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August 27, 2007


Belgian Horseback Shrimpers

(Thanks to RussellMc)


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First, and I was hoping it was about somebody who figured out how to put a bridle on a shrimp...

or maybe a saddle

An old Door's lyric, "If you give this man a ride via a belgian horseback shrimper...killer on the run."

i saw this earlier and thought it was absolutely the coolest thing. but i'm like that.

"There is such a love story between the horse and the fisherman. Once he has a horse that works, he is married to the horse. Sometimes we say we like our horses more than our wife."

And sometimes the fisherman is banned from the house for a long time...

Incense and Peppermints. Or was it incensed with peppermints?

idly wonders how many sea horses and cow fish are rounded up.....

Will Red Lobster have a special on Wrangled Shrimp?

When I got to the bottom of the first page of the article, it said there were two more pages, and frankly Scarlett..........

This is REALLY cool. I posted it on my horse board and everyone is fascinated.

El, ya made it farther than I did.

Belgian Horseback Shrimp

didn't I read about them in Harry Potter?

I saw the Belgian Horseback Shrimpers opening for Country Joe and the Fish in '69. Helluva show!

In Oklahoma we have the Bull-back Rodeo Frog Giggers. I think they opened for the Cow Flop Twirlers in OK City last year.

Oooooooooooooo kla homa where the bull-back rodeo froggers gig, where the cow flop twirlers, la la la la lala.


"Normally, shrimps are cooked in sea water but the horseback fisherman uses fresh water. He adds salt and also a little something more"

Inefficient. The sea water comes with salt, and the horses take care of the "little something more."

And when the horses get too old, Surf & Turf.

MMM, shrimp and horse apples!

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