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August 03, 2007


Idaho is a popular vacation spot for Floridians.



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I want that flamingo!!!!!!

I see you like to vacation dangerously, there, Dave, standing between a bird that size and a large fish.

Ooh! Dave wore a pastel blue shirt to compliment the pastel pink flamingo!

How gay.


Geez. Me, too!

Probably not first anymore
dang you cell phone

DD - You're gay too???

Punkin, my thoughts exactly!

How Miami Vice!

Siouxie - YOU think DD's gay, too???

Well, the hat is certainly gay (NTTAWWT).

Oh...the shirt...nevermind.

does that flamingo have giant pink lips?!?!

Looks like that bird is doing the mating dance of love!

NO, I just want that flamingo!!! *SNORK*

Well, it IS a lady flamingo, DD.

Looks like Dave has had more than one...six pack that is. He's atilt.

Hm. So it is. OK, I'll go gay for the flamingo, but NO ONE ELSE!!

Shhh, no one tell Dave. But there is a giant fish right over his head!

ok, Cheryl...but I think the flamingo's eyein' it.

Could get ugly.

Q: What do the King Salmon, the Pink Flamingo, and the Blog have in common?

A: They all appear to be stuffed!

Figures CJ'd know what kinda fish it is.


I'll have some of what Dave had!

So if this shot was taken after the teddy bear pose then what happened to Dave's sunburned face and if it was taken before then why was it posted after the teddy bear?

Gotta know.

OK, so I am still alive an' missin' all you guys!

I imagine that when my friend Pat hears about this, he'll be packin' up for Ideeho too!


I've missed you out here!!!!!!!!!

And I think I like your friend Pat. I have a thing for flamingos. Just ask Punkin.

*runs and jumps over flamingo*

*knocks Wyo over*



how ya been???


Enthusiastic little lady, ain't she? Must be that hot Cuban blood. ;-)

First we had "Alive & Kickin'" now we have "Alive & Missin'"

ya cowdudes are sure original...just sayin'

Been good, thanks. supposed to be fishin' in the high country this weekend, but on the way up to the trail-head I lost my transmission. had to bum a ride back to town to get another rig, and had a few minutes to check in on y'all. anybody got a spare Dodge 5-speed manual layin' 'round?

I'm just glad (and a little freaked) to learn there really is an Idaho. I always kind of figured that was one of the states they just made up to make it an even 50.

I"ve never known anyone from Idaho or anyone who has ever actually been there until now....

Next thing you know, you'll be telling me there really is a Kazakhstan. LOL! Yeah, right, like that is gonna happen....

yeah, I carry those around all the time.

Manuel, right? ;-P

I'm starting to be concerned for Dave. I think he's been in Idaho too long. He needs to be in Miami traffic.


A stuffed animal fetish is not a good thing, IMO. ;)

Wyo, I've been tryin' to talk you into buyin' a Ford for awhile.

Diva, how big is your house? I am demolishing a former gay (NTTIAWWT) resort that has a sign out front with flamingos on it. My place is already so full of silly stuff I can't possibly bring it home....

REALLY?!?! I have collected flamingos forever. LOVE them. How big is the sign? I might just take it anyway....

Ooh. And if it's too big to ship, you can leave it at my mom's in Hudson. I'll come get it one of these days. :-)

geez, nearly keeel myself to say HI to Wyo and...

*POOF* he's gone.


Wyo - soooo sorry to hear about your tranny. Ugh. ((((Wyo)))) Hope it works out quickly. Those fish need thinning, I'm sure.

El - maybe SOPHIE's the one with the fetish and he's just humoring her whims like a good daddy. (Though she's not credited for taking these photos.)

A gay (nttawwt) resort with flamingo decor??

Crazy Floridians!

blurk! (I'm still here, Sioux!) thought you might appreciate this Fishin' shot from a couple weeks back.

hehe...so sowwry.

How COOL is that??? So when's "Casa de Wyo" ready for visitors???

But what about the children?

"Casa de Wyo" is ready. turlet flushes an' the shower showers. The AC works too. can't git much better'n that! Can I book you a reservation?

Well, quittin' time! Great to see ya Wyo! keep in touch ;-)

Ya'll have a great weekend. I'll be driving up to Sarasota mañana and be back on Sun.

*snif* *snif* - driving daughter back to college.

*may take the laptop to keep up with Annie*

Mahatma, that's just downright cruel.

Wooo hooo! turlet & shower! if you throw in a horse (for riding) or a cute cowbow (for riding)I'm SO there!

Sio, the flamingos aren't the half of it. Here's a relatively tame image. I really can't post some of the more shocking stuff.

Diva, the sign is probably @ 4X7 feet.

you could prob'ly git both rides. All you've gotta do is pick a date. (both meanings apply.)

ohhhh Wyoming may never be the same!! LOL

I'll see yassssssssssss!! smooch!

*flaps in, feathers flying*


Trust Dave to find a flamingo in IDAHO.

Wyo: right about that. I was amazed at how many flamingo costumes (hats, etc.) there are on ebay. Mebbee it's a Jimmy Buffett thing or sumpin'

looks like I picked a good day to crash in on the blog.

Ducky, aren't flamingos indig.. ummm. don't they live in all 50 states? Every trailer court in Wyoming's got some of 'em.

