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August 26, 2007


A Wild and Crazy Place


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Can she grill in that spot? Is it only cigarette smoke that is banned. Because if not, this calls for an outdoor barbecue.

And why not? A bonfire too, of course using the greenest wood money ban buy.

Can she grill in that spot? Is it only cigarette smoke that is banned. Because if not, this calls for an outdoor barbecue.

And why not? A bonfire too, of course using the greenest wood money ban buy.

And triple posting. That's another form of revenge.

And this would apparently be a hat trick. Thanks bot, I think.

Keith Richards has been banned from the country altogether.

Oh, and first, unless someone posted while I was typing this.

Lairbo - I thought about Keith Richards. Does that count? Congrats to EG on his hat trick.
*tosses octupus onto ice*

I don't smoke, and I don't especially like being around cigarette smoke, but that is ridiculous. It's her property; if he can't take it, he should move.

In other news on ridiculous bans, my school (IUK) has followed suit with the city it sits in (which banned smoking in public buildings last year) and banned smoking anywhere on campus. Including in your car (if your car is on campus.) Again, not a fan of cigarette smoke (and I'll confess I'm glad I don't have to smell it when I eat out in town or exit a building on campus where all the smokers used to cluster by the door), but in your car? What happened to "It's a free country?"

I thought Sweden was a liberal country! If they come into my garden, I'm armed. They'll have to pry it from my lips.

Our company makes you go off company property to smoke. Which means lots 'o butts on the neighbors' property. Good senses make good neighbors.

If even the Stones can't . . .

My company has a "butt hut" right outside the back door, God bless 'em.

Bumble, but if she is smoking on her own property, but the smoke blows in his window, it's gonna reek. What if there was a baby's room by where she smoked and it blew into the baby's room? Should they move? This is a sticky situation. And why not just back her car up into the garden and let it run and smoke the guy out? You can't do that... If there was loud music blasting next door the landlord or the cops would make it stop. It's still an invasion of another person's personal space. Tricky stuff.

Sounds like the attorney has 'special needs,' much like a handicapped person. If he's hypersensitive to the stuff, shouldn't he be the one installing an air filtration system? The pollen outside could get him as much as the smoke. I blame global squirming.

Did he try to reach an agreement before sueing?

OT - 15 minutes until you can go here and watch a baseball game on your pc.

Does this sauna make my butt look big?

Sean, that's all true. But it's easier just to build a bonfire.

Sean, that's all true. But it's easier just to build a bonfire.

That #)#! bot is making me sound like a parrot.

That #)#! bot is making me sound like a parrot.


Sean~ He could close his window. :-)

I do see your point, and you're right; it's a tricky thing, but it still seems like they're appeasing him while stomping on her freedom. Surely when she's outdoors the smoke dissipates enough that it wouldn't be problematic. It's not like she's sticking her head in his house or blowing smoke directly in his face. It sounds to me as though he's making a mountain out of a mole-hill.

The woman wasn't smoking Marlboro's!?

"It ain't that I don't smoke myself - And I don't reckon they'll hinder your health
I've smoked them all my life and I ain't dead yet
But nicotine slaves are all the same - At a pettin’ party or a poker game
Everything's gotta stop while you have that cigarette."

Tex Williams, 1947
(covered by several; most notably Jimmy Dean)

My solution(?)- simple- throw a skunk through the neighbor's window

You've come a long way, Helga.

I am so surprised her neighbor is a lawyer. On the subject of more worthwhile Swedes, I just watched the World finals for the Women's Heptathalon, impressively won by Karolina Kluft of Sweden. After she had recovered somewhat from the last event (800m), she dragged herself up, got all the participants, (not just the Swedish team), and took them all with her on the Victory Lap. That gal's got some spunk!

Edgar! What is your problem today? And how do two posts ^there make for a hat trick? ;)

IE wouldn't let me open the link. A box came up and said something about Operation Aborted (!!!) and made a loud thud noise. WTD?

Butt (har!) I get the gist.

*makes mental note not to move to Sweden*

I have been to Goteborg though, and Stockholm - very nice. I had pink mashed potatoes in Goteborg. Delish.

>And how do two posts ^there make for a hat trick? ;)

It is three posts. Two just happen to be identical. QED

As for why the computer keeps submitting data twice, I haven't the slightest clue, but I will take advantage of it.

I would like to see the story - but when I click the link I get scary microsoft "ERROR memory kernel and general and major xyzke0035784 can't be read and your computer will explode in 5-4-3-....." type messages. Then the Beast (Microsoft) wants me to send an error report. I'm convinced it's their way of punishing me for not "upgrading" to xp dis-service pack 2. Just random error bull$hit.
Anyway, hope y'all enjoy a microsoft random error bull$hit-free day.

Special link for you IE People

Thanks Edgar, it actually worked. No horrifying messages. Except for the story itself.

I just saw that, Edgar. Apologies. It was indeed a hat trick. :)

And thanks for the linky but I'm afraid to open it because I'm watching the Yankee game on mlb.com on IE and don't want it to crash. I will though, after the game. :)

Eleanor - don't waste your time on the Skankees. Better to watch the Little League World Series on ESPN. Just sayin'.

It's way more exciting. Really.

UPDATE: It's on ABC, but it's ESPN announcing.

Warner Robbins, GA against Japan and GA's best pitcher had his ankle broken in yesterday's game. It's gonna be a tough one.

"I had pink mashed potatoes in Goteborg."

With tan shoe-string potatoes?

SW, everyone knows that pink and tan do not go well together - sheesh! No. With pink scallops. Duh!

ubetcha, I did watch some of the LLWS yesterday and it was quite exciting. The Yankees just lost 5-4. *sobs*

Is the LLWS still on?

Not even with a polka-dot vest? Or a big Panama with a purple hatband?

Yay Tigers! :D

Thank you, Edgar. I just read the article. Worse than I thought!

*zips out to have a smoke*

I have to admit I am not a libertinetarian. If she could ensure that her pollution didn't leave her property there wouldn't be a problem. If I had a piece of land that had a stream running through it I wouldn't be allowed to flush my toilet into it because of the effect it would have on those downstream (so to speak).

Sure you would, Scott. Just ask Jack Welch, ex-prez of GE. I lived downstream of his pcb-dumping plant on the Hudson.

... or downwind and/or downstream from a man-made pig-slop lagoon in Iowa. Eventually, *all* of those leak or, worse, fail catastrophically!

God, what a dickhead.

And to think of all the suffering she has inflicted on innocent plantlings! The bitch!

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