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August 24, 2007


It's almost over.

(Thanks to Jim Gilboy)


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Aren't they supposed to know how to handle a mess?

i am totally nonplussed. but i'm glad i wasnt the lawyer assigned to that nonsense.

No, our think our long national nightmare is still in office until '08...when we'll finally have PRESIDENT BLOG in control.

*I think* not *our think* oops.

The next court date is scheduled in 28 days.

As long as they have wings, we're not too concerned about who flexed first.

But just to be sure, I'll ask my husband's opinion... "Honey? Can you come discuss the pros and cons of regular maxi pads with wings that don't flex compared with those that do?"


*screen door slams, engine revs, tires peal*

Don't you think the judge said "That's enough. PERIOD"

This type of issue never comes up in my house. My wife uses the Instead cup, which is kind of like a diaphram only in reverse.

Don't use the stuff. I plug.

that is all.

Anything with an adhesive strip should not be placed in proximty to ones nether regions. That is all.

Oh. My. God.

Can you imagine the legal briefs that were defiled in this mess of tragic litigation?

*snork @ SandyEgo*

1. "Four MALE lawyers..."

2. I'm a 37 years old female and Shadeboy knows more about menstruation products than I do!

*takes back extra s and goes to google instead cup*

I once knew a seamstress

who was fired. (Couldn't mend straight)

I once knew a seamstress who was fired. (Couldn't mend straight)

Tyco claims that the Always brand holds a 50% share of the market for sanitary products

But do they hold a 50% share of the intended...er....stuff?

(Didn't Tyco used to make toys???)

And a 50% share of the geezer points to anyone who can identify the source of Dave's "our long national nightmare is over" reference.

Oh, no! I've been buying the wrong ones by accident because the words "wings" and "flex" were on the box!

Oh, wait. No I haven't. I can read. And tell colors apart, even.


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