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August 25, 2007


He is still either dead, or not. We will report any further developments on this story as they do or do not occur.

BREAKING UPDATE: This blog has learned that, as of 9:48 a.m. Eastern Time Time, Fidel continues to be either dead or not.

CLARIFICATION: But Edgar still definitely is.


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Embalm, cremate and bury. Take no chances.

rinse and repeat

If the smell of rotting flesh were any indication, he'd been declared years ago.

To paraphrase Mark Twain, 'While I am too good a Christian to actually hope for anyone's death, if his funeral takes place while I'm in town, I'll forego all other recreation and attend.'

They're just keeping him under wraps . . .

I'm with fivver. Just waiting to see.... Everybody goes sometime....

Dave's started the blog off on a somber note today. Talking about the deaths of a disgusting freak of nature mutant and a cow.

We shall know if Danny Glover and Sean Penn make a sudden trip to the Carribean

You're right fivver, the cow deserves more respect than being included in the same conversation

Personally, dead or alive, I think he's faking it.

I wonder if he will be interred in the Rebok™ jogging suit

Dead? Whattaya mean dead?

Seriously, though, I think if he were really dead it would have made it to the news outside of Miami.

BULLETIN: this just in.

I am not dead.

Oh yes you are.

Didn't Fidel marry Lucy and play shortstop for the Reds?

BREAKING UPDATE: This blog has learned that, as of 9:48 a.m. Eastern Time Time, Fidel continues to be either dead or not.

Is he demanding a hand recount?

*has hanging chad flashback*

Hanging Chad WBAGNFARB and a CBS-TV movie.

I've heard Chad's not hung

I am saving my spit to use on his grave. Too bad he is an atheist and his soul and body will still be in the ground.

Viva Cuba Libre!!!

As a person who does not believe that there is a God, or heaven, or hell....in Fidel's case, I hope I am way wrong and that he spends eternity having his chestnuts roasted over an open fire.

While you're busy hating fidel the present moment is passing you by.

MKJ: Cigar not incuded?

Tell that to the millions of suffering, impoverished Cubans

YAY!! Fidel may or may not be dead!!!

Personally, I'd drive a stake through his heart...JUST in case. Oh wait...there IS no heart.

Ceeegars for everyone!!

And rum, Souix. Lots of rum for everyone!

Med, yes...Cuba libres!! rum & coca cola!

This is one news story that I couldn't care less whether I'm up to date on. Raul is already acting President. Fidel dies, hardliner Raul continues on in his place, and nothing much really changes. Unless maybe free spirit Mariela Castro Espín can convince him otherwise. That might be a possibility.

Fidel is Alive or Dead

Jazzzz, what you have heard is correct: he isn't. ;)

Caution! Political opinion follows:

Just as repressive as Fidel and Raul, our Helms-Burton Act, which bans trade with Cuba, is cutting off our collective nose to spite our face.

Open up trade and Fidel and company simply become irrelevant within two years.

*please let no one in miami get hurt by celebratory gunfire when that moldering bag of guts goes to his 'final reward'*

also from the herald's story:Castro has written several recent newspaper columns, but he has not been seen in public in more than a year.

*wonders why dave retired from a job, you don't even apparently have to be alive to do*

As a non-political person, I think Punkin said it best.

pogo -
the problem with that is: we'd buy stuff from THEM, but they would not ALLOW their citizens the freedom to buy stuff from US.

pogo, that may be right but knowing him and his company, the "goods" will never reach those who truly need it.

Him dying, to me, has more to do with the end of a horrible horrible person that destroyed my country and I would hope that there is some change when this happens. Symbolic end of evil, if you wish.

insom, I will not be out there when the celebrations begin - no matter when it happens. IT's going to be INSANE!!

*will bang her cazuelas out on my back deck and then RUN back inside!*

BULLETIN: this just in.
I am not dead.
Posted by: Generalissimo FRancisco Franco | 09:49 AM on August 25, 2007

You dare mock El Castro? You get Castro-ation. Ten cuidado, gringo.

I worry about the chaos after this, though. Change is good, but it won't be easy. Raoul is awful. They need a Gandhi, stat.

*elsnorko* @ Amigo!

Annie, I agree. Unfortunately, I think Gandhi may be a tad dead himself.

Becks & Sioux - I agree the regime would do as you say. I don't think it would stop the collapse. Much of the Cuban economy is underground already and government corruption is rampant. Cubans would end up with dollars in their pockets, and the great capitalist beast, with all it's benefits and evils, would win.

Someone wake me when it's over.

My prediction is that the next 'Fidel is Dead' rumor will occur this Friday around 1pm Miami time. Unless it's a Saint's Day and already a day off. :)

Suzy Q - that's exactly what Fidel said.

pogo, Cubans can have all the dollars we send but they're not allowed to spend them. Most stores only sell to "tourists" with dollars. If a Cuban citizen has the almighty dollar, he's got to exchange that to pesos (at a HUGE fee, of course). Then try to find the stuff to buy. At least that is the way it is NOW. Unless they change that - it won't do any good. I have family there.

Hmm Annie, we don't need no estikin' rumor to drink here in Miyami.

