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August 24, 2007


Sometimes they get it right.

(Via Gizmodo)


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FIRST to say that's actually pretty cool...

The Fifth Dimension.

awesome photos...the tracker map is pretty cool too

Some people will go to any height...

I guess so, Dave. What a gorgeous picture. Takes your breath away - whoa!

I thought I saw stars, but it was just dust on my monitor.

Speaking of breathtaking, (because it has a lovely shot of Alex Rodriguez,) yet completely offtopic - you can watch Sunday's Yankees/Tigers game FREE on your pc right here.

VERY cool! Reminds me of my daughter's "egg drop" experiments - the way they packaged that camera to make it survive. My daughter's eggs weren't as lucky.

Very cool, indeed!

Brian, we have a tv anchor/reporter here in Miami with your name.

And this is why we put up with our Canadian neighbors: they're practically normal, except for the wearing of sweaters in August! Some duct tape should fix that balloon right up....

I'd rather watch the eggs drop. It had to be more exciting.

that's gorgeous.

ubetcha, it was exciting to watch. Or at least interesting. Most of the eggs never made it so there was this big old mess of cracked eggs all over the place. Did NOT want to be the one cleaning that up!

CJ, my oldest should move to Canada. She wears sweaters year round. REALLY.

judi! my friends and I are planning to get together on Sat. at "Chispas" in the Gables...if you're interested. Don't say I never invite you!!

I'm proud to say that besides being a Canadian, they are also radio amateurs like me! Yay VE6JBJ and crew!

(pssst, Sio... check her arms for tattoos)

susy, i have a party in ft laud (at sublime) so i can't. but thanks! ;)

judi, never been there but heard it was awesome! let me know.

CJ, why do you want me to check judi's arms for tats??That's a bit personal, don't ya think?? ;-P

tat tat tat it up...
rough day at the oriface- nothing a couple of glasses of wine couldn't cure- feeling much better now.


Way to go Canada! A truly amazing feat. Canadians are the Texas equivalent of A&M Aggies. About 75% of the time you just scratch your head and laugh at the silly things they do, but the other 25% is usually pretty special. By the by, HOOK 'EM HORNS!

anywho..I'm done for the night. Sweet dreams to all!

*turns on the lava lamp*

nite, ddd! nite Rick!

Wow- simul docs!

'night siouxie!
*accidently knocks over lamp while trying to turn it off*
Whoops- sorry!

judi, make Rick leave me alone! He's trying to grab my nuts for wearing a Gator shirt!

Doc, leave the poor gator boy alone. Ain't nuthin' down there you haven't already seen.

Hey, Rick - you still around these parts?

CJ - your Gators shirt is not safe with me, either. I got a lotta 'Noles in my circle. ;-)

OT Biological alert/

Sturgeon in battle with US Fish and Wildlife Service.

End OT\

dangit, CJ - I thought a fish was fighting back. Don't do that to me on a Friday night.

Sorry, Annie. Here, let me give you a hand!

Benny Hill = he puts the oxyMoron in British humor. ;p

Chispas? That's where we had the first night of our 30th high school reunion last month. What a blast!

My 20th is coming up next year, Suzy. *sigh* I have no idea if I even plan to go.

What? Is everybody still asleep!?!

No, Scott, the Chinese guy's awake.

*zips in*™

Sheesh! Now I'm hungry for Chinese food.

Pretty awesome picture!

Doesn't it occur to our Chinese spammer that we don't know what the hell he's posting?? At least most of us.

*pork chow mein & fried won tons for me*

Canadian guys definitely got this right! (And I'm glad to see that several women and a Dalmatian were also involved:)


Amateur radio comes through again!

(I'd publish my callsign, but the addresses attached to amateur operators can easily be looked up, and I don't have enough Cheetos to feed y'all if you ended up on my doorstep. Sorry!)

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