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August 28, 2007


We admit we are hesitant about traveling there, and this sort of thing does not do anything to change our minds.

Key quote, amidst a sea of quotes that could have come straight out of Haight-Ashbury in the 60s: "I was watching Terubi wash the dishes one night when the words 'butt-biting bug' just suddenly popped into my mind," Uruma tells Sunday Mainichi, recalling the creation of their fabulously famous fairy.

(Thanks to DavCat)

VIDEO UPDATE, thanks to Baron vonKlyff in the comments section:


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I'd rather have sushi.

The Butt-Biting Bug is the creation of an artist couple called Uruma and Terubi, who work together under the nom de plume of Urumaterubi.

VERY clever nom!

What ever you do. Do NOT read the related Testicles and tentacles story.

There can only be one thing to follow that up... and it's the Butt Biting Bug song and video

That just tastes like @ss!

*Decides I may swear off sushi forever*

*snork* @ Assyria. And if they're looking for the golden ass, I work with one.

bite me.

I thought the Irish had copyrights on the little people, I think they should be consulting their lawyers.

They're gonna need a bigger bug.

*snork* @ Cuban @ss!

El will sue for her-@ss-ment. NTTAWWT.

I know you're asking yourself, "Did he have a burrito at lunch or not?" Well go ahead punk, do you feel lucky?


You buddy, Mr. Gene Weingarten, seems to be in this video, of The Butt Biting Bug. He appears in the last 18 seconds (twice) between 12 o'clock and 2 o'clock, while dancing in the Butt Biting Bug circle celebration.

Just thought you should know.

PS The guy at 4 o'clock in the last nine seconds might be a better match, although harder to see clearly.

Sooo, the Butt-Biting Bug doesn't like Japanese food?

O/T I have one eye on the TV which is halfway through episode 6 of the last season of 24, this is the first time I'm watching it and I cannot believe how bad most of the actors look in big screen HD. Every little flaw in their complection is so obvious, the make-up people should be fired. Back O/T

I'm sure Freud would have a field day with this one....

They do make antibiotics for this kind of thing.

I think a few helpings of Taco Hell's finest should cure this bug's penchant for sushi tushi.

Momma mole, papa mole and baby mole are in their hole when the rains stops. Papa mole sticks his head out and says, "Smell that fine spring day after the rain". Momma mole squeezes up and says, "Smell those lovely flowers in the field". And baby mole who can't quite get up says, "I don't smell anything but molasses".

Sorry, that joke kills them in Japan.

Cheryl, I didn't even notice that article until you pointed it out. And now, I need therapy. Can I please have your address so I can forward all my bills? Thank you.

Well, he takes a big chunch there, doesn't he?

This really isn't enough to keep a cocker spaniel entertained.

With apologies to the canine world.

C'mon, y'all, sing with me:

Everybody had butt-bugs biting
Those critters were fast as lightning
You’d think they were a little bit frightening
But folks found those bites exciting...

KOW, I tried to warn ya. Do NOT read this article.

Puts a whole new slant on Fresh Fish doesn't it? Oh, and Euw.

I have always tried to understand the opposite sex, but in a million years I will not understand why guys go doing some of the things that they will do.

Opposite indeed. Sad part is I like sushi. And onigiri. Which is eel. Which it looks like I'm giving up.

I'm right there with you. :(

so now it's the 'land of the rising moon'?

Cheryl it's (we are) very simple.

Show a guy and a gal a balloon. Gal thinks 'Party!' Guy thinks 'Ammo!' Basically, gals think about what to do about something, whereas guys think about what to do with something. Gals look ay laundry and say, 'I guess that needs to be folded.' Guys look at laundry, put the underwear on their heads and drink beer. My sister and I grew up with entirely similar environments, yet she never considered jumping from the second story with a tablecloth for a parachute... which is the only sensible use for a tablecloth.

CJ - the only sensible use for a tablecloth is tying your brother to it as a parachute and shoving him off the second story....just sayin', as a woman, and I believe I am.

btw - *snork* @ "That's a moray!" in the related tentacle article.

Not to be confused with "That's Amore". Well, maybe a little bit confused....

CJ, you got it. Basic differences.
Wimmen see a shoe store and go inside and shop.
Men see a shoe store they puke, shoot sumpthin', and go drink beer.

Not necessarily in that order.

And that's "Chunk" dammit.

You should pick up some Hello Kitty stuff if you go . . .

Speaking of Segways - MKJ wants me to link to my usual Hellooooo Kitty, but I had to go with something new. At least it's not something 'borrowed' or 'blue.'

Meanwhile, didn't anybody else find it strange that all the butt-bitees were caucasian??? Weird....

he doesn't really bite them hard, just puts a Nipp-on them

*overdue snork* @ insom!

That'll be $1.50 in fines, Miss Where-but-here.

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