Siouxie - have a safe trip, and try not to cry too loudly. :-) Hope it's an easy parting. I always hated leaving my mom.

MKJ - That is one flamingo item I would not subject anyone to. But even so...it's SOOOOOO funny it's cute!

Miami Vice? Nah! It's "Law & Order: Fish 'n' Game Unit."

Wyo, now THAT'S fishin'!!

Y'all need to get together with Arctic Al, Wyo. He's goin' fishin' for a while with the fam next week.

Lairbo - that's Law & Order: FGU? ;-)

blurk, another feller (who's film isn't back yet) dragged in a 1 1/2 pound cutthroat with his heelin' horse. I'll fwd the pix when I get it. way fun.

That's a nice cutty. And I have to admit I've never fished from the saddle.
Now I gotta try it.

*waves at blurk* So sorry about your, um, accident. Guess you won't be doing any two-steppin' for a while.

There was a big bruhaha in Austin a couple of years back about a garden center located on a corner in an upscale neighborhood. The neighbors were irate because the store owner had sprinkled the whole corner with a flock o' bright pink flamingos. The rich folk were upset.

Ooh! LOVE it, CJ. Need. sign. please. :) It might end up outside my house, but you said it was outside there, right? But, um....what does it say? (Just need to check it out, considering where it's been....)

WYO! That's so great! ROAD TRIP!!

Hi Wyo! Hi all!

Just poppin' in to say Hi.

So I did.



So, um, well....BYE!

Catch y'all probably on Monday!

Shoot, Ducky...that's what cowboy up's all about.

Have a good weekend, Punkin!

Thanks, DD!

'Sposed to be sunny and warm, so we'll probably plunk our gear at the beach. Not many pools up here....summer being only 11 days long and all. (And those days aren't consecutive)

Hope everyone gets to chill!

Bye, Punkin! Have fun!

Wow, a blurkie sammich, between Punkin and Diva. Bet that foot doesn't hurt a bit now.

Hi, Punkin!

blurk, "accident?" (It don't pay to be absent, ya miss all the interestin' news!

*sheepishly adds ")" to above post.*

Wyo - dirt bike, gravel pit, jumps, broken foot. 'Nuff said.

OK..here for a bit, since my daughter is NOT yet ready to be taken to work.


Punkin, make sure you have enough sunscreen for the girls ;-)

Ducky, blurk was two-steppin' & tripped. Now he one-steps. pretty funny too.

*hides behind Annie*

I'd say, "stick to horses" but we get just as busted up with them too. If you never get busted up, you ain't livin'.

been a while since Sioux was in a cowboy sammich.

*hands the cuban a cigar*

*looks at various scars on legs*

Yep. I'm livin'.

Yeah, but there's Cowboy Up, and there's our very own Cowboy Oops.

Wyoooo....'sup? Sorry about your Dodge. At least it made it further than a Ford ever could. I just sold my V-10 last year or I'd help you out with the manual. Maybe you can find it online?

been a while since Sioux was in a cowboy sammich.

*hands the cuban a cigar*

Posted by: Wyo Cowboy | 05:05 PM on August 3, 2007

You sure about that, Wyo? TCK's been around recently, you know. ;-)

leave it to diva to be keepin' count.

It's a good thing the lady that owns the ranch is an orthopedic surgeon or this could get expensive.

Couple of months back I ruptured my achilles tendon (same foot-go figure) and she examined me in her kitchen when we came in for lunch. After she had a look see, I was just gonna cowboy up and go back to work and she said, "Not on this ranch, you're not." Them docs can be a pain sometimes.

*puff* *puff*

Thanks for the ceegar and the sammich, Wyo! much enjoyed it!

Good thing for you, blurk! I hope it heals quickly.

I'll send ya a pic, Diva, when I go check on it tomorrow. The place is a treasure trove, but I'm trying to be very selective about what I drag home. Unlike my social life!

howdy, CJ. how's Rosie comin' along?

Ahem...Miss Annie, what are you drivin' now?
Oh wait...I remember now. It sure ain't a Dodge. ;p

Well, I believe we are now ready.

tatas, everyone!

Diva, or heels quickly.

ok..now THAT was a cowboy simul!

thankee boys....

Bazoomages to you, too, Sioux.
Have a safe trip.

Bye, Sioux! Heels down and keep to the right.

Uh oh, CJ! ;-) You're BAD boy, aren'tcha?

So, Annie, does that mean she has to make three rights to go left?

Well she ain't taking driving lessons from YOU, bikey-booboo-boy.

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And remember, the Navy has a tradition of helping their own.

could someone translate that last post to braille please.

cg - ok, I'll admit to thinking that same thought myself. Closed-captioned for the blonde. Or sumpthin'.

Q: What do the King Salmon, the Pink Flamingo, and the Blog have in common?

A: They all appear to be stuffed!
A: Two out of three appear to have been mounted recently.

So, Wyo ... usin' a horse fer a 1.5# fish? Oh ... you said he's a HEELER ... that explains a lot ...

Perty steady hoss ya got there, to fish offa ... merely ... envious ...

May hafta contact y'all in case a side trip to yer Zip code is possible in Sept. after the elk huntin' ... merely hopin' ... (it's closer to our route than goin' up to see blurk, sorry to say that, blurk ...)

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