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August 30, 2007


Not that we are interested in their minds.

(Thanks to many people, but DavCat, of course, first)

UPDATE: Is this the same guy?


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And second to wonder what the heck they were thinking....

Since he was wearing a mask, the line-up was probably amusing.

Oh they're going
To the pokey now
To the pokey pokey pokey pokey pokey now


So with these criminal masterminds, beer WAS obviously involved.

I'm thinking before as well as during.

*quietly wonders if this would work for chocolate*

Go try it and let us know how it worked out.

An eye witness said "It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I hope to see it again in a mens room real soon."

Yes Annie, go out and give it a try.
Let me know how that works out for ya.
Evil Grin™

Annie, make sure you film it. Ya know...for UBoobTube.

That oughta be good for a few Snickers.

Ok, Siouxie, but I'll need your help. You distract them while I grab the chocolate and the nuts....sweet and salty, so to speak.

*goes looking for Mr. Goodbar*

Siouxie - the next time you borrow my grass skirt, at least have it drycleaned.

Look at 'em, Dano.

HOw did such a well thought out plan go so wrong?

Hey, when you get done with that grass skirt and coconut bra, Jimmy Buffett's going to be in Boston this weekend...

Annie, please be careful when you're grabbing for those nuts...

Hawaii 3-6...C.

Annie, I'll wear the monkey suit! (sorry about the stain - good thing the skirt wasn't blue)

Um...what Nookee said.


I see a lovely bunch of coconuts,
see them all dancing in a row,
big ones, small ones, round one, flat ones

*goes looking for Mr. Goodbar*

I didn't know you were into M & M....

I think I gave the monkey suit to blurkie....

"Excuse me, sir, where do you keep your sugar cookies?"

Maybe this will do??

Geez...the same place everybody keeps 'em.


Yes. Dang!

UGH! judi!!!! not again!

Somebody got shot??!!


Carry on. I mean continue.

No, I think you meant 'carrion.'

Now we're talkin' about pigeons?

I'm confused.

Or is it luggage?

Video here

And, BTW, you can get beer for doin' the hula nekkid?

And all this time I've been doin' it for free.
Nekkid hula, I mean.

Oh, nevermind.

LMAO @ the video!

He can't even dance! sheesh.

Siouxiwe - are you laughing at Cheryl's video or blurkie's?


Close your eyes if you want.

Just hand over the beer.

(Spoken by Timon.) "What'd you want me to do dress in drag and do the hula?!?"

(Sung by Timon) Luau! If you're hungry for hunk of fat and juicy meat,
Eat my buddie Pumbaa here cuz he is a treat! A hundred dollar dine, a tasty swine,
all you gotta do is get in line. Are ya achin'?

(Pumbaa) Yup Yup Yup

(Timon) For some bacon?

(Pumbaa) Yup Yup Yup

(Timon) He's a big pig, You can be a big pig too! Oy!


I'm off! spinning class later. Was fun!


careful, blurkie - you'll put an eye out. Again.

Being on the other side of the state this was all over our news today. I told the ever-indulgent wife that I knew it'd show up here.

The only thing that could have made this story funnier would be if the clerk had had some pepper spray handy.

I tried this when I needed some CD's from Best Buy.

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