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August 20, 2007




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and you guys think that Florida has the only weirdness magnet. i;m pretty sure this 'princess' would even stand out in Florida.

Funny - when the link first came up I think there was a picture of the princess on the left, then "poof," it disappeared. Coincidence? I think not.

"Many Norwegians consider this idea wacky". Go figure.

School starts for us today, hooray! Of course, most of the kids in my son's high school are more likely to be involved with demons than angels, I'm afraid.

Just take them to the deli in the above post- they can see their (not they're) inner angel in the eggplant.

I'm kind of wondering about this angel craze. As I read the bible, angels are God's marines. They show up to kill people and break things. The shepherds had good reason to be 'sore afraid'. I really don't mind them staying at arms length.

Wow! Good coffee this morning.

Y'know, if English royalty was as good-looking as Norwegian royalty, I wouldn't find them nearly as annoying.

I just thank heaven Charles & Camilla never actually reproduced together...

Fivver...I never thought of that...and they do a lot of smiting, too. Maybe I should reinterpret all those lapel pins I see on seemingly benign co-workers.

One question: if the school is opening "at an undisclosed location" how do the kids find it? Or does Tinker Bell (™) come to guide them there?

Swedish author and columnist Jan Guillou urged her to "seek treatment".

Amen, Jan.

I want to open a school to teach people of the many wonderously healing applications of chocolate and beer. I know many here have heard of them and believe, themselves.

Does Oprah know about this?

If she had opened the school in California, nobody would've batted an eyelash...in fact, she would be over-enrolled.

Angels are not the sweet and innocent creatures we see on stamps and in paintings garbed in white robes and glowing. They are indeed God's army. Angels have wings covered in sleepless eyes and are a force beyond our imaginings. How else do you suppose they could be GUARDIANS?

Daisy, are you sure this school hasn't already been started in California?

*zips in*™

Didn't the Princess see City of Angels? Things don't always work out sowell when angels get involved.

El, I agree.

What about that movie with Affleck & Damon as "angels" -Dogma.

Yes, Siouxie, even worse! But was that a great movie or what?!?!?!? I watch it every time it's on TV.

LOVE it, El!!!

Scary. Let's hope the parents don't locate the school.

Think it kinda depends on the Order of Angels if they're Cosmically Scary or not. You know....ya gotchur Thrones, Dominions, Principalities, Powers and Eggplants. Unless that really IS a dog instead of an AngeloftheLord....dunno.......

golly you people are narrow-minded

I am not suprised. She married a commoner, after all. What did you commoners expect of her?

Self Proclaimed Countess of Laurieville
Population: 1

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