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August 27, 2007


We Don't Want Your Perky Nipples

(Thanks to tinkerbell)


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finally i know what heineken is


Republican Herald huh?

See, the Dems would be sponsoring the contest.

I know there's a good joke about this involving Hilary entering a room....

We don't want your perky nipples was done by Crazy Elephant. Quick Joey Small went over the wall and the law was out to get him.

Not me. I like Perky Nipples, which would probably BAGNFARB, if it isn't already.

They just need to mandate these

Woo hoo! The Republican & Herald is published in Pottsville, Pennsylvania, birthplace of yours truly and (more importantly) Yuengling Beer.

People who freeze
Have the perkiest nipples
In the world...

Everybody sing!


"Shenandoah, We Don't Want Your Perky Nipples" WBAGNFA country song.

Shenandoah is right down the road from me. In fact, I have a good friend who's a sales rep for Verrastro.

They have this contest at our local AAA baseball games (Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees) with kids. They give the t-shirts that are folded up, wet and frozen. The kids have to bang them on the ground to unfold them and the first one to do it and get the shirt on (over their clothes) wins. Quite scandalous.

Nice to see we have the same sort of local political twits as the rest of the blog world.

And to the girl in jon's link - geez give that skanky thang a little trim, would ya?

Not so fast, just how perky are we talking here . . .

Sounded to me like they were more upset about putting a sign on a tree!!!

Shenandoah, we have a sign law
Put away your frozen T-shirt...

Oh, Shenandoah, I long to moon thee
Away, Oh look away, cross my wide bare hiney

This is weird. I've never had anyone refuse MY perky nipples!

Must have been a woman who complained. No guy would ever complain about perky nipples.

jon - just wondering if those should be beaver fur.

I think the politicians need to make a clean breast of it. What are they REALLY worried about?

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