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August 30, 2007


(Thanks to the Perts)


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Tag! You're it!

Yea they dont need the exercise anyway. Just pass them a happy meal and all will be fine.

*runs up to Ex-Addict and tags him*


and yet, dodgeball continues in p.e.


OK, new rule: NO TOUCHING!

*avoids R24A and sticks out tongue*

Neener neener neener. Safe.

Can I be supervised by someone, please?

*TAG* Your it Cjrun!!!

I have very long arms and no tag backs

Safe on base. Neener, neener, neener.

Where's the supervision???

What's next, baseball? We don't want poor Alfred to have poor self-esteem cuz he can't hit a 2nd graders fast ball, do we? No wonder the Japanese and Dominicans are about to take over our national pasttime.

Sheesh. This is about as smart as the removal of the swing set. Poor Johnny got hit by someone swinging, and that's hideously dangerous.

Okay, everyone got hit by someone swinging ...... once. It's called learning.


What's next, baseball? We don't want poor Alfred to have poor self-esteem cuz he can't hit a 2nd graders fast ball, do we? No wonder the Japanese and Dominicans are about to take over our national pasttime.

Sheesh. This is about as smart as the removal of the swing set. Poor Johnny got hit by someone swinging, and that's hideously dangerous.

Okay, everyone got hit by someone swinging ...... once. It's called learning.



sorry, bot didn't show my first post.

Med and I got tagged by the bot, I think...

And double simul, too.

Way cool...

You can't tag me. It didn't count. I'm not playing!

You know, I have there is this funny thing about tag...if you don't run, people can't chase you. If you're not playing, don't run. Duh.

Thank god teacher is in the bathroom so we can play.

Does that mean I am the shit? Would someone kindly tell that to the two single, straight, non-a$$hole, available men in KC?

Where's Billy? I'm gonna knock his block off for touching CJ..... may need Sioux's machete. :-)

Med. I concur completely. We are raising a society of dim wits. If it continues, I am afraid we may someday live in a society of nothing but warning stickers like Your hot coffee may be hot or This Lawnmower should not be used to trim hedges or This toaster should not be used in the bathtub.

See? This is what happens when you don't have enough maps.

What about the sadistic sport that is duck duck goose?

If it's any consolation, Our parents thought the same thing of us. And look where we are now.

Ok, never mind.

Anyone caught playing that game should be shot on sight.

Good thing we Minnesotans all play Duck Duck Grey Duck rather than that other one.

hmm . . . mebbee a wee bit harsh . . .

How about a rousing game of 'Duck, Duck, Skeet'?

Or the LA version - Duck, Duck, Drive-by?

Well, we can't do the hokey pokey, cuz there's that one-armed kid in Ms. Johnson's class.

Can't play pin the tail on the donkey, because Joey missed the donkey and put Jenny's eye out at the Valentine party last year. No sharp objects allowed.

Can't have a spelling bee, because it's not fair to the immigrant kids or Dan Quayle.

Let's play Remember when..... remember when society wasn't paranoid, over-litigous or brain washed by the media? remember when kids were allowed to make mistakes? remember when a bike meant FREEDOM? remember when you could sleep in the backyard and actually SEE the stars? The good ol' days.

Someone fire up the Geezer bus for me. Gumballs and Blogaritas, stat. Does Dave check out those Jetson videos or do we have to stop at the crackerbarrel?

My goodness, Med - you sound like my dad.

*flings gumball @ Med, gets out broom for Bosox*

Just remember, Meddsy, the hokey pokey is not really what it's all about.

*grabs s, tooses t up to annie, figuring she meant she was getting out the botox, for med acting prematurely middle-aged.*

SW - you touch my consonants and you're a mead dan.

What's next?

You can't raise your hand in class to answer a question because you might accidently cause some air to move into the vicinity of the student nearest you which would violate their space and offend them... not to mention if you get the answer correct it is unfair to flaunt your intelligence and could hurt the self-esteem of the other students.

I'm so glad I don't have kids!

I thought the hokey pokey is what Sen. Craig was playing in the men's room.

You put your left foot in
You put your left foot out...

They should stop requiring the playing of dodge ball in PE instead. Some boys (I'm not saying all, but some), deliberately throw the balls in the faces over overweight, intelligent girls with glasses. In junior high and high school, because they never mature. Not that I'm bitter.

I've lost some of the weight now, but I can't deal with contacts. They dry out my eyes, and every time I try to put drops in, they fall out. The contacts, not the drops. When I told my eye doctor that, he said, "Huh! They shouldn't do that." No sh!t, Sherlock. I'm keeping the glasses.

/random ramblings and grumblings

Gumballs on da house! Our school just banned sweets & sodas, because some kids are freakin' huge health-challenged. Silly me, since I taught my kids 'everything in moderation.' Now I gotta explain 'stupid rule syndrome.'

