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August 27, 2007


Blasphemous Balls

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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The footballs were dropped from a helicopter in Khost province.

Another turkey drop.


"Unfortunately,there was something on those balls we didn't immediately understand to be offensive and we regret that as we do not want to offend."

So many bad jokes, so little time....

Oh Brother! Always whining about being insulted. Shut UP and ger over yourselves.

No good deed goes unpunished.

So I guess my "Bend It Like Allah" shirt probably wouldn't go over either....

I wish they had told me that BEFORE I ordered 8 million of em...

GREAT! My son is in the Khost povince. I'll have to ask him about this. Wouldn't want to offend the sensibilities of these people over their "moon god."

Imagine my disappointment when I clicked on this article only to discover that it was about footballs. Hrmph!

I have to agree with Mikey. It's amazing how these people wear their feelings on their sleeves. I wish I had a progressive list of Islamic insults so I could do it right.

Can't they just put them on a flaking shrine or something, say thanks, and shut up?

poor kids. maybe we could make it up to them with a shipment of barbies!

They only slice peoples' heads off and broadcast the video. We should not retalliate by sending insulting footballs. That's just cruel.

"Mullahs in Afghanistan criticised the US forces for their insensitivity..."

(i sat here for two full minutes trying to think of response that wouldn't require me to wipe spittle off my monitor, and failed.

wait, here's one: "hey, shiek, shove that soccer ball up your a55."

i still don't feel any better.)

Does it occur to anyone besides me that there are people all over the world who just aren't happy until the find something to be offended about every day.

mud - how long has it been since you've been "showered" and "sober"?

Pogo - yes.

Awwww, fuggedaboudit.

Could someone pass me the candy dish with the hologram of the Pope mooning Allah?

Let me get this straight--it's insulting to send a soccer ball with a Muslim country's flag on it, and we should apologize, but it's not insulting when they: burn in effigy my president, burn my flag, or kill my countrymen? Is it too early for a gumball?

I see what you mean, pogo. I'm reading a lot of offended responses here on the happy blog.


scottmgs: thanks for the reminder. this is the "happy blog". (chews gumball happily) now what did i miss?

Mud: squealing on the previous thread. Since you may (or may not) know kids in the appropriate age range you may (or may not) want to steer clear.

Let's just stick to dropping bombs. I am sure that won't offend anyone.

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