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August 18, 2007


There was a time -- this was long ago -- when my friends and I expended a lot of mental energy trying to figure out how to talk other people into getting naked for one reason or another. (OK, there was really just the one reason.) The vast majority of these efforts were unsuccessful. But now it seems as if every time I browse the Internet news, I see a story like this one, about some large group of people who have decided to get naked for or against something, in this case global warming. This argument for stripping down never occurred to me and my friends back in The Day; we didn't have global warming. Or, if we did, we didn't know we did. (Maybe Al Gore did, but we didn't know Al.)

But what I'm wondering is this: If you get naked for a Serious Reason, such as opposing global climate change, are you still allowed to have fun and sneak ganders at the opposing gender (or, if you prefer, the same gender) (not that there is anything wrong with that)? Or does that detract from the effectiveness of the nakedness?


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All those naked men and very convenient ice. Mm-m-m-m, FUN!!!

There's gonna be some global shrinkage, that's for sure!

hmm what was the question again??

After the photo op & everyone started to leave, do ya' think that some of those guys turned & just had to have a contest writin' their names?

Forgive me for this:
I see a lot of vanilla ice.

I apologize, I couldn't resist.

There's one guy that looks like he's already peeing, ec!

And the one with his hands on his hips...(wttawwt)

I see some fugly buttage, but at least it's not Al Gore naked.


Dave, the Serious Reason is a subtle pretense for the gander sneaking. I believe it all started when Caligula organized "rallys" to protest the theory of heliocentricity.

Dave, I think the only rule at these things is: "Look, but don't touch".
Saying things like "Hey there, Hot Mama!" probably wouldn't go over too well either.

a sonnet:

i found my true love atop a swiss glacier
along with a few hundred buck-naked friends
our mindsets ranged from the sane to the spacier
do i need to spell out how this story ends?

she said to me how the earth had a fever
it was overheated like a house that was green
looking at her ,'twas no strain to believe her
though my thoughts didn't stray far from the obscene

in my mind's eye i still see...oh! two ramparts shining
two perfect globes that i longed to warm
though i knew all the world could see i was pining
to ask for a date was considered 'bad form'

no name tags , no paper, no way to keep touch
though our bodies were naked, it didn't help much.

Greenpeace has the frontal version available here, view/magnify at your own risk.


Bravo insom!

DP's frontal shot.

oh WARNING!! it's not pretty, people. (works just as well without the comma)

Dave, it is clearly wrong to look at a naked member of the opposite sex! Sheesh. Do not tell judi I said that, however.

Bethie said "member." Heh.

I think you can look at each other at these ice shows, but never say, "Fa Mi, Rey Mi."

Getting naked is a solemn event, and it bothers me to see it trivialized by these publicity hounds.

As for sneaking a peak, prolly need some eye bleach with that crowd. I'm basically libertarian, but there should be laws against those over 45 allowing themselves to be photographed without any clothes on.

It just ain't right.

*smacks Clay with a 47-year-old hand*

Strip for piece!

*smacks Clay with ANOTHER 47-year old hand*

Siouxie, thanks for the html-in' but I wonder if next time you could have it open in a new window.

I think Dave's question is put to a practical test by the guy located at about 7:45 [lower left side]. It is how cold and he appears to be casting a noticeable shadow? What has he been looking at?

Baby you can bear your breasts
Yes I'm gonna get undressed
Baby you can bear your breasts
Right here at UNESCO

Beep beep mm beep beep yeah!

*smacks Clay with a 47-year-old hand*

Ducks with my cat-like 51 year old reflexes.

Dave, let me answer the question thusly:

The Sneak Ganders WBAGNFARB.

Uh, what was the question again?

"Greenpeace says the human body is as vulnerable as glaciers like the Aletsch in southern Switzerland - which is shrinking by more than 100 metres a year - and the world's environment."

Yeah, standin' out there starkers on the glacier, I'd shrink by more than 100 metres a year, too!

you could look at it this way: You'd be less likely to meet ladies of the female gender who were indisposed due to ummm, monthly issues.

And Clay, consider yourself smacked again

Frozen tundra chills my thighs
Kindly please avert your eyes
Standing in the slush that's two foot deep
And now my thing is half asleep...

No, Dave, you may not.

I don't consider this tactic to be very useful. It is just to get attention.

The people interested in saving glaciers are going to look whether there are naked people or not.

The people looking for naked people are going "Look at them, their naked! Oh, yuck, nevermind. What was that about anyway."

Then there are people like me who go "Those Greenpeace people are idiots."

This does aim at a very specific social group. You probably won't see any demonstrations called "Stripping For Abstinence" or "Naked People for Mitt Romney"

I notice the aren't actually stand ON the glacier.

They have an incense that goes with that . . .


Yes to the first question, no to the second. Nakedness is always effective.

And you can use pictures of naked women to sell just about anything . . .
Where? Why, on ebay of course!

My god, those look so real!

I say we all get together and get naked for Dave. I think that may have been what he was hinting at.

