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August 31, 2007


(Thanks to Siouxie)

Funny thing: Mrs. Blog is up there covering the Open, but she has not mentioned this.


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Looks like a double fault to me.

is this a sport or a peep show?
wonders if the men will wear fishnet pants.

(yay! siouxie)


*wonders if he's ready for the Rope of Truth*

... ouh, baby ...

Dave, I can't think of a reason why Mrs. Blog would keep this from you.

(ok..I can think of two)

I didn't think they had ramparts over there. At least, they don't sing of them like we do.


My goodness, Beth Mattek. Got milk?

And the winner of the Golden Globes for "Best Inappropriate Tennis Outfit" is....

Sio, I'm sure there's a practical reason for those outfits. Maybe clothes just get in the way. All that fabric you have to carry around.

if the mrs. blog is up there to cover the open, she's not doing a very good job of it.

Ya know, that first photo has got to be one of the worst she's ever taken. That ridiculous gold headband makes her look like she forgot to take off the crown when she left Burger King™ this morning. And considering the material, it's definitely not a functional sweat headband. Stupid, truly. And the black bra with the gold getup is just cheap trash lookin'. Plus, pale colors do NOT do you justice, Girlfriend. Get a new PR person, chiquita. Really.

Can I get some of what Dave had for breakfast? I can't keep up on just coffee and toast!

I look at Ms. Mattek and all I can say is: deuce!

Definitely... thanks to Siouxie for the cleavage update.

Gotta love tennis with bazoomage floppin' all over the place. It actually makes the game (not sport) interesting.

I think Ms. Mattek just borrowed Twitney's WeaveGuard. After all, look how much luck it's brought Ms. Spears.

Baron, welcome. I look out for my blog dude buds too!

Is it so wrong for me to be imagining a doubles match with Ms. Mattek and Ms. Kournikova? Ok, a quadruples match?

I'm only a man... *sobs in shame at his weakness*

We definitely need more fashion in tennis.

For the ladies:

Roger and

Tennis anyone???

Wow! Who knew?! Trailer Trash IS a major force in fashion!!


They could get arrested or at least ticketed for that in Atlanta if that Don't Show your Underwear bill passes the City Council. (let judi find a link to that story)

*zips in*™

Congrats to Siouxie! I've been watching the Open and I haven't seen Golden Girl. :(

And yes, tennis is a sport and to know that all you have to do is look at the guypics Siouxie posted.


You misunderstood. Nothing could make the sport (if you can call it that) itself interesting. However individual games could be made more interesting by teh addition of flailing rampartage™.

Sharapova chose a skimpy red dress encrusted with 60 crystals and a transparent black warm-up jacket for the opening match of her title defence.

Imagine that poor guy, having to go over shot after shot of Ms. Sharapova, carefully counting crystals, checking each and every square centimeter of the outfit to make sure he doesn't miss one.

Labor of love I tell you!

Is this still a random ramparts thread?

*snork* at Siouxie's "Golden Globes" line.


tennis anyone indeed!

i think she[?] is an ugly girl[?]. the golden head gear has got to go.

I am so glad I have an HDTV.

did anyone else notice that they looked more like figure skaters than tennis players???? wtf?

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