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August 27, 2007



Why are these people so happy?
The Herald Hunt is coming.¹
Be here or drink beer.
(Which, we should note, also makes these people happy.)

¹(It was way more fun to say this when it was the Tropic Hunt).


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Okay, who spread the flour on the floor . . .

Why was it mo . .

. . . never mind

Not sure what to make of some of the images in this GIS

**chirp**chirp**chirp** . . .

MKJ - that about sums it up...kinda like Life magazine - the Beer in Pictures.

Sooo, does we haveta call Andy 'The Herald Hunt Guy' now? I REFUSE!!! (creeping fascism!)


fraid i cant be there....

guess that means i'll hafta drink beer :)

Havana be in pictures!

I saw that suitcase and the bullfighter in the picture on a Three Stooges flick. Joe besser later did a remake of 'The matador' skit. Goodbye.

What's the Matador. That's a picture from right to left, Curly, FeFe and her husband, the Bull Fight promoter. That's Curly's suitcase the bullfighter has in his hand. It's great Dave does stuff like this.

I still, and shall always, refer to it as the Tropic Hunt.

That looks like an ad for an upcoming sitcom set in, of course, Miami!

Would it be wrong of me to note that the Hunt Roman numeral clock is either incorrect, or set to Central Daylight Time?

JD - the Tropic Hunt Club does not observe daylight savings. To them, only the nighttime hours are worth saving.

Interestingly, Ducky... yes and no. For me, it's Eastern Daylight, but special Eastern Daylight. When my laptop is mad at me, I have to fight through some hiccups. So today, those hiccups took me 12-minutes of workarounds, during which the internal clock on this PC sat around, tapping a toe. The only place the Hunt Clock could get the numbers it's displaying to me are off of my PC!

Thanks, Annie & CJ, for enlightening me. I think the Hunt needs a theme song, don't you?

Bah-bah-bah-bah, bah-bah-bah-bah
Bah-bah-bah-bah. bah-bah-bah-bah, at the Hunt!

Well, you can walk it you can run it
You can’t stop once you’ve begun it at the Hunt
When your head will start spinnin’
You solve puzzles and you’re winnin' at the Hunt
Do the game sensation that is sweepin’ the nation at the Hunt

Oh, let’s go to the Hunt
Let’s go to the Hunt (oh, baby)
Let’s go to the Hunt (oh, baby)
Let’s go to the Hunt
Come on, let’s go to the Hunt

Well, you can ponder, you can wander
You can find hints over yonder at the Hunt
Where Dave Barry is the smoothest
And the entrants can be ruthless at the Hunt
All the clues concealed will be revealed at the Hunt
Let’s go!

Let’s go to the Hunt
Let’s go to the Hunt (oh, baby)
Let’s go to the Hunt (oh, baby)
Let’s go to the Hunt
Come on, let’s go to the Hunt
Let’s go!

Bah-bah-bah-bah, bah-bah-bah-bah
Bah-bah-bah-bah. bah-bah-bah-bah, at the Hunt!

No. I'm the "tropichunt.com guy™". Why? Well, that's my website.

Now, technically, you CAN'T call me "heraldhunt.com guy™" because I don't own/run that site. While that would be nice, I'll leave that to the Herald. However, you can call me "huntfreak guy™", "andy™" or just "freak™"...but that's up to you. Just make sure you leave the ™ in there.

For me, I will call it the Herald Hunt. I would like to call it the Tropic Hunt, but I want to keep the Herald interested in keeping the Hunt going, so I'm happy to go along with it. LONG LIVE THE HUNT!

JD: GREAT! Can we get someone to record that?! That would be fantastic. Maybe the Rock Bottom Remainders, eh, Dave? (*hint hint*)

Hey, someone complainin' about the Hunt Clock? I'll go check it out.

On that note, any web designers out there...? I would really like to revamp the site, and I am NOT a web designer (read: you can not call me "web designer guy™"), and I'd really like to bring some nice style to the site, as well as make it more compatible with mobile devices (Blackberrys and such). Please...contact me!

I'm planning on being there! Anyone else going?

I wanna hunt!

Any teams looking for a fourth?

Oh man.... I miss the Hunt. :-\

The Hunt Clock seems to be correct; it's 8:50pm now, and it reads VIII:L...so what's the problem?

THG.... It's I before V except after C...

....wait...maybe that's something else...

(It posts what's on the "viewer's" machine. JD just thought it was weird for it to be on Central. I see no problem with it, except if I look at it, it's 12 minutes slow, because I'm slow)

I'm gonna be there, but I'm in charge of cooking and beer sampling. Unless there are a bunch of food vendors, I would even consider hauling a grill downtown for munchies breaks. Besides, with my cooking, you never know how things will turn out so it's a puzzle unto itself!

punkin, i'm always up for a fifth.