And how come topless beaches are okay most places 'ceptin' here in the US? Just wonderin' is all . . .
(Yeah, I know, half of people do get to go topless . . . )

*giggles at Clay's "cat-like" reflexes* hahaha

Dave, I think Lewis Grizzard had it right. Naked means you aren't wearing clothes while nekkid means you aren't wearing clothes and you're up to something.

Grammaw is so glad that everybody is doing something worthwhile with all the time we saved with our labor-saving devices...

...but what I really wish is that these gomers would put their clothes back on and git home cuz they look awful.

I mean my garsh, in grammaw's gittin' nakid days at least we had Crosby, Stills, Nash and Santana to take our minds off how ugly everybody looked.

In the mid-50's we moved to Alberta, Canada. I recall that there was this religious sect called the Dukobors, who as I seem to recall were of Russian ethnic origin, Christian, and belonged to this far-out fundamentalist sect. They wore this strange clothing, from Russia from the old days, were farmers, did not believe in sending their kids to school. So the Canadian Government would take the kids away each fall, put them in boarding school. To protest, the Dukobors would march naked through the streets. They were middle-aged looking, fat, not a pretty sight. Since I left Canada, have forgotten about them. I wonder if they are still stripping?

Now, wouldn't having all those hot (thermally, not that other kind of hot) bodies cause the glacier to melt faster? If they wore boots that would at least keep some of the heat away from the glacier.

Let's just face it:

Greenpeace melts glaciers.

I do recall attempts to get a "F**k for Peace" movement going, but not even hippie chicks fell for it.

Streaking worked pretty good, though. There were some brief but memorable* sightings.

* In a good way, believe it or not.

padraig, I went to college in a fairly small town, during the streaking craze. The townsfolk would bring their lawn chairs and coolers, and set up along the sidewalks, waiting for the show to begin. The most memorable moment that I recall was one poor young man who wiped out taking a turn too fast and skidded along the pavement. Although he was up and running again quickly, you KNOW he had a severe case of road rash to contend with later, after he sobered up.

The crowd did give him a good round of applause.

Lee the Dukohbors are slowly dying out. They are mainly in the back woods of BC now. Every few years you hear about one of them getting arrested and protesting by taking off their clothes in court. The government doesn't send the kids away to boarding school any more so I guess that they don't have as much to protest about any more.

JD, I went to college in Sarasota and the school pool was clothing optional. There was a major telephone switch by it and Bell South technicians from all over central Fla would drop by. We had the best phone service...

LOL fivver! One ringy-dingy...

So, did you opt for a bathing suit or birthday suit?

I can think of lots of good reasons to get naked, but I assure not one - not one - has anything to do with Al Gore.

Ducky, I must have been a few years later, after streaking was passe. We did a lot of other stuff, including ice cream, beer, and renting roller skates.

We found a brand new (oooooo, smoooooth) empty parking lot, built on a slanty hill. We could get go really fast then had yo corner like h3ll. Except that one time, when I didn't make it. Given that I was wearing flimsy short... TaDah! I was STREAKING! Plus had butt cheeks that resembled hamburger....

CJ, Owwwww! Bet you didn't sit down comfortably for awhile after that.

*winces in sympathy*

Uh,uhh. Laid on my belly in my dorm room and had my roomie pour on hydrogen peroxide for a couple of days.

I have been reluctant to participate in public displays of nudity ever since!

It only detracts if you get caught.

Several of the bloggettes have taken umbrage at my post WRT the upper age limit to getting naked.

I stand by my previous remarks. Ya'll wanna come over and get naked to change my opinion, that's certainly an option.

Anybody remember this old kiddie song?

Kooky people strip, all their bums to see
Very scary folks, they’re out of their tree
Daft, kooky people; daft, kooky people
Hey, watch where you pee

Kooky people stand on the ice and freeze
Shrinking dangly bits in the chilly breeze
Stop, kooky people; stop, kooky people
You’ll catch some disease

Kooky people flit here and there with ease
Chasing after Gore’s global controversies
Stop, kooky people; stop, kooky people
Put your clothes on, please!

Al (& pad' ...) ... I'm rememberin' about the Dukhobors back when we'd listen to the Winnipeg radio stations ('cuz they had better playlists than the USA stations) and of course we'd hear the news ... seems to me as if there wuz a group/colony of 'em in Manitoba and/or Saskatchewan ... even had a political presence? I'm very vague on this, but "Sons of Freedom-Dukhobors" is how I recall hearin' it said ... merely wonderin' ... of course this bein' back in the days of ancient history, a lot has changed since then, includin' my capacity for rememberin' stuff ...

and ...

as to Clay's "upper limit" ... I recall (more effectively, as well) when Vicky LaMotta posed for a Playboy feature ... I'm thinkin' she wuz ... about 51? ... definitely not an ugly person of age ... merely rememberin' ... and suggestin' that the viewing pleasure of some nakedness might be appropriately judged by appearance, rather than actual chronology ...

CJ: ouch.

But Public Displays of Nudity WBAGNFARB.

