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August 23, 2007


It's rolling in Arizona.


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Don't forget to push for your "no high-flow toilet left behind" initiative in your first next campaign speech.

One gets the feeling that Dave Barry's supposed presidential campaign is more of a gimmick designed to promote the humor columnist's upcoming book.

One gets the feeling that this writer has the lighthearted sense of humor of an ayatollah.

Ahhh, the stealth juggernaut. Those are the most effective.

But will Tancredo be there?

i will hunt you down for that one Jeff. it's way too early, not enough caffeine or anti-psychotics in the bloodstream yet.

Jeff, that was cruel. And not just because of, well, you know. Also because that was my hairstlye in 1976.

"style". it was only "stlye" when I parted it on the other side.

Golly, jeff, where ever did you get the idea to post that? Perhaps from my post at 8:57 on the American Idol thread?


HISSS! Where's my dang Vodka/Gatorade spritzer?!

*whacks* Jeff with the frying pan!!

grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! enough torture!

fivver, I agree. The write seemed almost pissed off or...oh I dunno...JEALOUS????

*tosses an 'r' up*

*tosses a little gatorade up*

Uh-oh, Dave, I see a waste treatment plant named after you in Iowa somewhere in your future....

One gets the feeling that Mr. Ruelas is a junior journalist who had this assignment thrown at him by his editor at the last minute before Ruelas was going to duck out early for the day.

"OK, who's this clown I need to interview? Dave...Barry? Never heard of him. Well, let's get this overwith."

Wavey - exactly.

We're not making this up. Tickets are $60.

Maybe, Wavey...but he knew enough to copy him.

50 years from now you will still be the best columnist is the country. Granted you may or may not be dead but hey the great ones are immortal.

*cough* kiss@ss *cough*

Funny how the news report almost sounded like a Dave BArry column. I think Dave has found a way to produce a coumn without actually having to write a column . . . get other people to write your stuff down for you. GENIOUS!

Peeyewlitzer....do I smell a brown-nose? ;p

Issues...campaigns should be all about the issues. Like health care and interns.
I recommend that anyone who believes in capital punishment should be killed.

I thought I took the "O" out of "Genius." Hmmm.

Did anyone esle look at the events calendar? Notice anything interesting? Like Dave is playing the Arlington Drafthouse in February? Right around the corner from my house. A five minute walk. I can only assume he will be stopping by for cocktails prior to the show.

Boo, stock up on beer.


ahem, that should have been:
rolling in Arizona


oh nevermind.

*hands fivver another cup of coffee*

There's gonna be beer?!

Um...Dave, do you need campaign workers?

I could prolly shore up the Montana cowboy vote for ya. Well, those that can read, anyway. Let's see...there's me and...OK, I'm more of a picture kinda guy.
But there's gonna be beer, right?

blurk, forget about readin'. It's not a requirement. The brilliant Florida voters proved that.

Ok, Sioux.
But there's gonna be beer, RIGHT?

Siouxie - that's where Montana has Florida beat. Cowboys know how to punch Chads.

Annie, THAT'S what that guy's name was?

One of them. I think. Hard to remember.

OH I'm sure they do, Annie. The pregnant ones even better ;-P

blurk, there's beer. Not Coors.

Coors is beer? Who knew?

Apparently not anyone from Glen White.

fivver, my point exactly.

Annie says it's a great diet drink though.

Annie, in Glen White if you don't brew it yourself, it ain't beer.

Beer snobs discussing beer that beer snobs discuss:

"Such a full robust flavor, wouldn't you say?"
"Why, yes. A perfect blend in this one. The color is dark and rich. This is a lovely little ale."

Cowboys discussin' beer:
"Beer's cold."

yeah blurk, but what about the head? don't beer snobs discuss that?

Course, cowboys just wipe the foamy frothy thingie with their hands.

Sioux, if a cowboy tries to discuss head with me he's gettin' knocked out.

Just sayin'.

How quickly the blog threads morph!!!! ;)

Exactly, Annie. You can have ALL the credit for discovering that charming artifact.

It's Boo and Sioux's fault.
THEY mentioned beer.

someone say beer?

Excuse me. I mentioned "cocktails."

I think I'll plan a campaign rally for Dave when he's here in February. I'd better start working on that now, especially if I want to rope anything off.

blurk has his Broke-neck Mountain thang goin' on today.

prolly cause there's beer. RIGHT?

*psst, cg - CAKE!*

Layzee, I don't think there's enough beer in the world. And I think I speak for my good "macho type dude" friend. LOL

Someone say 'rope'?

Now yer talkin'. Who/what are we ropin'?

It's your turn to pick, sweetie.


I think you need to get together with some of Kinky Friedman's campaign team down in Texas. They seem to know how to party, um, run a campaign.

Incidentally, if you get elected, I think my 5 year old son would make an excellent Secretary of Silly Walks (although he doesn't know what that means, yet).

Anyone notice how convenient Dave's name is as the top candidate on a ticket? Since it rhymes with "Bury", you can make all sorts of snide political statements:

Barry-Obama 2008
Barry-Hillary 2008
Barry-Tancredo, Barry it deep.
Barry-Guiliani, before he wins.
Barry-Thompson, before he acts again!

I still can't believe Dave is going to Arizona in August... doesn't he know it will be about 12000 degrees? With a threat of a thunderstorm? And flooding?

Well, I suppose he won't do that again!

A new book's coming out? Yeay!

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