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August 29, 2007


Family values, UK style.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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“My kissogram acts are tasteful,” she says. “I put shaving foam on my cleavage and rub my boobs in their face."

Tasteful, indeed.

"It is hard work but it enables me to spend more time with my five-year-old daughter, Holly.”

And Holly is so proud of her mumsy!

She does have a pretty cool whip though. (hehe..coolwhip) I kill me.

I am absolutely gobsmacked by this story

She ran for office because she wanted to "give something back to the community"? Sounds like she has been giving plenty to the community for years.

I might go to the local board of supervisors meeting if I knew there was a good chance of a lap dance.

And she says the strong family values that she promotes as a councillor in Bideford, Devon, are one of the main reasons why she strips.

Huh? Is there a special school where people go to learn how to rationalize like this?

*wonders if her "stage name" is Myrna Bush*

Ahem - at least she's not tapping her foot in the restroom, Mr. Craig.

"and for the first time, her mum said she was proud"...really? I am shocked she didn't say it more often...

I am sure there is a need for such professions, but I don't particularly want MY daughters taking them up...

“What I love best is pretending to be an S&M dominatrix. I love telling them I’m tying them up so tight that they can’t move.

May I suggest a little hot wax too???

Annie - Don't ya know that Congressman Larry "I am NOT Gay" Craig had a foot spasm??

Additional reporting: BOUDICCA FOX-LEONARD

It's a good thing this blog doesn't make fun of names anymore.

Doesn't she look like Mare Winningham?

St. Elmo's Fire, indeed...


thanks cat, i was trying to place her.

if she wants to do taste full kissograms, she should try chocolate whip cream.

*heads out to local city council meeting just in case*

I have no issue with this. She's honest about it. And I wouldn't be surprised if her (shocked) male counterparts in council have never been to a strip club.

A whole lot healthier than middle aged Senators chasing around underaged pages and lying about it. Those kinda family values scare the willies outta me.

What I love best is pretending to be an S&M dominatrix. I love telling them I’m tying them up so tight that they can’t move.

Why pretend? She could make more £££ if she did that for real I bet. Not that I would know anything about that...

And how can I convince my wife to develop those kinds of family values. Not the running-for-public-office kind though - that's just wrong.

I need to raise my waxing fees...

sorry..just mumbling to myself here.

You might be able to hike your waxing fees if they come with extra services.

These people own a witchcraft store, too. Maybe they can cast a truth spell on some Senators...

Siouxie, *snork* at "coolwhip".

Hey, truth in advertising is something our representatives could try for a change. Like the good Senator from Idaho, as an example.

I love the way he pleaded guilty to "make it go away"; as if!

And kudos to Cat R. for the Mare Winningham thing. We recently saw Mare in an off-Broadway show and we sat in the Bob Uecker seats, close enough for a lapdance.

FYI: There is a section of $1 seating called the "Uecker Seats" at Miller Park, which is an obstructed-view area in the deep upper grandstand above home plate where the stadium's roof pivot comes together (in reference to one of his Miller Lite commercials).

You're right, there is a resemblance.

She looks exactly like my sister's best friend. I always knew there was something not quite right about her...

"Not the running-for-public-office kind though - that's just wrong."

Can someone tell me how to upload a pic, or attach a link.. I have Squirrel pics attempting to cause power outage.

Can someone tell me how to upload a pic, or attach a link.. I have Squirrel pics attempting to cause power outage.

You americans are so hypocritical. A young mum doing her best and you bible-bashers have to make a comment. Can't you become isolationists again?

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