One photo of Vicky (Vicki?) is ... not nude, but may have been in the Playboy pictorial ... merely ... trineta help ...

(fourth row down, left photo)

Well, I kinda messed up that link, but it werks ... sorry, My Bad ...

thanks, O. Now I don't have to link my nudie pics... ;)

I did public nudity once. Ok, I was in my car on Surfside beach in a car in February with my soon-to-be 1st wife *her first visit to meet my parents and we weren't going to be able to fulfill our "needs" at the house*. She's naked by the time I park so I shed my clothes and just as she lowers her seat back I see an old 70 model 4-door coming toward us. It proceeds to park right next to my car and out pops 3 little chubby kids and their white trash mama complete with lawn chairs and ice chest as they get out. I immediately start the car and drive out of site of them. We start to re-initiate the launch sequence and I hear a car coming up on us. It's the SAME DAMN CAR! Apparently she felt safer with her kids around young people procreating. Needless to say, I didn't get anything that weekend since the girlfriend was too pissed.

wouldnt the fact that they're on the actual glacier cause it to melt faster because of the massive influx of body heat added to ice?

Dr. Rick, what a sad story, but yet she married you anyway. It still doesn't top my getting caught by a cop while parking naked with a married firefighter, all of us in our 40s, and we had to watch him laugh until he peed himself because we all went to school together and he was my high school sweetheart. I never go to my hometown anymore.

Dang ubetcha! You win. And I don't blame you for never wanting to go home again. Ironically, thats how I felt after a year of being married to my 1st wife.

Important rule: once the pubes turn grey, keep your clothes on.

Got it in one, Jazzzz! *SNORK!*

And nobody - NOBODY = mentioned that in the full frontal shot, there's a guy on the bottom left CLEARLY looking straight at the boobs of the chick on his left. Answers that question, don't it, Dave?

Another 'attention-getting' movement that distracts from their intended message of doom. Cept for shining bodies on ice, not too bright.

Why I Never Want to Be a Celebrity

Pubes turn gray??????

Is it just me or do they all seem to be sucking thier 'cheeks' in to look slimmer for the camera?

Laura, I think the cheek clenching is 'cause it's COLD!

Hey Ducky. Just got back from a concert. To answer you question from waaaay above, it was usually a suit in the day and not at night.

Thanks, fivver. Inquiring ducks, you know. Hope you enjoyed the concert!

Ah, college...


Fiv - I hope the concert was great.

Ducky - how's the water damage from Dean? Any effects yet?

Hi Diva!

We had Tropical Storm Erin hit Texas, and it was pretty mild. Our main lake is still rising, though, from flooding west of here. The boaters and swimmers will have to be very careful. We'll see if they open any floodgates.

We have to wait and see what Dean does, if it actually comes our way. What about your friend that was headed that direction?

Unfortunately, I have to flap off to bed. Church in the morning!

Diva, I'm still praying for your friend's safety.

Nighty-night! Sweet dreams!

mm ... I sent a message to BSJ so she can delete my link to the Vicky photo ... so that you can post your nudies ...

Merely trineta help ...

To answer your question, Dave: It's a moot point. This is because 99.99% of the fanatical leftist morons people that go around getting naked in order to bring attention to falsely-perceived "problems" or "issues" are exactly the type of people who should NEVER, EVER, EVER appear naked in public. Or even in private.

Sorry to come back so late, Ducky. I haven't heard if my friend made landfall in Domenica or not. Something wasn't right with my cell phone, so I couldn't call her.

I'll keep praying for TX, too. (And thanks for the correction: Dean = Erin.)

I saw the pictures and saw the video, and even though it's kinda cool that they are all naked, it's also sad because they don't seem to realize they are all idiots. Maybe it's just me, but I feel a little guilt laughing at idiots who don;t know they are moon howlers.

puts clothes back on.

I think of it like this.
Looking at the other gender (or the same gender NTTAWWT) at a nudist outing is like eating a salad or burger when you're hungry.
It's the thing to do.

As for the debauchery, well, i'll leave that to personal preference.

Me, i prefer to "Debauch" any willing (female) participants.

Thank you.

I posed for a Spencer Tunick!!!! In the snow. What's with that guy?

I once got naked to save the whales....I was immediately rolled back out to sea.

*snork* @ Punkin!

I humped for whales once...or was it Wales?

Lol, wavey.

Dave, I'd say the answers depend on the protesters. Take, for a totally random example, Pam Anderson's PETA shoot. 'Nuff said.

Oh, and Pam recently turned 40. Just thought I'd toss that out there.

Pam may have turned 40, but her breasts are a lot younger.

It also looks like it could double for the "crossing the road naked scene" from land of the giants, when they make that into a movie.

Lucy Davis from the British version of The office is posing nude to protest the bear skin used for the Queen's guards.

Now, here's the problem.

If PETA gets people to treat animals the way they want them to be treated then they will stop going naked.

That doesn't make sense. They should threaten to stay clothed until they get their way and promise some big naked parade if people are nice to the critters.

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