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August 29, 2007


Who cares, dude?

(Thanks to John Grant)


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Wild plants? Lucky inmates.

Prison menu:
Monday - brownies
Tuesday - brownies
Wednesday - brownies
Thursday - brownies
Friday - brownies
Saturday - brownies
Sunday - chips

That's WILD!

wow. cool looking bars. far out. [or in]

Prisoners reported them to the guards.

And I thought having relations with seafood was a weird cultural difference.

Finally...a joint that lives up to the name.

Exercize time is over when you hear the bong.

The plants grow all over the place in Japan. I was stationed on Honshu (the next island south of Hokkaido) and we had airmen arrested all the time for picking the plants from the side of the road and bringing them home.

Wouldn't want to be one of the prisoners who reported it when the lights go out.

"Apparently, somebody knew how to tell marijuana from other plants."

I'm having a hard time believing that anyone serving time in a prison would be able to identify marijuana plants.

Hammond, t grows all over southern Indiana also. It was actually planted by the govt for making rope during WWII. We were cut off from our supplies of hemp in the Pacific.

i went to high school with a guy who's car was so filthy that the seeds would sprout and grown on the floorboards.

Burning Japanese
I think I'm burning Japanese
I really think so

(STFUAGBTW CJ: ok....)

pssst, cj, you gots an extra syllable in there.

When I lived in Pasadena, my ex's friend Tony used to grow his own from seeds he got from a Japanese dude. He called it, appropriately enough, "Asian sh1t". Great stuff - so I heard.

I did not inhale.

RIP Richard Jewel.

ex24 - Mrs. fivver and I almost lived in that park during the Olympics and were there until about an hour before the bomb went off. It was an experience I don't think we'll ever have again. People from all over the world hanging out in the warm Georgia night, listening to music, watching kids play in the fountain and just chatting. There is a special place in hell for the person who visited that place with fire and death. But while the professionals who were supposed to protect us ran for their lives, that minimum wage rent-a-cop stuck to his post and saved a bunch of lives. God bless him.

Prisoners reported them to the guards.

"Apparently, somebody knew how to tell marijuana from other plants," Okamura said.

First statement: Shocking.
Second statement: Not so much.

Amen Fivver

I loved watching those Olympics on TV - I was awake when the bombing happened. It was so weird to be watching that unfold in real time.

Get Well Soon my favorite DeskDiva.

Jeez, Punkin, get a room!

Awwww, Recov, thanks!!

Diva, it was an incredible time. While the mayor turned the city into a third world flea market (he's in jail now on unrelated charges) the Atlanta Olympics had more contries competing and sold waaaay more tickets than any Olympics before or after.

Hope you get well soon!

*serrupticiously Lysols the blog*


Thanks, fiv. :-) I'd throw you a smooch, but I wouldn't wanna get you sick.

CJ, now that's just SICK.

Yeah... but it made you smile, didn't it Sneezy?

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