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August 28, 2007


(Thanks to Siouxie, who also sent this earlier update)


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I might believe stage fright.

Talk about the blonde leading the blonde....

I'd give everyone a map.

(I hope this is right...)

YAY! she redeemed herself! she can actually form coherent sentences.

Yay she can have her nerdy bookworm friend write an answer to a question she got on friday!!!

I don't know how much Lopez could've helped her.

"I felt really badly for her"

Just saying.

What's this "map" thing they're talking about, anyway?

bb - and you have 'escuela' in your name?? Exsqueeze me?

aww, she's cute. i wanna take her home and take care of her. she could curl up in my lap and i could change her diaper and such.

That's the same thing my clients say when they get arrested:
I made a mistake. I'm human.

I feel better knowing that she and her friends know exactly where the United States is!
Give that girl a cookie!

btw - IMHO, she didn't redeem herself. Her studied response was lame. But as SW said, there's always the swimsuit competition.

If I promise to feed her and give her water and give her a bath every day, can I keep her? Please? It can be my birthday and Christmas present!


For the boys: Fair is fair.

Although I doubt SHE knows anything about maps.

*Belatedly WAVES @ Siouxie!!!!*

*Waves @ Hammie...again!*

sure....you can keep her...gotta map?

Siouxie: she doesn't have to know anything about maps, she's visible from google earth.

Back on, eh, topic:

...plans to take graphic design in college and then move to Los Angeles with the hope of a career in movie and TV special effects...

Lauren Caitlin Upton: Okay, here's the CGI effect you asked for!

Art Director: Uh, that's Nova Scotia and the film is set in Japan...

LCU: Well, duh!

ps: I have a friend who does this sort of work for real. Gotta warn him.

Lairbo, you ain't kiddin'!!

Them globes are definitely viewable from "the Iraq".

*horrified for all Graphic Designers* (including my own daughter)

Siouxie: For the boys: Fair is fair.
Although I doubt SHE knows anything about maps.

How can she not know anything about maps. She has to huge globes before her eyes all the time.

Dang. Two.

Two huge globes.

Buford - blonde moment? or global squirming? ;-)

Not blonde moment. Perhaps grey moment.

I had to wonder about the lameness of the question. The only honest response is "those who can't find the US on a map are ignorant morons." and she couldn't say that.

I understand she did well in the swimsuit competition, butt-floss division.

There's something WAY disturbing about that link, Stevie. I think it's the amount of time the "artwork" would have taken to create....

well, i personally believe that she has many blonde moments, not unlike so many united states americans.

No need to look south of her equator to see if she truly is blonde.

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