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August 30, 2007


In Other Cow News: Houston, we have a moo.


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"Eat more Chikin"

Where's the link so that every one can waste time watch the herd real-time?

guernsey positioning system?

This is exciting cow news for sure.

GPS? Doesn't anyone read anymore? I already addressed these questions in The Cow.

*looks to see optional cow stomachs in upcoming Hybrid cars - imagines the auto dealers pitch*

Science made better by moo!

... and in Internet news! Google.cow has announced galatic "zoom-in" capabilities for it's "Bovine Tracking System" (BTS). Now if you misplace Betsy she's easy to find. Along with the possibility that she's eating an endangered plant.

(wouldn't it be better to fence off said plants? but guess one couldn't play with GPS toys that way...)

Paul Evans, manager of the nature reserve, said: "The cattle are free to roam over pretty large areas ...we don't always know ... what they are doing.

Ah, how many possibilities do you think there are?

1. Eating
b. chewing cud
3. there is no 3
D. Eating
e. Playing pool
6. dozing
7. drinking mayoritas

HA! Got it right that time!

What they eat and where they go?

1. They eat grass.
2. They go where the grass is.

I'll take my gajillion dollar research grant now.

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