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August 21, 2007


Mr. Ted Habte-Gabr claims that this corporate logo is obscene. This blog does not see it. Of course, this blog is pure as the driven snow, while Ted is a known sex pervert. What do you think?


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That's just an A with ah OOOOM-laut


This logo is going down!

I agree with Ted, but only after the perv pointed it out, mind you.

What was he trying to look up in the first place?

It all depends on what the "A" stands for.

that's called a-style? i've been using the wrong term!

I've lived a very sheltered life....

if i remember correctly, that one wasn't good for me.

THG's right, with a big, capital "O."

I'm with the Mahatma; Teddy is a pervert (NTTAWWT) and I hate the mullet.

Looks more like a wobbly H

geez, Ted - I thought it was a guy with a mullet wearing a tilted M1ckey Mouse hat.

felatio is Italian, isn't it?

I'm with Nookee (whenever possible): only the Italiano side is pervy.

Nookee and CJ - Latin, sirs. And two Ls if you please.


I'm sure the logo designer has a warped sense of humor. Wonder if the client ever figured it out??

*claps hand over mouth when she finally sees the image*


How friggin' HILARIOUS!!!

This one means go downstairs if . . . okay so I don't know what it means.

t all depends on what the "A" stands for.

Posted by: bbescuela | 05:40 PM on August 21, 2007


A = doggy?

Yeah, I see where Mr. Ted is coming from. I saw the obscene part almost immediately.

The sad thing is, I'm Mormon.

Oh Yeah! Wow that is blatant! My guess is that A doesn't equal doggie, but doggie is a fun way to to A. A aka sodomy. Yes I am a dyed in the wool perv.

Oh Yeah! Wow that is blatant! My guess is that A doesn't equal doggie, but doggie is a fun way to to A. A aka sodomy. Yes I am a dyed in the wool perv.

Oh Yeah! Wow that is blatant! My guess is that A doesn't equal doggie, but doggie is a fun way to to A. A aka sodomy. Yes I am a dyed in the wool perv.

Schadeboy - then you're seein' it as MoreMan.

Annie - I guess that's better than Moron.

I must be so conditioned to see lines with dots on top of them to represent people, it took me a while to refocus my eyes to recognize the A.

Wavey - at least you're not seeing all the weirdo perv stuff the others are. Right?



Oh no, I'm just seeing one little dot-and-line person vigorously...erm...helping its friend look for a lost contact.

i have spent an afternoon in Iowa City, IA with Mr. Ted H-G and i saw absolutely no evidence of any perverse behavior on his part. of course, it was about rain forest hot and humid so i was swilling beer at a pace (Mr. T. H-G was swil... um er ah sipping gin (Bombay perhaps? definitely NOT Beefeaters) so i might have some slightly addled memory things going on. But a couple years later he favorred four of us with his presence at a Denny's in Mason City Iowa after a certain Heisman winning humor columnist talked to a widely diverse ("There are people here whose ancestors came from all over Europe")crowd at that august institute of higher edumacation NIACC (Northern Iowa Area Community College) and i must admit he did appear to be learing at the waitress.

but, once again demon beer might have alterred my perceptions.

personally, i think Ted hurt his brain with all that gin, but i could be wrong. he might have hurt it some other way.

A is for Aladdin Hotel, featuring Sigfried and Roy.


I'm sorry, but he's wrong. It's not obscene. He's obtuse. ;)

And it doesn't have a mullet, so how can he be offended?!?

Someone needs to send that to "web pages that suck." The website suffers terribly from mystery-meat navigation. (A pseudo-technical term which is sometimes more unfortunate than you'd think.)

And the spinning "loading" logo makes it much harder to see the alphabet...

th.com guy - I don't think he's offended,- looking carefully at that logo again, I think he's off-ended.

If it's Ted, it's gotta be perved....

I'm stil-l--l mailing back the sausages he sends!

EB. (Who suffers from Chronic Barry Posting Syndrome, and doesn't plan to quit..)

All I'm saying is, I'm not going into the bathroom with that sign on the door.



Is this logo the brainchild of the people who brought you the animated 2012 London Olympics logo ?


a href="http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/england/london/6724245.stm">Solid Citizen's Link

Solid's link - second time's the charm

It's quite an ugly logo, but I can't see anything wrong with it.

The "London 2012" logo just looks like a mess. The "A-Style" logo, on the other hand...woof.

