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August 31, 2007


This guy might just be one of those drivers who have a wide stance.

(Also thanks to Justin Barber)


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Petroleum jelly? Ewwwwww.

Hum, EXACTLY at the 1.47 mile marker you say!? I seem to recall something simular happening at the 1.48 mile marker.

... couldn't be something about that part of the road, could it?

And if he wasn't pulled (hee hee) over, how could he have been "indecent(ly) exposure(d)"? What really were the policeman's motives????

Ditto that. He should have used WD-40.

How can you grab your shifter when you have petrolium jelly all over your hands? Wait, I mean.. nevermind.. He should have used a blow up doll, then he could drive in the car pool lane.

And that is a different Sean. Really.

When asked why he was traveling like that, McCormick said he felt comfortable driving in the nude and was on his way to Ohio to visit his mother.


me thinks this guy has serious mommy issues...


And here I thought it was just me.

Oh, suddenly it's a CRIME to be naked on the Indiana Toll Road with petroleum jelly on your hand? Well then you might as well lock me up and send me to Siberia, because I please guilty.

Or "plead" guilty. Whatever.

*Scott pleads with a smile on his face*

Siouxie, I was hearing the "Psycho" music when I read this. You know, the "tZEEE! tZEEE! tZEEE!" stuff? I'll bet the arresting officer heard it too.

"because I please guilty."

Scott, Dr. Freud would like to have a word with you. As soon as he gets off the Indiana Turnpike.

BINGO! pad...exactly what I thought.

*takes petroleum jelly away from Scott*

slippery tongue too, eh??

Well, technically, he wasn't "masturbating on the Indiana Toll Road" he was on the Indiana Toll Road while masturbating. That's a big distinction. He should be able to off. Har!

*throws a "get" to Boo*

I dunno about anyone else, but when I'm driving along, happily masturbating, I generally stop when I see the blue lights behind me. Just sayin'.

Layzee?? Stop the car or stop masturbating?

I think it makes a difference.

LOL, Siouxie, you're right, it would make a difference.

Okay, this is eerily like the guy in "Striptease", played by Burt Reynolds. eeeewwwwwww.

Well, technically, he wasn't "masturbating on the Indiana Toll Road" he was on the Indiana Toll Road while masturbating.

Not necessarily, Boo. We don't know that because the cops didn't let him (uh) finish.


When I sent this story to my brother he asked:

"Was there a picture of mom on the dashboard?"


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