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August 27, 2007


...They always blame the beer.


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Omigosh, LMAO - too funny!!!

Flour Power!

I'm curious as to how many folks think there should really be legal ramifications for these folks.

Yes, they should have asked IKEA for permission, but FELONIES? D@mn people, get a grip!


OW! Now I have flour up my nose!

Or do I.......?

The flour didn't come with any allen wrenches so the IKEA folk were naturally worried.

Not me, I blame society. Then I find religion. Then I do it all over again because that is the American way.

Remember the Adult Swim cartoon hoax in Boston? WTF New England?!

Paranoia has triumphed. So has Osama.

We didn't get to the point where flour could be used for this or papier mache, or any other non-food use by worrying about silly things like this!

Oh well, the health risks to coke heads may have been a consideration.

who wants to bet nothing comes of these charges? This is outright stupid.

Amen, mm.

I thought beer drinkers marked their trails in other ways.

"It could be a terrorist, it could be something more serious..."

And what, pray tell, might that be?

Somebody get a leaf blower, quick!

btw - for any couch taters out there, this IS a very common way for runners to mark a trail.

I say this calls for Federal legislation. We have to get control of who is buying flour and for what purposes. At the very least they should have to present a photo ID in order to buy it!

Unless, of course, they purchase All Purpose Flour.

They might have to put those micro-tags the flour like they do fertilizer. ('Course, then the aluminum-foil-hat people would start wondering what happens to the tags...)

You see powder connected by arrows and chalk, you never know You never know or you never think?

Oh, and total snork at a drinking club with a running problem.

And while we fret about flour sprinkling runners, actual terrorists must think we're easier targets than they suspected. I'd like to think that, one day, common sense will prevail. Until then, dumbasses prevail. Free the drinkers, free the drinkers!!!

Overreact much? What the hell has this country come to?

Suzy. Powder connected by arrows and chalk?

"I say this calls for Federal legislation. We have to get control of who is buying flour and for what purposes. At the very least they should have to present a photo ID in order to buy it!"

Whoa, as a wheat farmer I could be indicted as a co-conspirator.

Is it possible that we may be over-reacting a tad bit here?

Apparently the city officials in Connecticut are complete idiots. The Harriers have been doing this for decades, all over the world. Whereas terrorists have, like, ZERO history of marking out running trails with flour and chalk.
Yes, sadly, the terrorists have won. The feeble minds are clearly scared witless.

To be safe I say we hunt down the Pillsbury Doughboy and eliminate him. That Betty Crocker lady is also very suspect.

Yes, Hashing (as it is more commonly known) has been going on all over the world for many, many years (by thousands of people). There are (at least) 3 HHH clubs here in the Atlanta area alone.

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