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August 31, 2007


For once, we find ourselves rooting for a squirrel.

(Thanks to Geoff)


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Well at least the Yankees have an excuse now when they blow it again.

*starts setting squirrel traps and inquiring about bulk rates for mailing squirrels to New York*

YAY for the squirrel!!!!!

(sorry, El and Annie)

I saw this guy during the game. Since he's appeared, our illustrious Yankees have swept the Sox and taken over the wild card lead. Go, Rally Squirrel!

It's just a squirrel.

Sorry, Sioux, about sweeping your team. Maybe next time....*snicker*

and you're just an Edgar.

Ahh Annie...I knew this would bring you out!

*would tell Annie what to do with her broom but I am, like her, a lady.*

If you believe a squirrel is bad luck, it most certainly will be.

pssssst...I may yet become a Spankees fan if I marry Paul but shhhh don't tell SK!

tsk, tsk, tsk, Siouxie!

I'm very disappointed in you, specially after that picture of Paul (the cute one) that I sent you this morning....

No more treats for you. ;)

I have a hard time believing McCartney even gets the game of baseball, being from cricketland and all. Plus Alec Baldwin was sitting near him and he's MUCH cuter.
btw - Bethie has a good point - viva el squirrel - he's good luck for the Yankees. And he's much more distinguished than that Angels rally monkey.

awww El!!

Read up^ ...Paul *the cute one* McBeatle would definitely change my team preference.

Siouxie....your baseball team is supposed to be for EVER. I mean, this is Serious Stuff. We're talking mantras from squirrels and brooms on those bosox. These are a few of my favorite things...

hmmm should I start vegetarianism now???

"and as the world grew colder and dragons put on red socks for the winter, George the Stone Burner grew vexed, for squirrels infested his foul pole (though Tim the carver's son insisted it was a 'fair pole') and bats were in his belfry, and it seemed as though he would not be Odin's favorite this year, and though he was well-stocked with A-Rods and Derricks and any number of phallicly related names, he would still fall short..."

*snork* @ Insom...even though it's obvious he has Yankee envy.

Siouxie - beware McCartney - he left his last wife without a leg to stand on.


And #1 is dead.



Paul was sitting with Lorne Michaels, who has definitely put on a few stone (NTTAWWT), while the McBeatle has been hitting the Just for Men rather heavily, it seems.

Anyway, if the squirrel was a bad omen, it was for the Sox, who came close to being no-hit TWO DAYS IN A ROW.


Hmmm, I kinda get the feeling that Dave doesn't like the Yankees.

Cheryl - he only does that to amuse us. He's funny that way. Heh-heh.

Jeff, perhaps the hair is a teeny bit off, but Paul has very nice teeth.

Memo to Jeff: do you think that just for once in your life you could NOT make negative remarks about people??? Are you so perfect that you have a sense of entitlement to trash others who don't meet your standards of perfection???

And throwing in the muy "NTTAWWT" doesn't make it any better, IMO.

*zips out*

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