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August 03, 2007


(Thanks to philip snyder)


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Hm. cg's admitted to a "Hello Kitty" fetish. Wonder if this is close enough for her?

sorry, but that just don't do it for me. interesting, but I'm not gonna buy one.

just sayin'.

Hm. The article doesn't state whether or not the girl is included. Details, people!

Hmmmmmm, still wonderin' about diva's orientation. (from the last thread)

NTTAWWT as I am a confirmed les. trapped in a man's body.

Now that may give me carpal tunnel syndrome!

I'm waiting for the keyboard supporter...

What happens when you hit "Enter"?

it's not a exactly a fetish....

*idly wonders if this comes in her size*

I knew learning touch typing would pay off...

*snork* @ Wyo!
I've heard of ergonomic keyboards, but that's ridiculous.

meanie in the middle!

*snork* at Wyo!

Wonder what happens when you hit the "enter" key? Or "insert"? Does this give new meaning to the the phrase "my computer's gone down?"

^5, Meanie! GMTA, or something!

*SNORK* @ Ducky!

Um, nope, WYO. Hetero as the day is long. Just ask... well. I don't kiss and tell. Like I said to Punkin, I'd only flip for that cool flamingo posing with Dave.

Ooh, ladies - a girl-on-girl-on-girl simul! No wonder the boys like it here.

Hey, some kinda minds are thinkin' alike, JD!

And I never thought being a middle man was any good. Pays keep an open mind, I guess.

Johnny, what are you doing in there?

Just banging away on the keyboard ma.


Annie, that's a pervonomic keyboard. Or possibly pornonomic.

Diva, it's Friday. Good time to give the boys a thrill, no?

*fans self*

And Wyo? What church confirmed ya? ;-)

Ducky - ANY day is a good day to give the boys a thrill.

Diva, very true.

Exercise time for me. I'm looking forward to a nice, cold blogarita (with salt) when I come back!

Um, ok. But what's the point of it? And why would anyone want to buy one? Wouldn't it be kind of painful for the person (presumably girl, but I won't take anything for granted after that Pop Culture class) wearing it?

Don't answer. Those are rhetorical questions.

Um, ok. But what's the point of it? And why would anyone want to buy one? Wouldn't it be kind of painful for the person (presumably girl, but I won't take anything for granted after that Pop Culture class) wearing it?

Don't answer. Those are rhetorical questions.

I wonder where the 'On' switch is? (oh jeez, there's a set-up)

Too busy for Rosie stuff, Wyo, but @ 9 more months and I'm leaving my current job, so hopefully that will change (eventually).

life does have a way of getting in the way of livin', don't it, CJ?

But it's a helluva ride, Wyo.

Did you get lost somewhere on that ride, Blurk?

Nice to see you!

amen to that, blurk.

say, now that I'm in Sheridan, we're pert neart neighbors, aren't we? If you ever want to try some cowboy fly fishin', I'm your man. have horses, will travel. (ya gotta bring yer own pole.)

(easy, girls)

Boy, THAT'S the truth!

Those are some pretty snarky comments on the article. Not ours of course because we are always cute, adorable and clever. :)

now, El, don't give us a "big head."

(that was NOT a s3xual reference to any newbies out there.)

What about "easy, girls"?

Don't need a pole for fishin'. I taught my horse how to 'fetch.'

Good to see you, too, Meanie.

Wyo, after hayin' season is over I'm gonna take you up on that.

Does that come in a "laptop" version as well?

He got better at it once I got him glasses. Poor guy's neighsighted.

I dunno, Annie...sounds fishy to me.

Annie's Not kidding, either, she once sent me the evidence!

Really. See?

Wyo's link....

I'll try that again... Here.

Oops - she beat me to it!

Whoa, Wyoooo....same link to my Fino.

pick a link, any link... all roads lead home.

Poor guy was so embarrassed. But it's not like you can just go out and buy pony contacts at Walmart.

Horsefly fishing?

This feller was embarrassed too!

don't get me started on the stupid dog costume pix!

I miss that guy. Tried to teach him to jump, but since he was half Andalusian, he'd do a levade and hop over the jump like a bunny. Thank goodness he had a decent mane to hang onto.

Headin' home. No internet at the new place so I'll talk to everyone Monday.
Stay safe(er than me)

not all horses jump. but some do. (That's my 11 year old niece.) (the one riding, not the one jumping.)

great to see you, blurk. we'll be fishin' soon!

Jumpin's fun. I'd just prefer to land on the front legs and not have everyone laughing at me.

So where do I put my hard drive?

gotta cut out myself. fish're bitin'.

see you all again soon.

Glad to have had you around classin' up the joint, Cowboy!


Is that keyboard "bracket" compatible with my Mac?

If your nerd just isn't paying you enough attention.

lol, bethie. But nerds are super-horny. Thye just don't know how to show it sometime.

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