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August 29, 2007


None of them will ever work in government again.

(Thanks to crossgirl)


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Well they will get a nice tan in Gitmo.

Yeah, Rove looks like the kind of wacky guy that would just love to shoot the guys who did this.

Yay, cg!!

Ya gotta love a good prank. :)

Hey maybe the same meery pranksters could pour sugar in the gas tank of Air Force 1.

Careful if you do that to Hitlary's car. Remember Ft. Marcy Park.

Holy crap! That's great! And what a resume fluffer, too. I mean, really, you'd have to have some special skills to pull off a prank like this right under the nose of the ever-efficient Department of Homeland Security.


Emily (5) tells me that she has chosen baby names in the event we adopt - for a girl, "Daffodil" and for a boy "SharkBoy".

Too cute.

That is all.

Milky Way in the gas tank?

Hitlary? BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! fivver, that's GREAT!!

Yay, cg!

Rove would actually love this. He's a funny guy, based upon interviews I've read or heard.

Looks like his time at the whitehouse really is just about wrapped up.

Oh those sillies! I hope they weren't having gay sex when they did it!

Yay, cg!

Rove would actually love this. He's a funny guy, based upon interviews I've read or heard.

Posted by: CJrun | 05:27 PM on August 29, 2007

yay me! judging by the fact that the stuffed toys weren't part of the prank but actually put there by rove, himself, on purpose!, i guess he's got some kind of sense of humor.

I saw a picture of the car somewhere online today but now I can't find it.

WTG, cg! :)

Oh, Punkin, that's adorable!! *squeals*

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