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August 31, 2007


(Thanks to chicomathmom)

(We're thinking this concept would be a hit with this guy.)


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*wonders if it's too early to throw up*

Can't touch that.

oh man, that's totally hot!

*places order for all her blogdude buddies*

i'm thinking aqua man might like these.

Jeff, I wouldn't either...

Oh, come ON! Really. Who the heck thinks these are sexy? Talk about your mood killer....

*giggles uncontrollably*

Oh, wait - or is he planning on swimming and catching a little something for dinner at the same time?

OK - I realize that the name change issue there REALLY makes that post odd....

Ack! Thanks for ruining both Star Wars and I Dream of Jeannie in a single post.

Siouxie: I'd have second look at pix of the blogdudes you've actually met before ordering these... (I'm a size 8, myself).

Hmm Lairbo...

That would be...you...Meanie...Jeff and CJ.

I can SO see it!! just gimme a smoldering look ;-P

find the thought of cj in fishnet i dream of jeannie pants, veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery amusing. could the rest of ya'll guys send pics so i can join siouxie in the merriment?

crossgirl, I'd have to get CJ an "extra long"...

cuz he's so tall and all.

One question. Why?

well mikey, i think it runs in the family, he's the short one.

lol, cg.

What was that crossgirl and Siouxie? I can't hear you with all the horrified shrieking going on in the back of my brain.

The best news? The words "Limited quantities" at the bottom of the ad. THAT'S a relief!

I so know what I'm getting my brother for Christmas!

Sometimes I'm greatful for the firewall of idiocy and the things it won't let me see. This sounds like one of them.

lmao @ crossgirl

Me too, Cheryl.

Don't forget Dave on your list, Siouxie.

And Mr. King.

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