~Dan holds mean kid by the scruff of the neck so Bumble can pummel him with dodge balls at will~

((Bumble)) That sucks. I got hit by a few of those. I usually pretended I didn't see it coming, then I'd turn and catch it so he'd be out. Either that or trip them on the playground. Mean kids stink.

I'm with Med. I remember those days, when going to school didn't incur some form of risk of setting off a law suit against my parents.

You know, there was a time when education in this country worked. Anyone remember that? You went to school, and you weren't encumbered by all these stupid things. You could play games during recess, and there was a very real threat of getting spanked by the principal if you did something wrong. And people actually learned stuff. And if you didn't learn, you were held accountable for that. And if you did learn, you were rewarded. Kids were held accountable for their actions, and their parents weren't sued. And parents actually had the balls to talk to one another and work things out when their kids hurt each other.

Funny, but all of this happened before we put all of these restrictions on schools and children.

Annie, were you the one holding the football for Charlie Brown?

The fat kids were offended. There. I said it.

Mean kids DO stink, and guess what? Banning TAG is NOT going to make them not-mean. Ban the BULLIES, not the GAME. Oy! (rolls eyes so far up that her contacts fall out)

Agreed, Guin.

SW - moi? Never.

Bethie - skinny kids were, too. So were kids with glasses, shy kids, kids with zits, smart kids, dumb kids, etc.

Let's just say I'm not relying on the school system to teach my kids much.

*snork* @ Guin, and my thanks to Dan & Annie.

Guin~ Exactly right in theory, but wouldn't happen in practice. Both the male PE teachers I had encouraged kids like that by turning a blind eye, or worse, agreeing with them. I had more than one teacher who acted like I deserved what I got and wasn't worth defending because I was a little out of shape. It was okay when that little creep Paul Myers said I was fat and useless and I sucked at volleyball; it was incentive for me to suck it up and get in better shape, right?

*rolls eyes*

But for every teacher I had who was an a$$, I had a good teacher who punished the mean kids when they earned it.

And one of those PE teachers got fired for having the football team over to his house to look at porn. :-)

Mean adults stink, too. Some folks never grow out of it. They just throw around cutting remarks and think it's sophisticated wit.

Bumble - I had a teacher in jr. hi (in FL) who thought it was a brilliant idea to let another girl and me (mortal 7th-grade enemies, natch) sit in the classroom egged on by the other kids and hurl insults at each other for 5 minutes to "get it out of our system." I was absolutely tongue-tied for the entire time because I wasn't a quick thinker and I wasn't by nature a mean kid. He was released from his duties after my parents turned him in to our principal.

*satisfied smile, even after all this time*

i love to play duck, duck, goose.

bumble, those boys threw the balls at the skinny, clumsy girls with glasses and bucky teeth too..... i. hate. dodgeball. i also hate four square cause there's always those hot shot snooty girls who slam you out just as soon as you come up for a turn. tag was great. when the boys caught you, you had to go make out behind the big ole oak tree. i don't know why anyone would want to ban that.

I loved dodgeball as a kid. Now, now, put those machetes down. I loved it because I was reeeally small and scrawny -- and limber -- so they couldn't hit me worth a damn. And, needless to say, it was the only sport I was any good at.

OT: Remember the kitchen remodeling I mentioned back in May? Finally finalized the plans. They're going to roust me Monday morning (yes, Labor Day!?!) to start trashing the place. Here's praying it only takes the 2 (3?) weeks they promise...

I went through the torture that is childhood with thick glasses, excess weight, and vampire teeth. No, I swear! My teeth are straight now, I've kept the weight but it migrated to the areas where a woman is supposed to carry a little extra, and a month ago I got rid of the glasses. I am allergic to contact lenses, so my only option was lasik. I heratily recommend it if you see a reputable doctor. I'm thrilled with my results. And now you can tell that I actually have eyes!

I was the skinny girl that those vicious kids TRIED to pick on. I guess that time in grade school, when I threw a stick at this boy and actually broke his head after he called me "chicken legs" and the principal/pastor sided with me..made a difference.

yes I was so shy

I had to wear medically-required sunglasses starting in the third grade. I was also 2 1/2 feet taller than my classmates. Do you think I stood out? Can you say "target"? To quote Lisa Simpson: "Someday, perhaps with years of therapy, I may find it in my heart to forgive you." Meanwhile, rot in hell, Gilbert Olivas!

Apropos modern society's overprotection of children...

"A learning experience is one of those things that says, 'You know that thing you just did? Don't do that." Douglas Adams

Pirate boy. One of my favorite people in the world in the 3rd grade had giant thick glasses and was a bit awkward. His name was Lowell. He was the nicest guy in the universe. I think he would have taken a bullet for me, although back in the day the only thing I should have feared was a line drive his brother Sid hit that nailed me right in the belly and completely knocked the wind outta me. This trend held. I discovered some of the most amazing people that I have ever called had the privilege of calling friends, never limited themselves to appearances. They were kind enough to reciprocate.

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