How about a shoe sale then? Would they have a '!Fidel is Dead - Viven Zapatos!' sale?

Oh and I will SO be there! I could never pass up a good zapato sale. I may have to dodge some bullets and flying garbanzos but I will be there.

THAT's what they should sell down there - stylish tin hats that deflect alien waves AND bullets. Plus you need bags and shoes to match.

Good thinking! I could make millions!! For now, I may have to wear my aunt's cast-iron cazuela. God knows I don't cook with it ;-)

I'm off to do something constructive. Have a great afternoon amigos!


Siouxie - please be careful banging your cazuelas...I think you can go blind.

Sorry - It had to be said.



Okay, no it didn't, but I did anyway - that's the beauty of free speech! Or margaritas with lunch...whatever.

Siouxie - sorry for delay, I'm working today. I know you're right about current conditions. But opening trade would cause such huge economic upheavals, as well as an influx of tourists, I just don't think the enfeebled establishment could resist it.

Consider our Mexican immigrant situation. The economic situation has trumped official policy. Like it or not, they will continue to come so long as there are no jobs there and they can find work here.

Whether Fidel is dead or not, I sure am enjoying considering it is the truth! Death to dictators, Lord knows we waited long enough for this! My Dad didn't see it, my Aunt didn't see it and my Mom has dementia and it won't sink in if it is true! I am savoring the moment even though it may not be true!

I can't answer the Fidel question but I'm glad to inform you that Abe Vigoda is still alive.

/end of update

Perhaps Fidel is only mostly dead.

believe me, we will all celebrate that day! Kinda like we all celebrated the Berlin Wall coming down - I'd personally love to see a free Cuba for many reasons, not the least of which is that it is a beautiful place and I'd like to visit there.

Well put Jo.

Growing up in Miami during through the 60' and 70's, I was fortunate to encounter and learn from many of those exiled after Castro's rise to power. From them, I learned much about freedom and both national and personal pride. I've always considered it a priviledge to have been witness to their own brand of "spirit" and determination in overcoming refugee status to become an integral part of South Florida's society, culture and economy.

Although I may not revel in Castro's death, I too will feel saddened that so many will not live to see their home again...or at least see it free.


I totally believe it's possible either way.

*snork* @ Ducky.... "He clearly said 'flaaaaaave'."

It's 6:35pm - Do you know where your malevolent dictator is?

Didn't we go through this with Francisco Franco, about two decades ago?

"Francisco Franco is reported to be still dead, but hovering near life tonight." <- SNL skit, circa 1885

Whenever the whole "is Castro alive or dead" issue comes up, I always think of the movie Weekend at Bernie's!

Fidel kept everyone quiet with Valium, over the counter. At least that is my estimate why the people did not rebel against him.....

Do we have to wa it all weekend to find out????

Pogo, would you be speaking about Cuba, or the USA??. CLose to Canada. (A little cool, yes, but I like it that way)

"Weekend at Bernies" gives new meaning to 'Puppet Regime.'
Right, Fidel?
"Sooooo rrrriiiiiight!"

*snork* @ Annie, 12:39! At least I think I saw what you were doing there....

Fidel flied? No way Jose

cj - even I didn't know what I was doing...

EV: That's not the only reason the Cuban people didn't rebel.

*snork* @ Siouxie's cazuelas and flying garbanzo beans, the matching shoes and bags for the tinfoil hats and PirateBoy's 7:06 SNL reminder among MANY other things. What a riot!

Schroedinger's dictator?

PirateBoy & DavCat: I referenced Weekend at Bernies & Generalissimo Francisco Franco at 9:46 and 9:49 am up there.

Yes, but you got early morning '69' for it.


It is Sunday morning, and I have NO DOUGHNUTS!!!

That is all. I will keep you posted on pastry events as they develop.


Punkin, here you go. Nothing worse than a doughnut-deprived woman.

Oh, and save me a Boston creme.

Rolling around in ecstasy.

Ecstacy and powdered sugar.



I am happy to report that I am still alive!

(lttg message to pogo - let's just agree to disagree - touchy subject for us Cubans as most of us know lifting this embargo will not really help our loved ones there). Like other people here, it will be bittersweet for me, when he does go to HELL. My family (mom, aunts, grandmother)- who gave up everything - to bring my sister and I here to have a free and better life, will not be alive to see it.
I hope I am.

So far, that is looking good! :-)


There'll be dancin' in the streets when he dies. At least you'll live to see that.

I hope so, girl..I hope so! I plan on keeping myself more alive than him!

*snork* @ CJ!

*zips in*™

So Jeff, once you mention something, it's forbidden for anyone else to? Is that what you're saying?!?!?!?!

Punkin, I don't have any donuts either.
:( Is it gun to just eat powdered sugar all by itself? ;) Cuz I'll try it if it does the trick. :)

I have donuts. Want some? They're Entenmann's glazed devil's food. No comments, please, about the 'devil's food.'

I had them first, but like the German brothers, I'm willing to share.

Please change "gun" ^there, to fun.

Thank you.

My daughter brought me coffee & 2 Boston Creme donuts from Dunkins this morning. I'm good for 24 hrs.

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