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August 30, 2007


It's time for... Melon Fest!


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That story is NOT about what I was hopin' thinkin' it was about.

Melonritas for everyone!!!

Same here.


I'm with blurk... very dissapointing

*WAVES @ Hammie!!!*

sorry if I splattered some whipped cream on ya ;-P


Here ya go boys...


i know what blurk was hoping for. here ya go.

Yay, Siouxie!

Russell...step away from blurkie. Now.

cg - *le snork ou la snork?!*
Melon est-ce masculin ou féminin ?

Donates her melon holders to make carrying easier.

But, Punkin, what is going to support your melons? If you need a volunteer......

cg, that's not zackly what I had in mind.

I mean, uh, cool link.

blurkie - shush. Just shush.

*sits in the corner and colors with those giant crayons*

I like those.

*eats sammich*

*Sitting here wondering if blurk, cg, sioux, and awbh are as frisky in real life as they are on this blog*

*also punkin and anyone else that needs to be included in that list*

Siouxie - upside the what? And why are you suddenly giving me instructions?

Schadeboy - that's a yes.


Low 5....or sumthin'.

Shade, I'm really really shy in person.


no, I'm not kidding.


not buying it, huh??

ok..then yes.

Whoa - double simul with a half-gainer. Must be my lucky day.

"Nine seek to reign over Melon Fest"

You'd think it would be an even number...

awww...you poor delusional boob.

um..that was not meant for you, Scott.

No, no, Siouxie, it's fine. I would be honored to be referred to as a delusional boob by you...

hey there, you're quite self-centered, especially if you're thinking about a b00b.

Scott - sorry - that wasn't meant for you.

Sorry, I would've been back sooner, but it's hard to run with "the girls" bouncing off my knees...

OT: DCYF just called & I'm getting 2 little boys for 3 to 6 months while they try to reunify w/ Mom. They should be here any second, so I may not blog much for a liitle while.

Just wanted y'all to miss me!! :)

nah lol...I have NO reason to call you that!!

awwwwwwww Punkin!! wow!! send pictures soon!! and give 'em smooooochies from Auntie boobie Susy!

Will do!

REALLY nervous right now. 'Specially since my house is totally set up for girls!

*may make trip to Sprawl-Mart™ for macho boy toys*

Beware of the emu!

*snork* at Scott on the 'even number! ;)

hey there, watch out for the blog women here, we're mean, we're mighty and we have hot wax.

Yay, Punkin!

*waits for ants to invite themselves to Melon Fest.*

The one on the left definitely has better melons than the one on the right.

Punkin', hurray for you and those two very lucky little boys.

That's wonderful, Punkin. :)

Punkin, good on ya.

Don't worry about amusing boys. All it takes is a pile of scrap lumber and some open space, they'll do the rest.

P.S. Hide your power tools. NOW.

um...Punkin?? one more thing...

schade. yes.

silly punkin, you need nothing to amuse two brothers other than each other. wrestling/fighting/tormenting are my guys favorite past time. have fun!!

CG, that's what the scrap lumber is for. One of its many purposes.

(BTW, I have two boys AND two older brothers. I have experienced this from all angles.)

Yes, Punkin - lock up your other boytoys. Although they do make fun kiddie toys.

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