Well, I'm available if anybody wants me!

shoving punkin aside and jumping up and down, me too!! me too!!

Punkin...you can join my team. Of course, I don't really plan to travel from Vancouver to Miami to actually participate in the aforesaid(name under protest, apparently) "hunt"....but, in the spirit of "team-building", I'd be happy to provide you with an appropriate "participant ribbon".

NoNoNo...no thanks necessary...well, ok, you're welcome...

Well, since I'm one of the few bloglits from Miami, I'll probably be there. I know Andy will be. Anyone else wanna join in?

ddd, are you in Miami?

Suzy, I'll be there but working/volunteering, not playing. Med is flying down and staying at my house for the weekend. I believe she will also be helping out and not playing. Casey may or may not come down - depending on how her back feels. (we're in touch). I know Cheryl was thinking about it. DDD too, but know that's settled.

Punkin, I didn't know you wanted to come down. Can ya?

Can't you call a friend, someone who can't physically be at the Hunt(weeny TM thingy &trade)? You could get some big phone company to sponsor that part. That way a bunch of us non-3rd worlders could play win.

And YES, CJ will be our boy toy cook/cabana boy.

Did someone say Miyami? I can't wait. Blogaritas, my blog pals, and a LOT of sunscreen.

Note to self: Go directly to Targay and stock up on 60 spf.

Just remember, y'all are competing against ME! MOOHAHA!

(I don't stand a chance...)

Suzy Q- I'm in Atlanta, but was so torn up about not being in NYC for the RBRs that I told Mr. ddd that we were going to Myami. I have already juggled my schedule so that I can go that weekend (and to my professional conference in Seattle 2 weeks before that, if I can afford it!)

Gotta figure out where to stay now. No doclings will be there, but Mr. ddd will be in tow. (He doesn't understand this whole blog thing, but bless him, he is a good sport).

WAIT!! Is that Leon Redbone on the right without his shades? If he's gonna be there, I'm in!!!

I'm just gonna sit here and be quietly envious of those who will be attending. No doubt that there'll be a great deal of beer fueled fun comaraderie that I'll miss out on.

Please, for those that are fortunate enough to attend, share your memories with the rest of us.

Judi - was it fun to say "Tropic Hunt" for the same reason that kids always tried to get DJs to dedicate a song to "Mike Hunt"?

(just another dirty mind)

Hmmmm.....I'm thinking this is quite doable...

Watch out Miami!!


If your laptop does that, watch out! It could be arrested at the airport for conspiracy to commit a lewd act...(Like Sen. Larry Craig?)

Of course, we've all wanted to do that to a laptop, more than once, right?


Who nu that tapping the right foot was a sign for "I want bathroom sex"???

What about if you tap the left foot??

oh and YAY!! Punkin's comin!!!

..to Miami!!!

Sooz, better warn the populace to lock up their sons and board up their windows, hurricanes ain't got nothin' on our Punkin.

*zips in*™

ddd, my daughter and my pal CG don't understand the 'blog thing' either, how you can become friends here. But as long as he doesn't do the vampire wooden cross thing to Siouxie, I think you'll be OK. ;)

Mornin' El and Mot!!

Mot, if Punkin ends up coming down and all the gals too, Miami will never be the same!

El, my girls TOTALLY understand the "blog" thing. I've been ch@tting for years and have met so many great people - they're used to it.

Ya know, I thought I got the whole "blog" thing...but vampire Siouxie and wooden crosses?

Just when ya think ya know somebody...

HEY! I'm not a bloodsucker!! (don't ask my ex)

Although "Vampire Siouxie and the Wooden Crosses" wba GREAT name for a punk band.

Okay! Okay! If there's gonna be Vamps, then I'm there!!!!!!

I am SO not hunt-worthy. What is the theme this year????

Punkin, I believe it's luggage. Dave keeps posting pictures of himseld, all decked out carrying ...luggage. Maybe it's the Hunt for missing luggage??

*snork* at siouxies theme.

ty, cg!

of course, I did mean himselF.

*has another shot of Cuban cafe*

Punkin's coming down too? Woot! Don't worry Punkin, if I figure out 2 of those puzzles, I usually am happy and self-congratulatory.

Siouxie, you may be on to something with your Hunt theme. After all, haven't Dave and Mrs. Blog lost their luggage at least 2,038 times this year?

Hi! I'm from the future, 220 to be exact.

Even 17 years later, 2003 still beats 2020!

The Hunt (Or what remains of it...) needs to move to the West Cost for 2121, and become The LA Times Hunt!

I *meant* 2020!

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