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August 31, 2007


Now the scaly bastards are attacking two of our most cherished institutions: Mrs. America and Taco Bell.

Update: Also, our goldfish. And our colleges.

Update: Also they are turning into humans.


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Not sure about the ethics of tossing a rat snake into a drive through window. Then again, I'm not to sure about the ethics of most beauty contests, either.

Rat snakes and Spider Dances!

... sounds like a good start for a Friday!

... hurt more than childbirth.

Not something one hears every day ....

they ought to keep the snake in the Taco Bell. It could keep the mouse and rat count down...

Re: snake man, did anybody else find it impossible to read "his cutlass" multiple times without thinking this?

Snakes. Why did it have to be snakes?

Snake Man? In "Modern China"???? Thought all of them had moved onto politics by now.

Hint to goldfish pond owner: Catch Sid, relocate Sid to Far Away place; problem solved.

"The pain was the worst pain I have ever had, worse than childbirth."

What a wimp.

Just kidding!

A snake at Taco Bell?
At least you know you'll be getting something fresh in your burrito!

Prine said an officer identified it as a nonpoisonous chicken snake, also known as a rat snake.

"I told you to bring the snakes chicken in through the usual delivery entrance!"

*sits back to wait for Siouxie's commentary on "man snakes" she has known*

There are vanilla ones . . .

Drop the chalupa!!


Jeff, being the lady that I be, I will refrain from commenting on man snakes...known and not known. ;-P

I don't get why the people who owned the goldfish were there to "rap the snake on the head" to make it let go of their goldfish, but they need other people to help them get rid of it? Am I missing something there?

I've got to move to Ghana. Sounds like a rockin' place.

...she was avoiding a spider on her way down a staircase she unknowingly stepped near a rattlesnake that bit her on the foot
Where was she living/staying? The Haunted Mansion? Wherever it was it sounds like a nightmare or a b-movie.

"Man Snake Grabbed"

Another misleading headline...

Of course, if it wasn't my personal man snake, I don't really need to hear about it.

University officials have already named the snake Kenny.

I sense a South Park line in their future.

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