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August 24, 2007


(Thanks to Rob White)


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Typical Ebay user.

I guess you really CAN get everything on ebay.

I dunno...I'm too busy stayin' out of Oklahoma.

Mahatma should know.

Soooo, every item he purchased was perfectly legal to purchase and that somehow led to a search warrant?

I want to comment, but I'm too busy rolling my eyes.

*Rates this Eb@y customer "Moron"*

"Morever, he used the address freebasing@hotmail.com for his eBay and PayPal accounts."

Not to mention his personalized "CRAKHEAD" license plates.


Uh-oh, Siouxie's freebasing Guinness again.

keep this moron OUT of the gene pool, please!

There's sassafras oil in Ecstasy? Wha?

*feels old, and dumb, but doesn't care*

This sounds like some of the things my clients used to do!

CJRun - It was perfectly legal to buy all of those things, but a warrant can be issued so long as there is probable cause. The Feds probably have a few "experts" on hand who know how to make it the drug and simply did the math. That gives them probable cause.

"Mr. Dubois, we have...can you turn down the techno? We have...I SAID WE HAVE A WARRANT!"

"Cooool man...hey, that badge is shiny!"

"Mr Dubois, stop trying to massage my face. Mr. Dubois!!"

Federal Duck - are you from Oregon, and are you staying out of Oklahoma?

Once again, the esteemed Blog Ambassador from South Africa Mot the Hoople is proven correct -- Colorado has the Idiot Magnet turned on full-blast.

Nevertheless, speaking as the guy once misidentified in the L.A. Daily News as being from Boulder, I would like to repeat myself reiterate: I have never been a resident of The People's Republic of Boulder. I am a citizen of Brighton, where the choice of footwear tends to be boots rather than Birkenstocks, and the women tend to shave rather than braid under their arms.

I love how the "key ingredients" in these drug-manufacturing stories always turn out to be normal household stuff you can buy in ordinary stores. Wal-Mart: your local meth lab supply store!

How many actual crimes do you think law enforcement folk are ignoring because they're too busy snooping to see who bought too much of something legal? How many ordinary purchases did they snoop through to find this one guy?

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