ago, or maybe 30 years, but I stopped counting.

I can still throw a mean tarot.

*borrows El's zipper since she's busy watching a rod (don't ask me why)*

Jeanne, this is the link to the order form for the bumper stickers. It's on the Davebarry.com site/Stuff


Hope this helps!

Nite nite all - talk to ya'll in Sarasota!

*zips out*

*apolgies to non-FZ fans*

I kicked my SO out today. Bear with me.

Siouxie - slow down! You're making me dizzy!

apolgies? whut? who's tending bar here (hic). Somebody make me another (hic).

Need a hug, ubetcha? :)

Not really, E. On the one hand, I'm glad he's gone. On he other, I know he'll be back and I may have to kill him.

JUST KIDDING! He's my best friend (40+ years) and manages to piss me off when he's here at his "home away from home." As in Bill Withers, IYCMD.

Somebody slap me. What was this thread about again?

Wow, ubetcha. Sorry. That's tough, regardless. Time to really rally, girlfriend.

Oh - I looked back up and I must say it appears to me that Dave is having too much fun with that hunkoid. That explains the sandals.

I believe it was about rolling juggernauts over the bodies of sig-ots.

Annie, thank you for reminding me I need to use my mixer more. I just pour vodka and cranberry into a glass with no garnish. Time to kick it up a notch.

Siouxie's link for ordering this sticker

Provided as a service of HTML-R-US.

ubetcha, been there, done that. They always come back....

Yankees 7, losers 1.

ubetcha - my blender is a lot like my ex - screechy, lots of noise, and just sits there grinding away.

No home runs tonight for A-Rod, but a double and a sac fly.

We were at the game Wednesday night and it would be amazing if he could hit at all with everyone standing and yelling and THOUSANDS of flashbulbs going off at every pitch.

But that's why they pay him the big bucks.

Like Dave.

What was bad about that guy who fell was that the local Eyebrowitness News warned us it would be tough to watch, then showed it...FOUR TIMES!


Holy cow Annie. I'll send you the one I just kicked out but he comes with a harem. That, in itself, sucks. Meanwhile, back at the blender . . .

Jeff - I saw it a couple of times and can't believe he walked away. It looked to me like his feet should have snapped off. Dude.

Oh, and Eleanor, it only counts if the Red Sox come back. They look good now but now's nail biting time. I've been a fan too long to trust those barstards.

Two simuls and the bot is after my ass. I guess that's better than a sharp stick, but only marginally.


is marginally a word?

OK, as you were. He got me twice last time. The boredom stops here. As you were.

Jeannie; all of those suggestions work, as would have moving 'Back' through the original link.

It's right there up near the top of the page, DaveBarry.com

Ubetcha, hang on there. I'll bug you for 40 years, but it will take some time.

The bot is apparently taking a nap after all its hard work butchering things.

Apparently, marginally is indeed a word.

(Boy, no wonder I'm turning into a shapeless blob. Only have to leave the computer for ... um ... input and output, and maybe sleep.)

Yes, ladies and gents, that's my brother and I sure am proud. I do wish I had been there...

"Look that up in your Funk and Wagnell's!"

anybody out there (besides CJ) old enough to recognize that line?

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