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August 30, 2007


The answer is yes.

(Thanks to Mark Newsom)


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But the question is - WHY?


"Mini-goats keep falling on the ground..."

Nah, doesn't quite work.

"She-goat keeps fallin' on her head,
But that doesn't mean that ewe will soon be goin' dead!
Lyin's not for she...goats."

Wow - we can bring our goats (refrains from making lame joke about kids) but not our dogs.

Give it up for "The Fainting Goats"

also, stiff goat = euphemism??

Ok...the boys have passed the first test - they washed my car! Now we're heading out to get bikes!!


Punkin?? how old are they??

Well DUH....of course stiff goats would have a higher rate of reproduction....

Oh wow, and Exile! " I wanna kiss you all ovah.. and ovah again.."

Wow. I've actually seen Jerry Corbetta with Sugarloaf, and I knew a guy who knew Pinera in a band called Capt Forever or something weird like that.

I run into John Anderson and his family every now and then at Outback. Relevant? Maybe, maybe not.

John Anderson?
Little Charlotte she's as pretty as the angels when they sang

I can't believe it started on the front porch in the swang

Yes, we was swangin'.

This Fainting Goat shindig has some big headliners. It's almost like it's Mule Day or something.

My first week of living in NY, I went to The Bitter End to see Robert Klein, whose "Child of the 50s" comedy album was brand new, and BJ Thomas, who was not (yes, I'm that old). Thomas gave a good show and griped onstage about how he'd recorded "Raindrops" with a headcold and/or sinus condition, but once it got famous nobody wanted to hear him the way he really sounded. Guess he was right. Wonder how the goats feel about it all.

15,000 attended the "Fainting Goat Festival" in 2006.
There would have been more but the "Paint Drying Festival" cause part of the crowd to peal away.

no dogs??? well, i'm not going. as for the unfortunately named BJ Thomas, I've got a feeling that this is the best gig he's had for years.

This is just an 'old thread' test post of my new laptop. I want to see how the Bot behaves, running IE 7.


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