I couldn't get their page to load - either in English or Italian - so just what is it that they sell?

Not that I'm sure I actually want to know the answer, if the logo is anything to go by...

Hey Mahatma Kane Jeeves,

Did you mean the OOOOOM-laut that Miss Hazeltine was giving Mr. McNamara in "One, Two, Three"? Very fun Cagney flick.

And I didn't see perversity in the logo for a full 30 seconds. Honest!

Okay, lurk mode going back on now....

If you go the site you'll see that they are official sponsors of "TT Assen" !!!!!!!! :)

*SNORK* @ daisy... and MKJ's sign would also be bad!

Definitely obscene. I said "what do you think of this logo?" to my wife, and her eyes got REAL BIG.

daisyj wins the thread, btw

It has possibilities, but you have to think you're looking for something titillating (NTTAWWT)(and no play on words intended).

*whistles Lassie theme*

I was going to say no, then I saw the word "A-Style" and immediately after saw what I think THG saw.

It could be worse, though. (From here)

Yeah, the URL is intimidating, but if you're pure of mind, you won't see jack. :)

I want one of these signs for my bedroom door. Danger - mating in progress! in international universal sign language.

*snork* @ Al!!! Figures you could read it. ;-P

Should I worry that I see the "obscenity?" Or relieved that it took me a minute?

It depends on how you define Obscene.

Well, plus it's a monogram, what with the 'A'.

Glix, not on your life, no clicky!

CJ - I clicked. You're OK.

DD: That's OK, but the British actress photo on the motorcycle was NSFW?

Jeeez, they need to update 'The Rules."

If it's a monogram, does that mean I can get it embroidered on my cuffs?

I'm embarrassed at how long it took me to figure out what the fuss was about.

I'm sure it's definitely not scalene ... the two sides are equal, therefore it hasta be an equilateral trian ... g ... le ... um ... nevermind ...

To folks that don't see the problem, try it without Flash. A simple, static logo might make it more evident.

Also, that way you get this delicious bonus: A bit of text saying (ISIANMTU)

You don't have Adobe Flash Player 8.
Please take it here.

Um, no thanks...

No, stevie, because your monogram would look too much like SM, when viewed from beneath, on cuffs.

daisymae, should I be embarrassed that I "got it" within seconds??

Ok I'm a sick person.

Just an OT muse\

It is so amusing to be around the house as my brother discovers his MacBook. I'm in town this week, as is he, and he keeps coming into the living room and setting that thing on my couch and saying, 'Look at this!' Stop it, girls. So I show him a couple of tricks (stop it, girls) and he skips off happily to his part of the house (stop it, girls). So I have created a monster, (stop it, girls), but he now knows how to use a laptop. This one is ready to fly on his own and he hated computers a month ago.

For sale, one large brother. Mostly housebroken, but he doesn't wear his glasses in the kitchen or bathroom. As such, he has warned me that my library has ants, because he thinks they're coming from the books, not the food scattered across the kitchen counters that is putting ants on his book pages. He actually wants me to take my books out and fumigate them and I don't have the heart to tell him, "Ahem." I find this funny.

End silly rant\

Merely tell him that ants don't eat paper ... so ... whut else might it be that attracts 'em?

I can't believe the Blog doesn't see the obscene because it just jumped right out at me. :) Too sleepy to wonder what that says about me.

The only "A" I saw at first was the one at the bottom, it took me some moments before I saw the other one. I'm with you time wise Sooz, does that indicate we have one-track minds?

*Goes to stand next to THG in the perv corner*

What does it say about me that I saw face sitting first, and didn't see doggie until y'all mentioned it?

DPC, that's just sick weird.

Mornin' PERVS!!!

Mot, maybe we do. But we're not alone in the pervy corner.

Chris, I saw "doggie" first. The other one's not as obvious.

*starts the coffee maker & sets our platters of English muffins, scrambled eggs, bacon & lots of sausage*

Eat up!

not obscene. how about stupid and meaningless??

Guess I'm not as perverted as I thought, which, truth be told, is a bit disappointing. I had to have it pointed out to me because I didn't see it at first.

I'm STILL trying to figure it out.

What's even better, is when I view the page it says "You do not have Flash Player 8. Please take it here:"

I don't want to take it there! Never have, never will.

This logo is On Purpose.
Take a look at the merchandise, and you can tell that the logo is meant to be suggestive.

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